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Thread: GPS land maps question

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    Default GPS land maps question

    So I downloaded the elite version of the Trimble GPS maps program that shows public and private lands, but I'm having a little trouble understanding how land is represented. It clearly shows national forest, state lands, but the private property doesn't really show up. There is a lot of open space around were I live, Camarillo, ca that is out of city limits, not included in the state recreation areas and does not appear to be private. Has anyone else seen this similar to this on the Onx GPS maps? Places that just don't really show up as being owned by anyone in particular.

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    I've been having the same issue. I looked into it and you get the private lands when you download the mega offline map pack for CA.
    I have both Trimble and OnX and Trimble is better for updates and OnX is better for private land assuming you keep buying the maps.

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