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Thread: Lake Erie Walleye

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    My experience catching walleyes has been limited to just legal fish that seldom weigh more than one or two pounds. I recently got my eyes opened to what great walleye fishing they have on Lake Erie. Two June tournaments showcased plenty of big fish during the weigh-ins. I saw a few that nearly reached the 12 pound mark.

    The Walleye Challenge Tournament winning boat registered 54.45 pounds for the nine fish maximum allowed for a boat. Largest fish was 11.6 pounds. The following day, New Eastern Walleye Circuit Tournament winning team weighed 35.85 pounds. Largest fish was 9.47 pounds. On both days, Lake Erie was in a foul mood with 4-6 foot waves.

    If you would like to see more photos and the weigh-in videos, all the information is posted at under the category of “Latest News”. Enjoy.
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    Heading onto Erie 7/18-20. I would love to get one over 8# sometime.

    Some fine eating in that mess of fish.
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