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Thread: Another armed Hike

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    Default Another armed Hike

    Went out to a spot in the LPNF that I've seen a lot of bear sign while deer hunting this time of year. It was pretty barren as far as bears go, nothing indicating bears in the last 3 months or so. Same story at a couple other places at lower elevations. Not sure what's up. It has been a little cold, but I've seen bears in similar conditions in years past. Saw a couple nice bucks bedded in the wind, and a couple bobcats that didn't want to stop. Overall a fun trip, but I definitely need to look elsewhere if I'm going to fill my tag.

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    Sounds like a nice trip, not a bunch of people know were the bears go. Awesome picture, i'd like to hear it's story?
    There wasn't enough room in the boat.

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