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Thread: South Dakota Whitetail Hunt - 2008

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    Default South Dakota Whitetail Hunt - 2008

    I know this is a little bit late, but here are some photos from my whitetail hunt in 2008. I hunted a private ranch outside of Winner, South Dakota. The ranch is owned by one of my dad's co-workers. The place was crawling with whitetail, mule deer, pheasants, prairie chickens, turkeys, coyotes, etc. The first picture is my dad's whitetail... pretty typical size for the bucks we were seeing. The second picture is the mule deer that the land owner shot. I'm standing next to it in the picture. keep in mind, I'm 6'2" and weigh about 190 lbs. That mulie was fairly large! The third picture is my buck... and the fourth picture is our two whitetail bucks with two limits of pheasants, and two prairie chickens! What a trip! The pheasant hunting was phenomenal!

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    It's is the place of milk and honey, LOL
    They do grow some huge body deer. Hope you go back this year too.
    I rule

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    Hey, it sounds like you had a great hunt! I live by Bath (by Aberdeen), there was so much corn left out in the fields that few people in my area got many shots at bucks, myself included. I did however get a few 'Trophy does'! I'm definately looking forward to deer season this year. With so many bucks being left to eat their weight in corn everyday for a year, we 'oughta have some nice ones around here!
    Kerry Beckler
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