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Thread: Nevada Chukar Opener

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    Default Nevada Chukar Opener

    Made it out for the Chukar opener yesterday. Our group decided to chase the local birds vs. head out of town. A few months ago, I found a local spot (15 minutes from the house) and found GREAT numbers. Opening morning we got out to our spot at O'dark thirty and was greeted by numerous hunting rigs. Apparently, I wasnt the only one who found these birds on this range. We did manage to get into a few coveys (20-30 birds each) and knock some down. Forgot to pack the camera, so I wasnt able to take any pics. Lookin to be a good chukar season.
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    We was out scouting and can't believe how many rigs we are seeing in spots that we thought no-one but us knew. LOL
    Checked a couple of spots and saw about 50-60 chukar some are still pretty small, at first I thought they was quail.
    Still looks like it will be a good hunt. OCT 15th is our starting date.
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    First time hunting Nevada.
    First time hunting with my partner, Brett.
    Saw some birds. Didnt get a shot.
    Learned of a good place.
    Will go again.
    We are just warming up.
    Cabellas in Reno was great.
    I need to get me a dog.
    Maybe next year.
    Oh, yah. Came across a snake, warming himself up in the sun. Enjoyed watching him. Happy that he is still alive and breathing and enjoying that beautiful country.
    Saw lots and lots of deer, too.
    Summer had reduced the river's flow to a sluggish current. It was well within the banks carved by spring melts, the shallow water running crystal clear. But it was water- life-giving, life-sustaining water. This Calder Range by Janet Dailye

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