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    Default Forever Hunting

    As most of you know by now, we have a JHO Member Memorials forum for our members that have passed on. In an effort to be fully respectful of those who forge ahead for us, we've changed their status from Member to Forever Hunting.

    We rely on our members to help us know when another member has passed on. However, one important thing that we ask is that you either post up an on-line obituary or let us know some way to verify so that we can be SURE that someone has passed away. We would dearly hate to have a misunderstanding in that regard.

    No matter your personal beliefs regarding what comes next, we all feel sorrow and many of us need a place to post a tribute or offer those props we wish we had made face to face. That's what our JHO Member Memorials forum is all about.

    Thanks for making JHO such a great site.

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    Thanks Belchfire and Jesse for doing this. I have learned a great deal from those JHO members that can no longer grace our pages.
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