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Thread: Tried using the .410

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    Default Tried using the .410

    Tried using the .410 the other day before I can't anymore without having to load up some bismuth. Didn't do too great. Mostly longer shots, let the birds catch me off guard a couple of times, and it's been a bit since I used it. Only took down one, ripped feathers off another. One the positive side the new camera looks amazing, can actually see things at distance and the stabilization makes things so much more watchable. Sound... I guess it's not as bad as encasing the camera in a useless clear plastic echo chamber... but it needs to be changed to an external mic at some point. Adapter is $49!!! What a rip!!

    Just a few more days to get out there and then I'll have to start trying some pig spots.

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    Cool looking area!
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    That was fun thanks for sharing

    Hunt hard and hunt often
    ( Trying like hell to live the dream)
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    Every once in a while the guys I hunt doves with a lot have a 410 day. Every one brings there 410 to hunt with. I can tell you that this makes hunting way more challenging. The transition from 12 gauge to 410 is a humbling experience, and make you appreciate the folks that hunt with that gauge. I usually shoot the 410 for a while, get frustrated and go back to my 12. Good Video, Nice shootin'!
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