Storm Offers Interchangeable Swimbait Action


MINNETONKA, Minnesota - Storm has redefined the meaning of "interchangeable" with the new WildEye® Pro Paddle Tail and the WildEye® Pro Curl Tail, featuring the one-of-a-kind Bait and Switch system.

"I've been a bass fisherman for a number of years now and the new Storm WildEye Pro Series has opened up new doors," says Ken Cook, Storm pro angler. "It has the capability to fish a variety of conditions - shallow or deep, faster or slower - depending on the mood of the fish. The WildEye Pro Series provides anglers with options not available with any other swimbait."

The magic behind the Bait and Switch system is that it's designed so anglers can change soft plastic color, sizes and styles without having to retie. Simply take the jig head out - removing the soft plastic body - grab a new size, shape or color and place the jig head right back in the new body; it's that easy.

"You can rig it with the hook exposed or hook embedded, and there you have it, you're fishing again; new bait, new color, new size, new fish," explains Cook.

The WildEye Pro Paddle Tail and the WildEye Pro Curl Tail are both available in sizes 3 ┬Ż and 4 ┬Ż inches. The 3 ┬Ż inch features silver jig heads with black nickel hooks in three distinct jig weights - 1/4-oz., 3/16-oz. and 1/8-oz. - that are ideal for a variety of depths and retrieves. The 4 ┬Ż inch comes with slightly heavier weights at 3/8 oz., 1/4 oz. and 3/16 oz., perfect for fishing deeper or faster.

The pro series provides anglers with two unique swimbait presentations: one for added thump and vibration and the other for a swirling, curling, whirling sensation.

"The WildEye Pro Paddle Tail is the most versatile, providing a whack and smack vibration ideal when fish are down deeper," explains Cook. "I like to fish the Pro Paddle slower with a pull and pause retrieve - if the side-to-side action doesn't get'em, the pause will trigger the strike."

"I like to fish the WildEye Curl Tail when fish are in shallower water," says Cook. "Work this swimbait faster, and you'll be producing a more lively action as it pulls through the water with a whirl, curl of excitement," says Cook.

The Storm WildEye Pro Series comes in 12 holographic color patterns with translucent finishes to imitate a wide range of baitfish - from freshwater species like bass, walleye, stripers and pike to salty inshore species like red fish, sea trout and snook.

The Storm WildEye Pro Series will cause an overwhelming sense of fish catching excitement. You've been warned.

Suggested retail price WildEye® Pro Paddle Tail: $4.99 - $5.99

Suggested retail price WildEye® Pro Curl Tail: $4.99 - $5.99


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