Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) Hunting & Fishing Info & Maps

Fort Hunter Liggett Hunting & Fishing Info & Maps


Fort Hunter Liggett change. Sulphor Springs Rd to training area 7 is closed now at the south end by cantonment. There are 2 ways to get area 7 now. The short way is make a right (east) on the first dirt road off Mission Rd as you pass the Hacienda. The long way around is you can also use Upper Milpitas Rd (unpaved) thru area 6 & 3 now. If it's raining you may not be able to make it to area 7 without a winch or chains so be careful on the long way..


Updated every Thursday with open training areas and registration window hours. (831) 386-3310. You can also check the FHL Hunting/Fishing update webpage here. Email is

FHL Hunt/Fish Info

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Weekend check in window staff (831) 386-2677. You may contact the staff by telephone at (831) 386-2677, during regular business hours, or by email: . FHL is open on weekends and federal holidays only. Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

IMPORTANT: To enter the cantonment area you will need a current driver's licenses, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. No exceptions. 


The hunting check in window is located just inside the main gate across from the campground. Take the 1st left turn after you enter the main gate and go about 1/4 mile and you'll see the campground on the right, the check in window is on the left in the building. Hunter check in times are 3pm to 7pm on Friday and 5:30am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday. The hunter/fisherman check in window is closed during the week so fishermen may register at the Environmental office. You must register and check out when you leave. You must also report your harvest on the registration form or creel card. Each angler or hunter is allowed one non-hunting or non-fishing visitor free of charge. Request a visitor pass when registering. You'll need a valid California hunting license and/or fishing license, and a photo I.D.


Outdoor Recreation Campground: As of 6/1/01 the campground is open on a honor system basis. The cost is $10.00 per night and $10.00 for each additional vehicle. Campsites have shade, BBQ pits and toilets and showers nearby. There is no electrical hookups or sewage dump stations. Campground is fairly flat and big enough for big RVs and longer trailers. Nearest camping would be at San Antonio Lake, the Los Padres National Forest north and west of the fort or BLM land southeast of the fort. The campground is located just inside the main gate adjacent to the hunter check in window.

FHL Billeting, Gibb Hall: Across from the Hacienda Lodge is the Gibb Hall which has rooms starting at $47.00 per night for 2 twin beds or 1 full-size bed. $53.00 for 1 queen bed or 1 full-size and 1 twin size bed. $57.00 for 1 bedroom suite with a full-size bed. You get a full bathroom and a small kitchen in each room. The rooms have TV and VCRs, the kitchen has a fridge, stove, microwave and cooking and eating utensils. In the suites you get 2 separate rooms, a sleeping room and a living room. There is no room service that cleans each weekend morning, only during Monday through Friday. Laundry facilities are available also on the 1st floor. Pets allowed with deposit and cleaning fee. Room registration is at the billeting office. Billeting reservations can be made at ph # 831-386-2511, M-F, 8a.m. to 4:30p.m.Billeting email is

Hacienda Lodge at Fort Hunter Ligget"The Hacienda" Restaurant & Guest Lodge Hunters and fishermen can lodge at the 14 room guest lodge at the Hacienda located on Fort Hunter Liggett, see pic. Call the FHL Hacienda at (831) 386-2900 for information and reservations. The lodge also has a nice sit down restaurant with outdoor patio and a lounge. Prices are reasonable and the food is good, the kitchen does fried and grilled food well . There is also a snack bar on the post just down the road from the lodge. There is also a fort commissary but you need a military or retired I.D. to get in. Rooms from $50.00 up to a suite for $125.00 a night. Rooms are spartan with a community bathroom. The Hacienda is the former hunting lodge of the famous newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. The lodge was built mostly for entertainment so he and his guests could ride on horseback the 30-odd miles from his San Simeon estate to spend a night or a weekend. It was designed by Julia Morgan, the celebrated architect of San Simeon, and completed in 1936.

Mission Antonio de Padua which is right in the middle of FHL next to the Hacienda. They also allow you to use their kitchen facilities. Suite is $135 a night and single rooms are $60 per adult, $30 for a child. ph# 831-385-4478.

Local Motels

There are motels and restaurants in nearby King City which is about 25 minutes northeast of FHL on highway 101. Paso Robles, which is about 45 minutes southeast of FHL on highway 101 has motels and restaurants also.

Best Western Inn - 1190 Broadway Road King City, CA, 93930. PH# 831-385-6733.
Days Inn. - 1130 Broadway. King City, CA 93930. PH# 831-385-5921.
Motel 6 - 3 Broadway Circle, King City, Ca.93930. PH# 831-385-5000.
Western States Inn - 1099 K Street, San Miguel. PH# 805-467-3674. This motel is about 25 minutes south of FHL on Highway 101.

WHAT CAN YOU HUNT AT FHL? Wild pig, jackrabbit and coyotes, all year. Refer to DFG regs for seasons to hunt bobcat, rabbit (cottontail), quail, tree squirrel, turkey (spring and fall), elk, dove and band-tailed pigeon. Hunting hours extend from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. Please remember that Fort Hunter Liggett is a military installation and all hunting and fishing areas are subject to closure at any time due to military training.


Hunting Permits. The annual FHL hunting permit is $100.00 and the 2 day weekend hunting permit is $45.00. Junior hunters, disabled and active military permits are cheaper and for E-1 - E-4 there is no charge. Permits are available at the check in window or by mail order by downloading the the hunting permit application below. There is a $20 surcharge if you buy your hunting permit at the check in window.

Fishing Fees: $20 for an annual fishing permit for civilians. Military: $14 for officer, $7 for E-9 to E5, free for E4 to E1.

Usually the hunter registration window is open at 3pm Friday until 7pm. Saturday and Sunday the check in window is open from 5:30 am until 1pm. You must register and check out when you leave. You must also report your harvest on the registration form or creel card. Each angler or hunter is allowed one non-hunting or non-fishing visitor free of charge. Request a visitor pass when registering. You'll need a valid California hunting license and/or fishing license, and a photo I.D. No hunting/fishing licenses or pig tags are sold on the Fort. Nearest place to get tags and licenses is in Paso Robles south of the Fort about 40 miles at Wal-Mart or Bridge Sportsmen's Center, 1319 Spring St. Paso Robles, ph # (805) 239-4867.


Click here for a hunting permit application (.pdf) that you can download and print out to mail in. Click here for a Microsoft Word .doc file permit application. You can also download the permit from the FHL website here. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this form. You can get the free Acrobat Reader here. The fishing permit application can be found here (.pdf) or or here (.doc).

FIREARM RESTRICTIONS: Non-lead ammunition (including bullets, sabots, slugs, and shot-shells) is required for all hunting with all firearms types, all calibers and all gauges. Air rifles are legal on FHL. The complete regs are here FHL Hunting Regs. Treestands may be used if they cause no damage and are completely removed each day at the close of hunting hours.

HUNTING & FISHING REGULATIONS: The complete hunting and fishing regs for FHL are here FHL Hunting Regs.

Very Important: Do not speed on the fort, you will be ticketed. All guns must be empty and cased (hard or soft case) when driving and have no ammo in the chamber, attached clip or magazine. Bows must be cased when driving also. Please report anyone shooting from their vehicles. There is no target shooting or plinking on the fort. If you violate the regs you can have your privileges suspended or taken away permanently.


There is a meat cooler and skinning area next to the check in window by the campground. Contact the Military Police (MPs) to get access to the meat cooler after the check in window is closed.

J & R Natural Meat & Sausage .... 3450 Riverside Dr  Paso Robles, CA 93446. PH# 805 237-8100. Full service meat processor for all types of wild game.  They also have a fully stocked Templeton retail location in the Trader Joe's center at 1131 Rossi Rd. PH#  805-434-5050.
Roy's Swiss Sausage Factory .... Roy Rachina (spelling of last name may be wrong), Cherry Ave, Greenfield, CA, 93927. PH# 831-674-2070. About 45 minutes north of FHL on Hwy. 101. Hours: Tues - Sat 8:30am - 4:30pm. Sun 9-2. Closed Monday.



There is a 24 hour gas station that takes credit cards on the fort just down from the Hacienda Lodge near the theatre and bowling alley. No diesel is available at this station. Nearest diesel would be in King City 20 minutes away. The AM/PM in Paso Robles at the Highway 46 exit off Highway 101. King City north of FHL on Highway 101 also has several gas stations.



When it's raining the FHL mud is notorious for getting stuck in. DO NOT go off the well graveled main roads or you will get stuck. Take a 30 foot tow strap, chains, long handle shovels, high lift jack or come-a-long and a winch if you have one. AAA will NOT do calls off of the pavement and because of liability, the cops, military and firemen on the fort cannot help you. You may have a long walk and a long wait if you do get stuck also. You can still hunt the fort when it's raining if you park on the hard paved roads and hike into areas like 7, 10, 13W, 13E, 15,16, 29, etc.

Mike Jardine - ph# 805-472-2226, cellphone 805-610-6119. Charges $200 to get you out.

Cody Patterson - ph# 831-262-6675. COdy has a D4 Cat and a field Cat if you're really stuck. Charges $100 per hour and he lives in local Lockwood. Last tow out was $250 to area 10 for an elk hunter.



North of FHL about 20 minutes there is a 24 hour Denny's in King City along with fast food. Spanish Peaks and City Cafe in King City are good.

Tenth St. Cafe in San Miguel has good Italian food.

Paso Robles has a 24 hour Denny's along with fast food.

The Hacienda Lodge on FHL also has a nice sit down restaurant that serves supper only on the first and third Saturday of the month at 6pm for $15. Call the FHL Hacienda at (831) 386-2900 for information and reservations. There is also a snack bar on the post just down the road from the lodge. There is also a fort commissary but you need a military or retired I.D. to get in.

There is a wine room and restaurant now next to the Lockwood Store about 10 minutes southeast of FHL on highway G18. Further down G18 about 10 minutes is a restaurant by the lake.



Safeway grocery store in King's City about 20 minutes from FHL. Wal-Mart in Paso Robles. There is also a fort commissary on FHL but you need a military or retired I.D. to get in.

Lockwood Store is about 10 minutes southeast of FHL on highway G18. This is a small store with some basic stuff.

For ammo and sporting goods there is:

Bridge Sportsmen's Center - 1319 Spring St. Paso Robles, ph# 805-238-4407. Ammo, gun supplies.
Hunter's Supply - Salinas about and hour from FHL north on Hwy 101. 831-758-4868. They have non lead ammo and guns.
J & D Guns & Ammo - 50408 Jolon Rd. King's City CA. ph# 831-285-1122. About 15 minutes north of FHL.
Outdoor World
- about 1 1/2 hour from FHL in Monterey CA, they have non lead ammo and sporting goods but no guns.
Wal-Mart in Paso Robles, about 45 minutes south of FHL on Hwy 101.



There is no range open to civilians on the fort.


8 1/2" X 11" training area maps are available when you register. U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps can also be obtained from drafting/engineering stores or backpacking stores or ordered online here USGS Topo maps. If you would like info on aerial photos, computer topo map programs and how to download free topo maps off the Internet, I have this on my other webpages here: aerial photos or topo maps.

These FHL area maps are large (60k to 175k), so give them time to load, especially if you have a slower connection than 56k speed. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these maps. You can get the free Acrobat Reader here.

Overview map of all the FHL areas

Map of Area 1
Map of Area 2

Map of Area 3
(Archery Only). 
Map of Area 4

Map of Area 5

Map of Area 6
Map of Area 6B
 (Archery Only). 
Map of Area 7

Map of Area 8

Map of Area 9

Map of Area 10

Map of Area 11

Map of Area 13E (Walk in bow, shotgun, muzzleloader only area.)
Map of Area 13W-A (Archery Only). 
Map of Area 14

Map of Area 15
Map of Area 16
Map of Area 16B (Archery Only). 
Map of Area 17

Map of Area 18
Map of Area 19

Map of Area 23

Map of Area 24

Map of Area 25

Map of Area 26

Map of Area 27

Map of Area 28

Map of Area 29
(Walk in bow, shotgun, muzzleloader only area.)


Fort Hunter Liggett was purchased from the estate of William Randolph Hearst in 1940 to train soldiers during World War II and later was used for that purpose during the Korean conflict. The installation was named in honor of Lt. Gen. Hunter Liggett, who served during the Spanish-American War and later as the Chief of Staff for General John J. Pershing during World War I. Gen. Liggett also was the first commander of I Corps. After the Korean conflict the base was used as a training site and controlled by the Army Command at Fort Ord, Calif. The Seventh Infantry was the primary user of the fort until the closure of Fort Ord in 1992 and the deactivation of the Seventh Infantry. The installation was then under the command of Fort Lewis, Washington and utilized by Training and Experimentation Battalion until its disbandment in 1997. In 1995 the installation was taken over by the U.S. Army Reserve Command.

Total Acreage: 165,500 acres, with all but 500 acres available for training purposes. Additionally, Fort Hunter Liggett has use of 95,000 acres of the adjoining Los Padres National Forest for special operations training. Fort Hunter Liggett is the eighth largest Army installation in terms of available training acreage.

FHL main website is

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