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Thread: Turkey hunting (unfortunately not at VAFB)

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    Default Turkey hunting (unfortunately not at VAFB)

    unfortunately no turkeys at VAFB, I was going to drive up to los padres national forest anyone every been up there and had an luck?

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    I saw one hen about 2 years ago near the Northern tip of the forest near SLO while quail hunting, it was roosted on private land- never managed to locate one on forest land... I figure if you head all the way up to SLO might as well just go another hour or so to FHL... take some of the guess-work out of the equation and hunt where you *know there are birds. But I too am curious... as Ive been told many times that Los Padres holds more Turkey than CNF... at this point in my meager experience, I would respectfully disagree... but Ive only been at it a few years...
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    The turkeys are all in the campgrounds in the LPNF.

    I did see a good sized hen driving to work one morning standing on the VAFB side of the prison road. She looked like she wanted to cross the street. Didn't see any others with her but I'm sure there was. Who knows maybe she's the only one...?
    I heard of them being out there in the past.

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