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Thread: New to coues deer.

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    Default New to coues deer.

    New to couse deer hunting and wanna hunt with a bow But rather make my my time and success higher. May consider 31,32,33. Not sure where to start.Do I just pick an area. I'm sure each area has certain amount of tags they issue. I'm retired Military doe huachuca allow military only. I am Highly confident in my archery skills but if this grey ghost is a skillful and hard to get closer then 60 yards. Not sure if the woods are as thick or open country. Any tips or ideas. willing to take a trek with others wanting to plan a hunt. I have all my gear and ready to go just need to plan.
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    My advice, is to scout, scout, and scout, and then scout some more. It's been years since I've hunted cows deer, managed a couple with bow and arrow; but they are challenging. Best of luck!

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