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Thread: found M1 Carbine in an attic What's it worth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDHUNTER View Post
    Now that you know it's shootable, put it on the safe for your the history of the gun caz it's a nice conversation piece around the camp fire. Almost forgot the one under the bed..the one I dont want L2 to know.
    I have definitely thought about it XD. Probably if it was a GI gun I would but I just kind of lucked into it and picked up with the intention of selling so that I can get a lift kit for my jeep. I promised my wife I wouldn't spend any $ on the jeep until her new house was done and that could be another year of more. She didn't say I couldn't horse trade for what I need though. So if you know anyone that has a 3"suspension lift kit from Zone Off Road for a 02 TJ let me know...
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    National Ordinance Carbines are not very valuable and not much of a piece of history. When Carbines were not readily available to the general public NO manufactured less than good quality cast receivers and used mixed USGI and commercial parts to piece together Carbines for commercial sale. Some have parts unique to NO Carbines and cannot be replaced if they break. They have a history of constant malfunctions due to poor castings. Value is in the $300-$400 range or less. NO also made receivers for 1903A3 rifles. They too are not very valuable and their safety for use is questionable.

    The rifle isn't unsafe to shoot and, if you happen to have found a good one, may function just fine. If it's not a good one you'll have function problems. BTW - moving the peep forward raises the peep and thus it will shoot high. Sliding the peep rearward lowers it and will lower your POI.

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