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Thread: 03 springfield question

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    Default 03 springfield question

    I have a sporterized 03 springfield serial 4162313 and I am trying to find information on it. It is a nice rifle and I bet it would be a shooter but I would like to know if it is safe before I go and shoot it. I only paid 150 for it. It has an old single post 2x-5x scope on it. You have to take one of the scope caps off to adjust the power. I just would like to know a little about it because there are so many 03's out there. That is the all the fun of using an old rifle to hunt is knowing some of the history.

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    That serial number matches a Remington 03-A3 (not '03) made in Dec 1943 to Jan 1944. Remington made over a million of them (03-A3 and A4) in 1942-44. I've got one made in'43 that shoots just fine.

    A gunsmith can give it a once over fairly cheaply. Things to look for are pitting in the barrel (affects accuracy), any cracks or throat wear in the breach area, which is unlikely(head spacing) and any damage to the bolt face/extractor (dismantle the bolt).

    They can be phenomenal shooters and are pratically indestructable with very little care. The gunsmith is the way to go and you certainly need it headspaced before firing, but you got a good deal for $150.
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