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Thread: Fur buyers and backcountry hunting

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    Default Fur buyers and backcountry hunting

    I have 2 questions so i figured i'd put them put them both in one post:

    1. Anyone have any leads on fur buyers in the local area? Coyote pelts are on the up but i can't seem to find any local furbuyers. Option 2 would be to tan them myself but that's a lot of work i don't have time for right now.

    2. Anyone have any success with back country hunting around here? I know there is nowhere on VAFB that is back country but my question is more geared towards the national forest/wilderness areas around here. I prefer to get back in the rough country and spend a few days at a time back there. I've done a few hiking trips in los padres NF and seen some monster deer but i have to to see any pigs way back in. I am new to pigs so do they generally live more in the agricultural areas rather than back country?

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    I believe it is illegal to sell hunted animal parts in California. ...

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    You need a trapper's license to sell fur in California.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dthome View Post
    You need a trapper's license to sell fur in California.
    Correct. A person needs to take the trappers test (go here for more info at a DFW regional office. After passing the test and paying the license fee (currently $117.42 for residents, $579 for non-residents), the applicant will be assigned a trapper number. This is a permanent number (like the GO number on your hunting/fishing license). Trappers must maintain a log book of their kills and turn in a copy of these logs to the DFW every year (FGC section 4008). In addition, these records are subject to inspection at any time, without a search warrant.

    Raw furs (including sun cured and salt cured furs) must be sold to a licensed fur dealer/buyer. I don't know of any dealers that still have California on their travel route. Most CA trappers either 1) mail in their furs to an out-of-state fur dealer (like or 2) drive them to a dealer out-of-state (Global, AZ has a fur dealer).

    Tanned furs can be sold to the public by licensed trappers without going through a fur dealer/buyer. Tanned fur sales must be recorded in the trapper's log book. I've seen tanned mediocre coyote pelts sold to city slickers for upwards of $200.

    Dealers/buyer are paying around $100 a piece for well-cared-for (1 - Clean. No blood, dirt, burrs; 2 - silky, brushed fur; 3 - holes properly stitched; 4 - case skinned, stretcher dried with no fur slippage) coyote pelts with large white bellies. Western coyotes bring higher prices than Eastern coyotes.
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