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Thread: Ruger M77 w/ tang safety ".280 Rem / 7mm Express"

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    Default Ruger M77 w/ tang safety ".280 Rem / 7mm Express"

    My brother ownes a Ruger M77 w/ tang-safety and the barrel is marked ".280 Rem or 7mm Express." I saw one just like it at gun show today and it was advertised as "very rare" asking $799. Is anyone familiar with this? Are they indeed rare?
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    Default Ruger 280/7mm

    They haven't made the tang safety Rugers now for over 20 years. There are probably not that many out there just because the .280/7mm express was always overshadowed by the .270 Win. and the 7mm mag. Not that many rifle makers even deal with the .280/7mm anymore. It all comes down to the definition of rare. Get on a Ruger forum and someone wil know about the double stamping I don't think it means anything other than it lets you know it shoots one round with two different names. There are a lot of people(myself) out there who really like the old tang safety Rugers. I feel the .280/7mm chambering is a real plus, especially for handloaders.It is a sweet underated round equal to the .270. Will someone pay $799 for a old ruger in .280/7mm ? No doubt in my mind

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    Remington first marketed the 280 as the 7mm express. Because the American shooting public had a bad view of anything metric it didn't sell well. In an effort to salvage a great cartridge Remington change the name to the 280 Remington. Your gun was right on that cusp. Alas they missed a wounderful opertunity because the 280 had a better bullet selection than the 270 and can best the 06 with lighter bullets. 280 Rem is a very under-rated cartridge and can really sing in the hands of a hand loader aproaching 7 mag peformance without the recoil and less powder.

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