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Thread: Thinking About Hunting Marble Mountains This Year

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    Default Thinking About Hunting Marble Mountains This Year

    We have been doing some pre-planning for this coming deer season. We are going either D3-5 if we dont get drawn, but we are also thinking of getting B zone. Last year we didn't go B zone, just D3-5. If we were to go to the B zone again we would go to The Marble Mountains. Should we stick with not getting B zone and just get two D3-5 tags each or get one of each? Also does anyone know about the Marble mountains like what B zone it is in, should we hike in daily or backpack in, and lastly if anyone knows any good trailheads/ areas in the Marble Mountians? Thanks and Happy Hunting!!

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    Never hunted the D zones but hunt b zone religiously. I believe the marbles are mostly in b6 but it is all the same tag only b6 closes a week earlier if I'm not mistaken. The b zones aren't what they used to be but there are some bucks if you get off the roads or behind SP gates and concentrate on burns or clear cuts that haven't been sprayed. The marbles are pretty rugged in places, but the deer love it however so do the lions, it is beautiful country with alot of trails. A backpack hunt into the marbles would be a blast just be sure to get a bear tag as most of the places in the marble I know of are full or bears. If I had to choose one place for a spot and stalk bear hunt it would be there. Good luck hope that helps.

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