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Thread: Look! Up in the Sky!! Drones replacing biologists in helicopter surveys ID. Hexakopter, FAA, UAV

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    Default Look! Up in the Sky!! Drones replacing biologists in helicopter surveys ID. Hexakopter, FAA, UAV

    Can a drone really replace a human on these wildlife surveys?

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    Wow! This just might work. I had the opportunity to fly in both fixed wing and roto aircraft while doing surveys as well as animal captures. The pilots of those aircraft are exceptionally skilled at their craft. We still need their skills for less dangerous missions but if drones can fly the jagged peaks of the Eastern Sierras looking for the Eastern Sierra Bighorn Sheep and monitor the mountain lion population within that area as well, I say more power to 'em. UAVs have long "lingering" times which means more air time and they can do it at a cheap cost. Imagine doing a 12-14 hour coastline survey of sea otters with one flight of a UAV instead of three or four flights with a manned aircraft. Wow, this could really work well!
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    Don't mind them looking at the critters, but I do fear "big brother" looking at people.

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    As I understand it, the stealthiness of the UAVs nakes them a superior choice and definitely cheaper.
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