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Thread: Vafb rut is on

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    I kinda figured they'd survived, I didn't see them until the last 4 days of the season.

    Besides, they "were in a little used portion of ...."!

    I'll be back for old spooky, I'm on to him now.
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    Congrats. Did anyone see any pigs?

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    I know there was a nice one taken early August, I thought there was a pic of it on the rod & gun club's Facebook, but i don't see it there anymore.
    I've heard the population on base ain't what it used to be, but there's obviously still some there.

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    Hey all. A reply to mattador96 is some pigs were taken during deer season but not many. The numbers are down and all the places I normally run into pig sign and piggy activity were pretty bare, but I did have fellow hunters share some of their pig sightings from areas such as c5 and c3. Just the other day we found rooting up on the high ridges under the oak trees. Did not get a good acorn crop this year but the pigs will find what there was and we found signs of that. So yes there are still pigs on base but not nearly as many and they have really seemed to concentrate on the waterways and heavy cover. I hope the rains come and that the pigs benefit along with deer and other wildlife!

    Between archery and the zone A season 106 bucks were logged in and while we did not see all of them we saw enough to know there were some truly healthy respectable deer checked in that did not always get there pictures taken. The four bucks we got this season were all mature chunky deer but I was a bit worried by how few younger up and coming forkies we saw this season. We did see some nice ones post season spotting chasing does but I still hope the deer will recover with shorter seasons and lower harvest numbers.

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