Camp Roberts Hunting and Fishing Info


Make sure you have your vehicle registration, proof of insurance and driver's license when you enter Camp Roberts. You will be turned away if you're missing any documents if they are checking. Due to increased security, you may now be checked very thoroughly at all military installations. You may also have to show and register your firearms.

WHO CAN HUNT AND FISH AT CAMP ROBERTS?: Camp Roberts is open to military and civilian hunters and fishermen. Hunting is open about 30 days of the year, on weekends and for one full week during deer season. Hunters should check the taped information line for dates. Pig and jackrabbit seasons are open elsewhere year round, but are only open on the base during the scheduled hunt days.

Fishing is open on weekends from April 26 - October 26, military training and stream flow permitting. Trout are stocked every 2 weeks.


Camp Roberts. Taped Information Line (805) 238-8167. Open on weekends and federal holidays only. Closed Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. Located on the Monterey and San Luis Obispo County line on Highway 101, just north of the town of San Miguel. Click here for map. More info at:

California Army National Guard
Headquarters Camp Roberts
ATTN: Hunting and Fishing Program
Camp Roberts, CA 93451-5000

WHAT CAN YOU HUNT AT CAMP ROBERTS? 35,000 acres of streams, open grasslands and oak woodland. Wild pig and jackrabbit. Refer to DFG regs for seasons to hunt deer, cottontail rabbit, quail, waterfowl, turkey (spring and fall), dove and band-tailed pigeon. Hunting hours extend from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. Please remember that Camp Roberts is a military installation and all hunting and fishing areas are subject to closure at any time due to military training. There is NO hunting for ground or tree squirrels, bobcat or coyotes.

HUNTING FEES AND LICENSES:  $15.00 daily access fee. $55.00 for annual permit.


Each adult hunter on the installation must have the following in their possession and display upon request by any California Fish and Game or Camp Roberts program employee:

1. California hunting license and any tags or stamps required.

2. Camp Roberts hunting permit.

3. Completed Camp Roberts Hunting/Fishing Daily Registration Form.

Junior hunters under the age of 16 can hunt free of charge but they must obtain all three of these items as well.


Each adult angler on the installation must have the following in their possession and display upon request by any California Fish and Game or Camp Roberts program employee:

1. California fishing license and any stamps required.

2. Camp Roberts fishing permit.

3. Completed Camp Roberts Hunting/Fishing Daily Registration Form.

Junior anglers under the age of 16 can fish free of charge, but they must obtain a Camp Roberts fishing permit and a daily registration form.


Hunting and fishing are allowed only during the specified periods. Each day, upon entering the installation, all hunters and anglers must register at the wildlife check station inside Gate 3 near the East Garrison exit on Highway 101. A valid California State license, including tags and stamps must be in possession before registering. Complete the registration form as indicated, including the vehicle make and license number. The check station will keep the white (top) copy. Keep the yellow (middle) copy of the registration form on your person while hunting or fishing, and place the pink (bottom) copy so that it is visible on the vehicle dash.

Weapons Registration Form - download and complete this form to save some time at the gate

All participants must leave Camp Roberts through Gate 3 before the scheduled closing time. Before leaving Camp Roberts, record the number and type of game taken on the yellow copy of the registration form. Hunters must also record the hunting area where game was taken. If no game was taken, indicate "0". Return the completed yellow copy as well as the pink copy to the check station attendant or deposit it in the slot of the check station door. Failure to check out on time or deposit the yellow and pink copies will lead to the loss of hunting and fishing privileges at Camp Roberts.

RESTRICTIONS: Target shooting and varmint shooting is prohibited. Fully automatic firearms, silencer-equipped firearms, explosive or drug-injecting devices, or setguns are prohibited. Because of safety considerations, .22 rimfire rifles and .22 rimfire handguns are not allowed on Camp Roberts. Handguns legal for big game are allowed on post.

FIRES: The fire danger at Camp Roberts is often very high. Fires of any kind are prohibited, including barbecue-type fires in grills and braziers. Please use caution to prevent wildfires.

DOGS: Dogs are allowed only for waterfowl and upland game hunting and must be under direct voice control at all times.


The maximum speed limit is 25 MPH, unless otherwise posted. Carrying a loaded weapon and discharge of any weapon from a vehicle is prohibited. No motorcycles or all terrain vehicles are allowed. Vehicles shall not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct roads, gates, trails or fire lanes. Vehicles may be operated only on graded or paved roads. Drivers should be aware that roads are often in poor condition and washouts are common. Most of the hunt areas are accessible by paved roads. Drive Carefully! In the event that a vehicle becomes stuck or for some reason cannot be moved, the owner must provide towing service. Pay telephones are located at the Range Control building on Nacimiento Rd. and at the installation main gate.

WHERE TO STAY: Civilian personnel may stay in quarters on a space available basis. Reservations must be pre-arranged through the Camp Roberts Billeting Office at (805) 238-8312 from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm M-F. Campground: Self-contained recreational vehicle camping is authorized only in the designated campground. Sites: 12 Total, 12 with water, sewer and electric, 12 with 30 amp electric. Daily rates : $10 to $10. Season: Open all year.

Some people camp outside the gate at the Camp Robert's East Garrison exit on the east side of Highway 101 by the railroad tracks. It's free but it's noisy when a train comes through. This is just a big field, there is no toilets or any vehicle pads.

Western States Inn. 1099 K Street, San Miguel. PH# 805-467-3674. This motel is about 3 miles south on Highway 101 from the Camp Roberts gate. There are several other motels in Paso Robles which is about 10 miles south on Highway 101 from the Camp Roberts check in gate.

Motels in Paso Robles

Adelaide Motor Inn - 1215 Ysabel Ave. PH# 805-238-2770.
Avalon Motel - 3231 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-0807
Black Oak Motor Lodge - 1135 24th Street. PH# 805-238-4740
Budget Inn of Paso Robles - 2745 Spring Street. PH# 805-239-3030
Farmhouse Motel - 425 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-1720
Holiday Inn Express - 2455 Riverside Drive. PH# 805-238-6500
Melody Ranch Motel - 939 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-3911
Motel 6 - 1134 Black Oak Drive. PH# 805-239-9090
Paso Robles Inn - 1103 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-2660
Relax Inn - 730 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-3013
Stardust Motel - 2218 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-3412
Suburban Lodge - Theatre Drive & Hwy. 46. PH# 805-238-3814
Summit Creek Ranch - 6350 Peachy Cyn Rd. PH# 805-237-1870
Townhouse Motel - 2749 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-2080
Travelodge - 2701 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-0078
Wagon Wheel Motel - 3548 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-9616

BED & BREAKFAST / TRAILER PARKS In and near Paso Robles

Arbor Inn - 2130 Arbor Road. PH# 805-227-4873
Country House Inn (B&B) - 91 Main Street, Templeton. PH# 805-343-1598
Gillie Archer Inn - 1433 Oak Street. PH# 805-238-0879
Just Inn - 11680 Chimney Rock Road. PH# 805-238-6932
Keene Trailer Park - 3126 Spring Street. PH# 805-238-1413
Resthaven Trailer Park - Adelaide Road (Self contained Rigs only). PH# 805-238-2044


MEAT STORAGE AND PROCESSING: There is no cold storage available on Camp Roberts.

Patterson Ranch .... 69461 Bradley-Lockwood Rd. Lockwood, Ca. PH# 831-385-3866. Elk, pig and deer. About 1 hour from Camp Roberts. Email
Roy's Swiss Sausage Factory .... Roy Rachina (spelling of last name may be wrong), Cherry Ave, Greenfield, CA, 93927. PH# 831-674-2070. About 1 hour north of Camp Roberts.
S&D Custom Meats .... Joseph Muracchioli. 4890 Estrella Rd., Paso Robles, Ca 93446. PH# 805-238-5776.

SHOOTING RANGE: The use of any Camp Roberts rifle or pistol range for target practice is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in the expulsion of the violator from the Camp Roberts Training Center for a period of not less than ten years.

CHEAPEST GAS: AM/PM in Paso Robles at the Highway 101 and Highway 46 exit on the west side of Hwy. 101.

BEST FOOD: Tenth St. Cafe in San Miguel has good Italian food. There is a 24 hour Denny's in Paso Robles at the Hwy. 46 exit on Hwy. 101. Fast food in Paso Robles.

GROCERIES/SUPPLIES: Wal-Mart in Paso Robles or Bridge Sportsmen's Center, 1319 Spring St. Paso Robles, ph # (805) 238-4407.

Camp Roberts Hunting MapMAPS:

U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps can also be obtained from drafting/engineering stores or backpacking stores or ordered online here USGS Topo maps.  If you would like info on aerial photos, computer topo map programs and how to download free topo maps off the Internet, I have this on my other webpages here: aerial photos or topo maps.

More Camp Roberts info here

Camp Roberts Hunting and Fishing Program –


Fishing may be closed on short notice due to military activities. Call ahead for possible changes. A Camp Roberts permit and a California State fishing license are required. See instructions below for purchasing Camp Roberts permits. The Nacimiento River will be stocked every two weeks from the end of April to the end of September 2003, provided that water levels are adequate to support fish. Anglers are not permitted to bring dogs on post due to endangered species concerns. Please note that due to safety concerns, fishing will be closed on September 1st, which is the opening day for dove hunting season.


A Camp Roberts permit and California State hunting license are required. Junior hunters must show proof of completion of hunter safety course. Hunting permits are good only at Camp Roberts. Dogs are allowed only for upland game and waterfowl hunting and must be under strict voice control at all times. Hunting may be closed on short notice due to military operations. Call ahead for possible changes. Unless indicated, no reservations are required.