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Thread: Weatherproof/Waterproof P/S camera

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    Default Weatherproof/Waterproof P/S camera

    OK, JHO aficionados; I’m interested in a weatherproof P/S camera for “outdoor” activities. I’m not planning on taking it scuba diving but I would want it as waterproof as my Garmin Vista – it’ll take a short plunge, but not long-term submersion. On second thought, I probably will take it scuba diving, but not IN the water; just boat side. It needs to be able to sustain a good hard rain, dumped out of the kayak or maybe dropped in the creek by accident, etc. You get the idea….

    In addition to weather/waterproof, my list of “wanted features” includes:
    It should use AA or AAA batteries (no chargers where I’M going)
    It should take SD or micro SD cards (I’m not taking the laptop either!)
    Optical Image Stabilization is a good feature that I’m hooked on; it makes for GREAT pictures.

    Of course, I’m not on National Geographic’s budget, so point-and-shoot price levels are in order here. It all depends on what it can offer, but I’d like to find one in the $200-300 range, but would consider more if the trade-off is reasonable.

    Lay it on me, guys; What cha got?

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    This might not fit all your criteria but I've been very happy with my Olympus Tough 8010 digital camera. I've taken it camping and fishing and it appears to be pretty rugged. Supposedly you can submerge and throw it off rocks.

    It has a lot of features that allow you to control the images, timer, flash, etc. You wont get
    National Geographic quality pics but they can be surprisingly good. I paid around $400 for the camera, charger, and case.
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