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    Quote Originally Posted by COUNTRYBOY83 View Post
    Another interview in a week! Let's see how this one goes.... Your right, you only live once!
    Just remember every state/county has its own version of ghetto. With the Meth problem being so bad theres tweekers everywhere! Is your Ca POST accepted in Idaho? I was looking to lateral to El Dorado County, but its hard to just get up and go after 10 years with my dept, I've should've left before 5 years.

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    Default I know this is old - but I have to reply

    We moved to Caldwell Idaho from CA last June. Seriously, 3 out of 4 people here came from CA. Many came decades ago, some sooner. We have encountered no one who was hostile so far. I think most Idahoans have figured out that those moving out of CA are pretty much like they are.

    Now, as for the remarks about Mormons - I have to speak up in the interest of fairness. Yes, there are many Mormons here, and no, they are not obnoxious or interested in persecuting other faiths. I am a retired evangelical minister, not LDS. There are tons of evangelicals here too (10+ Christian radio stations in this market). Yes, there are Jewish folks too. No one worries about maintaining a low profile and I have been treated with nothing but respect by LDS members here.

    Still looking to find a place to hunt that will work for me (I have some physical challenges), but I am sure I will find it much easier than in CA.

    Quote Originally Posted by hks95134 View Post
    I was dating a girl from Boise when I was starting grad school, and she was a beauty, but her one condition for marriage was that I get a job in Boise.

    I tried, but nobody there wanted to hire an out of state Californian. And she did not want to live anywhere else.

    I guess everybody out West hates Californians. So you will need to deal with that.

    Idaho is close to the heart of the Mormon Empire, so you better be able to deal with that as well.

    There are lots of Catholics, Baptists and Jews there as everywhere, but they discretely keep that to themselves within the Empire.

    Idaho is a hunters' paradise. Not quite as good as Alaska but better than anywhere else except Wyoming.

    So 3rd place is not bad.

    For me, the snow is too deep there. So is the Mormon B/S. I'm Catholic.

    Oregon gets too much rain.

    Washington State gets way too much rain.

    Arizona is too hot and dry.

    Lake Tahoe or Reno would be perfect for me.

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    Countryboy83, We will start our planing in feb if things goes well.
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    Well Iím sold

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