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Thread: Uberti Introduces the El Patrón - New Custom-Tuned Revolvers!

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    Uberti Introduces the El Patrón - New Custom-Tuned Revolvers!


    ACCOKEEK, MD (January 15, 2009) -- Lightning fast and reliable - shot after shot - in the world of single-action revolvers, Uberti's new hand-tuned Cattleman is truly "the boss," or El Patrón, as the Vaqueros of the old west would say. Over the more than 130 years since Sam Colt first offered models of his 1873 Single-Action Army revolver, the tried and true "Peacemaker" design has established itself as a classic American firearm and an icon of the American frontier. In the 21st Century, A. Uberti, manufacturer of the world's most respected modern replica firearms, carries on the tradition with the El Patrón Single-Action Army revolver.

    The gunsmiths at Uberti have specially fitted each new El Patrón with high-grade, US-made Wolff springs and carefully examined and tested each revolver for fit and function. The result is a revolver that you can depend on with a reliable, lighter, faster and smoother action. The El Patrón is available in six new factory custom-tuned models. All new models feature color case-hardened or stainless steel frames, steel backstraps, steel trigger guards, numbered cylinders, new checkered walnut grips and special wide, easy-view front and rear sights. New models are available in calibers including the traditional .45 Colt and the powerhouse .357 Magnum.

    "Uberti's new fine-tuned El Patrón revolvers go into action fast and are slick, smooth and a real joy to handle," said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli's VP of Marketing & Communications. "They will be a real hit with Cowboy Action competitors and, in fact, anyone who is looking for superior functioning and genuine dependability in a handgun."

    El Patrón models include the following configurations and specifications:

    Caliber Barrel Length Materials MSRP

    .45 Colt 4.75½ C/H frame, steel B/S & T/G $589

    .357 Magnum 4.75½ C/H frame, steel B/S & T/G $589

    .45 Colt 5.5½ C/H frame, steel B/S & T/G $589

    .357 Magnum 5.5½ C/H frame, steel B/S & T/G $589

    .45 Colt 4.75½ S/S frame B/S & T/G $729

    .45 Colt 5.5½ S/S frame B/S & T/G $729

    SPECIFICATIONS: Cylinder: 6-shot, fluted; Number of Grooves: 6; Twist: Right; Total Length: 11"; Weight: 2.3 lbs.; Grip: 1-pc Checkered Walnut; Sights: Wide, Easy-View Rear and Front.

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    Cristie Gates, Media & Exhibit Manager
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    If anyone is looking for a Single Action, Cowboy style gun, check this one out from Uberti. Mine is in 357 with the 5.5" barrel. A 45 Long Colt is also offered.
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