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2013 CA Mule Deer Tag Drawing and Regulations

2013 Big Game Digest.

APPLICATION AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least 12 years of age at the time of application, with a 2013/2014 California hunting license. You must not have been convicted of a deer hunting violation during the 2012- 2013 license year. Your driver’s license, DMV, or DFG identification number and date of birth are required as permanent hunter identification for drawing purposes. (The Department will assign a DFG ID number to persons without a driver’s license/DMV ID number.)

The cost of a hunting license is:

Annual resident - $44.85.
Junior annual resident hunting license - $11.62.
Non resident annual hunting license - $155.52.
Reduced Fee, Disabled Veteran - $7.05.
Duplicate Hunting License - $9.98.
Hunter Education Stamp - $3.75.

NOTE: The One Day and Two-Day Nonresident license, age 16 and over IS NOT valid for bear hunting. You must buy the Non Resident Annual license.

The California hunting license is good from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. California resident and nonresident hunting licenses are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Deer Tap ApplicationsMule Deer Foundation Logo

One-Deer Tag Application

Resident $29.98
Nonresident $263.01

Second-Deer Tag Application

Resident $36.98
Nonresident $263.01

The California hunting license is good from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. California resident and nonresident hunting licenses are nonrefundable.

Disabled Veteran Hunting Licenses. A $7.05. hunting license is available for qualified disabled veterans. To be eligible, applicants must submit: (1) a letter from the Veterans Administration verifying that the applicant has a 70 percent or greater service-connected disability and was honorably discharged from the United States armed forces; and (2) evidence of meeting California hunter education requirements. Applicants renewing this license may submit their disabled veteran hunting license from the previous year as proof of meeting eligibility requirements. The reduced-fee provisions do not apply to hunting tags or species stamps. Disabled Veteran Hunting Licenses are issued only through DFG Offices.

Definition of Resident. A resident is defined as any person who has resided continuously in California for six months immediately before the date of application for a license, tag or permit; persons on active duty with the armed forces of the United States or an auxiliary branch; or Job Corps enrollees.

Hunter Education Special Requirement. Hunting licenses shall be issued to hunters only upon presentation of one of the following:

An annual California hunting license from a prior year or evidence of having held such a license; a California hunter education completion or equivalency certificate; a certificate of competence or completion of a California approved hunter education training course from any state or Canadian province; or a current year hunting license from any state, province, European country or South Africa. For further information, contact any DFG office or license agent. A California hunter education validation stamp must be affixed to hunter education certificates from California.

By law, no person may submit more than one (1) ONE-DEER TAG APPLICATION and one (1) SECOND-DEER TAG APPLICATION during the same license year.


These tags are issued by drawing for zones and hunts with lower tag quotas, including X zones, Additional Hunts, and Area-specific Archery Hunts. Applications for premium deer, elk, antelope, and bighorn sheep tags must be submitted through the Automated License Data System (ALDS) at any license agent, a DFG license sales office or online. To qualify for the big game drawing, the application must be submitted and the sales transaction completed before midnight on June 2, 2013. Mail-in applications will not be accepted. DFG license sales offices will be open during normal business hours on June 2.

Mail to the DFG’s License and Revenue Branch at P. O. Box 989035, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9035 (or deliver in person to the License and Revenue Branch, 3211 S Street, Sacramento). Any premium tags remaining after the drawing are issued by the License and Revenue Branch upon request, by mail or in person, until tag quotas fill. (Leftover tags for Area-specific Archery Hunts A22 and A23 will also be available at the DFG’s Long Beach and San Diego offices.)


These tags allow hunting during the general season only, in a specific zone, using a muzzleloading or centerfire rifle, authorized pistol or revolver, crossbow or bow. (Sections 353 and 354, Title 14, CCR)


Additional deer hunts offer antlerless, either-sex and buck hunting opportunities in a variety of locations throughout the state. They also include junior deer hunts, military land hunts, and special equipment hunts.

JUNIOR DEER HUNT: Some Additional Hunts are designated for junior hunters only. Applicants must be at least 12 years of age at the time of application, and have a 2003-2004 California Junior Hunting License. Juniors receiving tags must be accompanied by an adult chaperon, 18 years of age or older.

MILITARY LAND HUNTS: Additional hunts G8, G9, G10, and J20 are held on military installations and offer limited numbers of tags for the public and military personnel. Public tags are issued through the DFG's deer tag drawing; military personnel must submit deer tag applications directly to the Base. Additional hunts G7 (Beale Air Force Base Either-sex Hunt) and G11 (Vandenberg Air Force Base Antlerless Hunt) are for military personnel only.

Events of September 11, 2001 forced the cancellation of most hunts on military bases due to heightened security and military operations. In an effort to provide flexibility for scheduling these hunting seasons, the Department has provided a window between the scheduled season opening and December 31, in which the hunt can be conducted. Should the Base Commander choose to reschedule the hunt season, it must be with the concurrence of the Department and occur before December 31. In the event the commanding officer cancels a hunt, tagholders will only have the option of exchanging the unused tag for any remaining deer tag or receiving a refund.


To replace a lost or destroyed deer tag, you must file an affidavit with a DFG office and pay a nonrefundable duplicate tag fee of $6.25.


If you check the refund box on your deer tag application, you will automatically receive a refund of your application fee if unsuccessful in receiving any of your tag choices. If you did not check the refund box, you will be notified and asked to reapply for available tags or request a refund at that time. Important! License agent handling fees and application processing fees are NONREFUNDABLE. Once you request a refund of your one-deer or second-deer tag application fee, you may not buy another application of the same type during the 2003-2004 license year. The deadline for requesting deer tag application refunds is January 31, 2004. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing your refund. License agent handling fees, application processing fees, and hunting license fees are nonrefundable. Refunds for tags: Refunds for unused deer tags for zones A, B and C, any D zone, or Archery-Only must be requested before the opening of the earliest season for which the tag is valid. Deer tags for X zones, Additional Hunts and Area-specific Archery Hunts are NONREFUNDABLE.


These tags allow archery hunting in designated areas throughout the state, including C zones and X zones.


Deer Tags Issued On Request: All mail-in and over-the-counter deer tag applications received at the License and Revenue Branch on the same day are considered equally for deer tags issued on request, including leftover drawing tags. If, on any day, the number of applications received for a specific zone or hunt is expected to exceed the number of available tags, all applications received for that zone or hunt will be held until close of business on that day and a drawing will be held.

Tags issued on request are for A, B and D zones and allow hunting in a specific zone during the archery season with archery equipment, and during the general season with a muzzleloading or centerfire rifle, authorized pistol or revolver, crossbow or bow, except as specified in Section 360. A C zone tag is valid in all C zones for the general season only. Tags are issued on request until tag quotas fill. You may apply in person at any Department regional or field office, and by mail or in person at the Department’s License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento.


Archery-only Deer Tags: Archery-only #1 and Archery-only #2 tags allow hunting with archery equipment during the archery and general seasons in A, B and D zones and Additional Hunt G10. (Beginning in 2002, Archery-only tags may no longer be used the C zones. Hunters must now use an A1 Area-specific Archery Hunt.) You may not possess a rifle, pistol, revolver or crossbow when hunting with an Archery-only tag. These tags are issued by drawing for zones and hunts with low tag quotas, including X zones, Additional Hunts and Area-specific Archery Hunts.


Exchanges: You may exchange an A, B or C zone deer tag, any D zone tag, or an Archery Only deer tag if all of the following conditions are met: 1) the earliest season for the tag being exchanged has not yet opened; 2) tags are still available for the zone or hunt requested; and 3) payment of a nonrefundable $6.25 exchange tag processing fee. In cases of Department error, your tag will be exchanged free of charge if you return it to the License and Revenue Branch immediately and include the postmarked envelope in which Archery Hunt tag, or exchange a seconddeer tag for any X zone tag.


Use this application to apply for an A zone tag, B zone tag, C zone tag, any D zone or X zone tag, any Additional Hunt tag, any Area-specific Archery Hunt tag, or an Archery-Only #1 (AO#1) tag. You must use a one-deer tag application to apply for an X zone, Additional Hunt or Area-specific Archery Hunt tag issued through the premium deer tag drawing (except junior hunters, see "Second-Deer Tag Application" below).


The Department will now issue second deer tags for any remaining C, D zones or additional hunts on August 2, 2002, which is a month earlier than in previous years. This will increase hunter opportunity, especially for those wishing to hunt during the archery seasons. However, tag quotas for many zones (C, D6, D9 and D12) have historically filled on or before the previous issue date in September, so you should apply early.

JUNIOR DEER HUNT TAGS: Junior hunters who use their one-deer tag application to apply for other tags issued by drawing or on request, may use their second-deer tag application to apply for junior deer hunts in the premium deer tag drawing. Junior hunters may only submit ONE application for junior deer hunts, either a one-deer or a second-deer tag application. Use the charts on pages 10-14 to select up to three zones and/or hunts. Print clearly the ZONE/HUNT CODE for each choice, in order of preference, on your deer tag application. Archery Hunters: For Area-specific Archery Hunts, use the hunt code (such as A6), not the zone where the hunt is located.

EXAMPLE: PARTY APPLICATIONS: You may apply alone or as a party for any tag. Up to six (6) persons may apply together by submitting their deer tag applications (or unsuccessful drawing notices) together, as specified below. You must meet ALL of the following conditions to be considered a party: All party members must make the same tag choices in the same order on their applications; Each party member's application must show the party leader’s name and driver’s license, DMV ID, or DFG ID number; The party size must not exceed the maximum of six persons; All party members' applications must be stapled together with the party leader's application on top, and mailed in ONE envelope. (Party members are awarded tags according to choices listed on the top application.) You may not add or drop party members once your applications are submitted. You may not apply for an X zone tag on a second-deer tag application.

At the request of hunters, the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has evaluated several alternative drawing methods, including those used in other western states. After careful consideration, the DFG has selected “draw-by-choice” as the method that best meets the needs of California’s deer hunters and can be implemented at no additional cost.


" Apply early for the premium deer tag drawings—your application must be received by the DFG’s License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento by 5:00 p.m. June 2, 2003.


The DFG will conduct the automated deer tag drawing by June 20, 2013. Deer tags or unsuccessful drawing notices will be mailed to drawing participants as soon as possible after the drawing. Beginning June 21, 2013, applicants may look up their drawing results by logging in to the Online License Service on CDFW’s web site at On the same date, drawing results will be available by phone during regular business hours from CDFW license sales offices.

Unsuccessful Applicants: After the drawing, notices will be mailed to unsuccessful drawing participants who did not check the refund box on their original applications. Applicants should receive notices by July 3, 2013. The notice includes a list of zones and hunts with available tags. Do not discard your drawing notice. It takes the place of your original deer tag application and must be used to reapply for available tags (either individually or as a party), or to request a refund of your deer tag application fee if you have not already done so. Unsuccessful drawing notices may not be picked up in person. If you are unsuccessful and checked the refund box when you applied, you will be notified and your application will be automatically submitted for refund.

Successful Applicants: After unsuccessful notices are mailed, deer tags are sent to successful applicants in order of season openings. Successful applicants should receive their tags by July 1, 2013.

2 does at Fort Hunter Liggett, April 2000LEFTOVER DRAWING TAGS:

Beginning July 2, 2013, any X zone, Additional Hunt and Area-specific Archery Hunt tags remaining after the drawing will be available on request, as long as tags are available, by mail and in person, only from the DFG’s License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento.* Persons with one-deer tag applications or unsuccessful drawing notices may apply for leftover tags at this time. Persons with second-deer tag applications may also apply for leftover Area-specific Archery Hunt tags at this time. Seconddeer applications for unfilled Additional Hunts may be submitted to the DFG’s License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento at any time for issuance beginning August 2. Second-deer tag applications may NOT be used to apply for leftover X zone tags.

* Leftover tags for the A22 hunt will also be available at the DFG’s Los Alamitos and San Diego offices beginning July 2, 2013.

Click for 2002 Deer Hunt Zone Map This map is big (124k), so give it time to load.

2001 Deer Tag Drawing Odds & Tag Statistics Chart

2000 Deer Tag Drawing Odds & Tag Statistics Chart

1999 Deer Tag Drawing Odds & Tag Statistics Chart

1999 Deer Harvest by Antler Class Chart

WEAPONS AUTHORIZED TO TAKE DEER: DFG reg. 353. Deer may only be taken by rifles using centerfire cartridges with softnose or expanding bullets; bow and arrow or wheellock, matchlock, flintlock or percussion type muzzleloading rifles using black or pyrodex powder with single ball or bullet loaded from the muzzle and at least .40 caliber in designation. Pistols and revolvers using centerfire cartridges with softnose or expanding bullets may be used to take deer. Shotguns capable of holding not more than three shells firing single slugs may be used for the taking of deer. In areas where the discharge of rifles or shotguns with slugs is prohibited by county ordinance, shotguns capable of holding not more than three shells firing size 0 or 00 buckshot may be used for the taking of deer only. Crossbows may be used to take deer only during the regular seasons. Under the provisions of a muzzleloading rifle/archery tag, hunters may possess muzzleloading rifles equipped with iron sights only.

DFG reg. 354. Bow, as used in these regulations, means any device consisting of a flexible material having a string connecting its two ends and used to propel an arrow held in a firing position by hand only. Bow, includes long bow, recurve or compound bow. (b) Crossbow, as used in these regulations means any device consisting of a bow or cured latex band or other flexible material (commonly referred to as a linear bow) affixed to a stock, or any bow that utilizes any device attached directly or indirectly to the bow for the purpose of keeping a crossbow bolt, an arrow or the string in a firing position. A crossbow is not archery equipment. (c) For the taking of big game, hunting arrows and crossbow bolts with a broad head type blade which will not pass through a hole seven-eighths inch in diameter shall be used. For the taking of migratory game birds, resident small game, furbearers and nongame mammals and birds any arrow or crossbow bolt may be used except as prohibited by subsection (d) below. (d) No arrows or crossbow bolt with an explosive head or with any substance which would tranquilize or poison any animal may be used. No arrows or crossbow bolt without flu-flu fletching may be used for the take of pheasants and migratory game birds, except for provisions of section 507 (a)(2)`. (e) No arrow or crossbow bolt may be released from a bow or crossbow upon or across any highway, road or other way open to vehicular traffic. (f) No bow or crossbow may be used which will not cast a legal hunting arrow, except fluflu arrows, a horizontal distance of 130 yards. (g) Crossbows may not be used to take game birds and game mammals during archery seasons. (h) Archers may not possess a firearm while hunting in the field during any archery season, or while hunting during a general season under the provisions of an archery only tag. (i) No person may nock or fit the notch in the end of an arrow to a bowstring or crossbow string in a ready-to-fire position while in or on any vehicle.

BAITING: DFG reg. 257.5. You cannot use bait for hunting deer and no deer can be taken within 400 yards of any baited area. The definition of “baited area” shall mean any area where shelled, shucked or unshucked corn, wheat or other grains, salt, or other feed whatsoever capable of luring, attracting, or enticing such birds or mammals is directly or indirectly placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, or scattered, and such area shall remain a baited area for ten days following complete removal of all such corn, wheat or other grains, salt, or other feed.

SHOOTING HOURS: Legal shooting time for deer is from 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset at the location of your hunt. California does recognize and use Daylight Savings Time.

SHOOTING FROM VEHICLES: DFG reg. 252. No person shall pursue, drive, herd, or take any bird or mammal from any type of motor-driven air or land vehicles, motorboat, airboat, sailboat, or snowmobile, except: 1) When the motor of such motorboat, airboat, or sailboat has been shut off and/or the sails furled and its progress therefrom has ceased, and it is drifting, beached, moored, resting at anchor, or is being propelled by paddle, oar or pole. (2)if they have a Mobility Disabled Persons Motor Vehicle License.

SPOTLIGHTING: DFG reg. 2005. It is unlawful to use an artificial light to assist in the taking of game birds or game mammals. It is unlawful for any person, or one or more persons, to throw or cast the rays of any spotlight, headlight, or other artificial light on any highway or in any field, woodland or forest where game mammals, furbearing mammals, or nongame mammals are commonly found, or upon any game mammal, furbearing mammal, or nongame mammal, while having in his possession or under his control any firearm or weapon with which such mammal could be killed, even though the mammal is not killed, injured, shot at or otherwise pursued. It is unlawful to use or possess at any time any infrared or similar light used in connection with an electronic viewing device sometimes designated as a sniper scope to assist in the taking of birds, mammals, amphibian or fish.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to the following: (a) To the use of a hand held flashlight no larger, nor emitting more light, than a twocell, three-volt flashlight, provided such light is not affixed in any way to a weapon, r to the use of a lamp or lantern which does not cast a directional beam of light. (b) In the case of headlights of a motor vehicle operated in a usual manner and there is no attempt or intent to locate a game mammal, furbearing mammal or nongame mammal. (c) To the owner, or his employee, of land devoted to the agricultural industry while on such land, or land controlled by such an owner and in connection with such agricultural industry. (d) To such other uses as the commission may authorize by regulation. No person shall be arrested for violation of this section except by a peace officer.

RADIO USE WHILE HUNTING: It is legal to use and posses two way radios while hunting in California.

HARASSMENT OF ANIMALS: DFG reg. 251.1. Except as otherwise authorized in these regulations or in the Fish and Game Code, no person shall harass, herd or drive any game or nongame bird or mammal or furbearing mammal. For the purposes of this section, harass is defined as an intentional act which disrupts an animal’s normal behavior patterns, which includes, but is not limited to, breeding, feeding or sheltering. This section does not apply to a landowner or tenant who drives or herds birds or mammals for the purpose of preventing damage to private or public property, including aquaculture and agriculture crops.

USE OF DOGS: DFG reg. 265. The use of dogs is prohibited for the take of deer.

TRESPASS: If the land you hunt on is not your own, it belongs to someone else. Make sure you have a legal right to be there. Contact the owner or person who administers the property, and secure written permission to hunt. A hunting license does not entitle you to enter private property.
“It is unlawful to enter any lands under cultivation or enclosed by a fence, belonging to, or occupied by, another, or to enter any uncultivated or unenclosed lands, including lands temporarily inundated by waters flowing outside the established banks of a river, stream, slough, or other waterway, where signs forbidding trespass are displayed at intervals not less than three to the mile along all exterior boundaries and at all roads and trails entering such lands, for the purpose of discharging any firearm or taking or destroying any mammal or bird, including any waterfowl, on such lands without having first obtained written permission from the owner of such lands, or his agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof. Such signs may be of any size and wording, other than the wording required for signs under Section 2017, which will fairly advise persons about to enter the land that the use of such land is so restricted.” Section 2016, Fish and Game Code.

SAFETY: It is always unlawful to: Place on, or carry or possess a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle or conveyance or its attachments on any public road or other way open to the public: Hunt while intoxicated; Shoot at any game bird from a powerboat, sailboat, motor vehicle, or aircraft while under power or still moving from use of sail or motor. (See Section 251) Shoot any firearm from or upon a public road or highway.

DISCHARGING FIREARMS OR OTHER DEADLY WEAPONS SAFETY ZONE: It is unlawful for any person, other than the owner, person in possession of the premises, or a person having the express permission of the owner or person in possession of the premises, to hunt or to discharge while hunting, any firearm or other deadly weapon within 150 yards of any occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building or any barn or other outbuilding used in connection therewith. The 150-yard area is a “safety zone.”

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Modified Preference Points Information



(Excluding Junior Deer Tags) Ninety percent (90%) of the individual zone or hunt tag quota shall be awarded using a Preference Point drawing. Ten percent (10%) of the individual zone or hunt tag quota shall be awarded using a Draw-by-Choice drawing. For zones or hunts with quotas less than ten (10) tags, one (1) tag shall be awarded using a Draw-by-Choice drawing.


Fifty percent (50%) of the hunt tag quota shall be awarded through a Preference Point drawing. Fifty percent (50%) of the hunt tag quota shall be awarded through a Draw-By-Choice drawing.


• Unsuccessful applicants earn one preference point per species each
• Preference points are species specific, not hunt or zone specific;
• Hunters lose all preference points for a species upon receiving a
first-choice deer tag or an elk, pronghorn antelope or bighorn sheep
• Preference point totals for parties are determined by averaging
the party members points without rounding up or down;
• Hunters who choose not to compete in the drawing may earn a
preference point by submitting the appropriate applications by
the drawing deadline and writing the ìPoint Onlyî code for that
species in the hunt code section of their application(s).


Q. Why did the Fish and Game Commission choose the Modified Preference Point System Drawing?

A. Over the years, many hunters became frustrated at never receiving a tag for their favorite zone or hunt. After reviewing alternative drawing methods used in other western states, the DFG conducted numerous stakeholder meetings in recent years to get public input on Californiaís big game drawing system. Although many individuals favored a true preference point system in which all tags go to applicants with the maximum number of points, there was no clear majority (more than 50 percent) who favored any particular drawing method. The Commission finally selected the modified preference point system because it not only rewards applicants who apply consistently but unsuccessfully, but also provides some opportunity for premium tags to new or returning hunters.

Q. What is a Modified PreferencePoint System Drawing?

A. Under a Modified Preference Point System drawing, tag quotas for each hunt are split into two portions: one portion awarded by preference point drawings; the other portion awarded in draw-by-choice drawings. Quota splits vary, depending on the species, total number of available tags, or other special criteria (such as those for junior deer hunts).

Q. Why did the Fish and Game Commission choose the current splits for deer and other big game?

A. In recognition of the many individuals who preferred a true preference point system, the Fish and Game Commission chose the current method of splitting tag quotas (e.g., 90 percent preference point tags/10 percent draw-by-choice tags) to favor those with the maximum preference points. The Fish and Game Commission has the authority to change these proportions in the future, based on public opinion.

Q. How do I earn preference points? A. You may earn one (1) preference point per year, per species, as follows:

Deer — Earn one preference point if you apply for premium deer tag drawing but are not drawn for your first tag choice.

Q. When do I lose preference points?

A. You lose all accumulated preference points for a species, as follows:

Deer — You lose all accumulated preference points when you are drawn for a premium tag as your first choice.

Q. Can I transfer my preference points from one species to another?

A. No. Preference points are earned for a particular species and cannot be transferred to any other species.

Q. How will the DFG track my preference points?

A. The DFG will track your preference points for current and future drawings using the information you provide on your drawing applications, including name, date of birth, and permanent hunter identification number (driver’s license number, Department of Motor Vehicles identification number or hunter identification number assigned by the DFG).

IMPORTANT! For the DFG to accurately track your preference points, you must provide the same personal information and hunter identification number on your rawing applications every year. If you have changes or corrections to your name, mailing address or hunter identification number, you must notify the DFG in writing at: Department of Fish and Game, License and Revenue Branch 3211 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Q. How will the DFG notify applicants if they earned a preference point?

A. Individual preference point information will be included in big game drawing information packets mailed to drawing participants each April. If you have questions regarding your preference point totals you must contact the License and Revenue Branch, 3211 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 in writing.

Q. When did the DFG start tracking preference points?

A. The DFG began tracking preference points in the 2002 big game drawings.

Q. I do not wish to apply for a premium deer hunt this year. How can I earn a preference point?

A. You must first purchase a 2003/2004 hunting license and one-deer tag application. On your application, write the point code (PD) as your first tag choice and mail to the DFG’s License and Revenue Branch. Important: Your application must be received by 5:00 p.m., June 2, 2003.

Q. Can I transfer my preference points to another hunter?

A. No. Preference points earned by one person may not be transferred to another person.

Q. Do I earn a preference point if my application is received after the deadline?

A. No. Your application will be disqualified and no preference point will be earned if your application is late, incomplete, ineligible or without proper processing fees.

Q. If I apply unsuccessfully for the premium deer hunt drawing and request a refund of my tag fee, do I still earn a preference point?

A. Yes. You can receive a refund of your tag fee and still earn a preference point. Hunting license, application processing fees ($2.00) and license agent fees are non-refundable.

Q. If I am successful in the premium deer drawing for my second or third choice, do I earn a preference point?

A. Yes. If you are not drawn for your first choice premium tag, you can still earn one preference point, even though you are drawn for a premium tag as your second or third choice.

Q. If I am drawn for my first choice tag for a premium zone or hunt that does not fill in the drawing, do I still lose my preferencepoints?

A. Yes. If you are drawn for your first choice premium tag, you lose all your points for deer, whether or not the tag quota fills for that zone or hunt.

Q. If we apply as party and are unsuccessful in the drawing, do we each earn a preference point?

A. Yes, each party member will earn one preference point.

Q. Our group is applying as a party. How will our preference point be calculated?

A. The preference point value for party applications is determined by averaging all party members points (total preference points of the party divided by the number of party members). Preference point averages are not rounded up or down.

Q. I am a junior hunter. If I submit two applications for premium deer tag drawings, how are my preference points earned/lost?

A. Junior hunters will earn one preference point if they are unsuccessful on your first choice hunt for both applications (only one preference point will be awarded, not one preference point for each application). Junior hunters will lose all their deer preference points if they are drawn for their first tag choice on either their one-deer or second-deer application.

To contact the Fish & Game Commission:

Robert Treanor, Executive Director Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street Room 1320
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 653-4899
Fax: (916) 653-5040
To contact the DFG with questions call (916) 445-3406.


2001 CA Mule Deer Hunting Outlook and Forecast


From the California DFG 2001 Summer Edition of "Tracks" magazine.

Perhaps even Mother Nature can stand only so much whining. That's all she had heard over the previous several years from game wardens, wildlife biologists, deer hunters and "Tracks" Whining about the hot, dry weather that seemed inevitable during deer seasons. So, over much of California last fall the weather changed to stormy and the deer hunting did what it almost always does, it improved. The year 2000 statewide kill jumped 18 percent, and much higher than that in many locations. Now come the 2001 seasons.

In general, an improved buck kill is rarely followed by the same harvest level the following year. The reason is basic. Even a highly productive deer herd takes a couple of years to get male fawns up to legal antler age. And, of course, weather can be fickle. As a starting point for the coming late summer and fall seasons, hunters might want to read the 2001 version of the DFG's "Environmental Document-Deer Hunting." It contains some fascinating facts, such as:

  • Bucks-only hunting removes between 5 percent and 7 percent of a herd's total deer population each season, but between 30 percent and 80 percent of its bucks. An average of 1.5 fawns per breeding-age doe is born within each deer herd each spring, temporarily doubling the population.

  • An estimated 50 percent of fawns born each year die within the first two months of life and another 25 percent succumb during the following winter.

What does all this have to do with prospects for the 2001 hunting seasons? Quite a bit, actually.

First let's look at 2000. California hunters bagged an estimated 39,062 deer in 2000, up from 33,800 in 1999, and 32,747 in 1998.

It's already been stated that under ordinary circumstances, a deer season with improved buck kill is almost certain to be followed by a deer season with a lower kill. Also, under ordinary circumstances, a large deer harvest is followed by an increased fawn survival as herds fill in the gaps left by the improved buck kill. In turn, the higher fawn survival leads to a few more legal bucks in the herd two years later-given that fawns are born in about equal buck-to-doe ratios and that, on average, it will take two surviving fawns to replace each buck bagged in the previous season.

But, throughout the West, throughout California and especially along the western Sierra and the northern end of the state, varying degrees of deer habitat deterioration continue to make it difficult for herds to bounce back from periodic population declines. To a great extent, society's conditioned aversion to fire is to blame. Fire, especially in California, kept conditions good for a wide variety of species, including deer, for centuries before fire fighting reached industry proportions. Today, it is prevented from keeping the great variety of forest plants in balance with each other.

Grazing on public lands, home building on deer ranges and forest practices that spray herbicides on sprouting brush plants also have contributed to making changes in wild lands that deer, if they had anything to say about it, would certainly oppose. All that said, however, there is optimism from many DFG field personnel as the seasons for the state's 44 general "rifle" deer zones, 28 area-specific archery hunts and 36 additional hunts roll into view this year. The buck kill was up in many areas last year, but good hunting is predicted again this year because of the generous precipitation years leading up to last fall.

Additional details and prognostications, from north to south, for the 11 groups of California deer zones known as Deer Assessment Units (DAUs) are on the webpages for each corresponding deer hunt zone.


1999 CA Mule Deer Hunting Statistics

1999 Deer Tag Drawing Statistics Chart

1999 Deer Harvest by Antler Class Chart


1998 CA Mule Deer Hunting Statistics


Last year's estimated statewide buck harvest  was 32,747, compared with 37,548 the year before. The estimated kill has ranged from the low 30,000s to the mid 40,000s over the past decade.

1998 Deer Estimated Kill and Hunter Success Chart

1998 Buck Kill by Antler Class Chart




California Deer Association (CDA)

California Deer Association (CDA) Forum

 California hunters will soon have their own record book for big game animals taken in the Golden State. The California Deer Association (CDA) staff will be compiling the data for this first edition of the record book, and it will encompasses all big game species in the state -- from tule elk to bighorn sheep to pronghorn to the different mule deer subspecies. The CDA will be using the Boone & Crockett scoring system and it will incorporate all game animals already listed by B&C in its list, but the CDA is also in the process of adding at least one additional deer category and could list as many as five other deer categories not recognized by B&C. The minimum scores would also be lower for game to qualify for the California record book.

     The CDA's Scott Wilkinson will be coordinating not only the record keeping, but also taking input from hunters about the different classifications that should be recognized, and he is already getting some incredible stories about some of the different subspecies of deer here in California. But so far, all he's getting is stories. ``It's been really tough getting people to follow through,'' said Wilkinson. ``They call me with a story of a big buck and I give them the name of their nearest B&C scorer and ask them to get the buck scored and send me the completed form along with a photo or two, but I'm not receiving much more than phone calls right now.''  Wilkinson told of one hunter who called him about a 30-inch, three-by-three buck that he took in the San Bernardino Mountains in the 1960s, but he hasn't seen a photo or score sheet yet to back up the tale. He's also had a story about a 35-inch 15x11 buck taken in Modoc county years ago. But no evidence. One story that Wilkinson has been able to substantiate is Stanislaus County blacktail buck that he shot this past fall that scored 152 5/8s points. That buck will be in the top 25 blacktails of all time, according to Wilkinson. Hunters who would like information about entering a buck or two they have taken over the years, can contact Wilkinson at (831) 679-2854.

     There are six subspecies of deer in California -- Rocky Mountain mule deer in northeastern California, blacktail deer along the coast, Inyo mule deer of the southern Sierra Nevada, California mule deer in most of Southern California, Southern mule deer in northern Baja and San Diego County, and Burro mule deer along the Colorado River. With the exception of a few blacktails and the rare Rocky Mountain buck from the extreme northern part of the state, none of these subspecies grow big enough to qualify for the B&C record book under their categories. All of our subspecies must quality under the Rocky Mountain mule deer minimum score, with the exception of about half the blacktail range.

     This has been a source of frustration for hunters throughout California who were made to feel that our deer were somehow inferior to the bucks from Utah or Colorado. The simple truth is that they are different. It would be like asking a Coues whitetail to qualify in the regular whitetail B&C category. There has never been a Coues deer big enough to meet even the annual contest scoring minimum for whitetail -- that is why they have their own category. A new record book that recognizes the outstanding trophies in each of California's different subspecies would generate more interest in our deer herds and local hunting, and hopefully lead to better management our the different subspecies. ``We'll see what kind of interest we can spark with this record book. We're going to need lots of help searching out record animals from the past, especially in Southern California,'' said Wilkinson.

     For more information about the three-year-old California Deer Association, you can write to the group at 820 Park Row, PMB 671, Salinas, Ca. 93901-2406 or call the group's main phone number at (888) 499-3337. Annual membership is $25 per year, with junior hunters 15 and under only paying $5.


Mule Deer Hunting Gear List

You'll need Acrobat Reader to read and print this .pdf file gear checklist, you can get Acrobat at

Please click the link below for a gear checklist you can print out.


Mule Deer Hunting Links


Mule Deer Hunting Ammo/Reloading

Accurate Reloading .... Saeed's great talk forum on reloading.
Alliant Powder (formerly Hercules) .... check out the online reloading data.
Barnes .... They make great bullets.
Berger Bullets .... Some of the best bullets made.
Cheaper Than Dirt .... Shooting supplies and hunting gear.
Dillon Precision Products .... One of the best reloading companies.
Federal Ammo ....
Graf and Sons Inc. .... The reloading authority.
Hodgdon Powder Company
.... Reloading powder.
Hornady .... Bullets and reloading equipment.
Lapua .... Makers of match grade ammo and Vihtavuori powders.
Lee Precision Inc. .... The Lee family has been providing affordable reloading products since 1958.
MEC .... Reloading equipment.
Midsouth Shooters Supply Co. .... Your complete source for shooting accessories and supplies.
Midway USA .... The world's largest mail order shooting and reloading superstore.
Nosler .... Maker of the famous 'Partition bullets'.
Powder Valley .... Offering the finest in reloading components at the best possible price.
Precision Reloading Inc. .... Unique and hard to find reloading products.
RCBS .... If you're into reloading, bookmark this page now. All the info you need to be a top-notch re-loader is right here:
Redding Reloading Equipment ....
Remington .... Guns and ammo.
Sierra Bullets .... Bullets.
Speer .... Bullets.
Western Powders .... Western Powders is the largest Master Distributor of reloading powders in North America. We carry a full line of smokeless and black powders, and have also released our own line of high-performance, smokeless powders called RAMSHOT.
Widener's .... Here you will find great deals on all your hunting needs. From Ammunition to Powder. Featuring all the top name products such as Hornady, Nosler, Remington, RCBS, REDDING, SPEER, Winchester and much more.
Winchester Ammo .... Makers of great ammo.


The All-Terrain Umbrella Blind .... The All Terrain Umbrella Blind is a uniquely designed and patented camouflage blind that can be set up quickly and quietly, camouflaging the person or persons behind it.
Ameristep Pop-Up Blinds .... Portable camo blinds.
Avery .... Cerex and burlap camo blind material.
Bowsniper Blind Co. ....Compact blinds that mount to a shotgun or bow.
Buckwing ..... They make blinds, archery gear and camo umbrellas.
Double Bull Archery L.L.C. .... Makers of the popular ICE Blind, a portable camo blind.
GameTracker Portable Pop Up Hunting Blind ....
High Racks
.... They have brackets for hunters to effectively add branches and camo to any stand, blind or hunting location with ease.
Hunters Equipment
.... They offer a full line of deer stands, game blinds, and game feeders.
Hunters Specialties (H.S.) .... They have burlap, nylon and Cerex camo blind material and portable hunting blinds.
Invisiblind .... Portable camo blind.
Isometric Hunting Blinds .... Portable hunting blinds.
Klinger Pop Top Blind ....
Little Big Horn .... Camo tree blinds and Pac-Lounge.
Quick Pro Blinds
.... Portable hunting blinds.
Oak Hollow Products .... Portable hunting blinds. 309 Old Highway 9, Waukon, IA 52172 (319) 568-4075. You can order the blinds here.
P & M Concealment Products Inc. .... Portable blinds.
Ultimate Hunting Blind
.... Portable and expandable hunting blinds.
.... Portable blinds and 3-D Leafy Camo Wear.
Wolf Den Hunting Products .... Portable hunting blinds.


Mule Deer Hunting Bow Equipment

Archery Headquarters .... Online retailer for archery supplies.
B&B Achery and Bowhunting Books .... Books and videos on archery and bowhunting.
Bear Archery
.... Makers of excellent bows and bow equipment. Fred Bear is a legend of the bowhunting world.
Ben Pearson Bow info .... Great place to look up info on old Ben Pearson bows, broadheads, arrow boxes and logos.
Black Widow Bows .... Fine bows and arrows.
Bowhunters Discount Warehouse .... As of 7/2001 their website is closed.
Bowhunter Magazine  .... The site of the number one bowhunting magazine. .... The Bowhunting Netcenter.
Bowsite .... If you're a bowhunter, this is one place you have to check out.
Don Brown Traditional Archery ....
California Archery Web .... Webring of California archery shops.
Custom Feathers .... David Mitchell. 6117 Highway 190, Chillicothe, MO 64601. Phone #s: 660-646-6630 (Work), 660-646-0469 (Home-eves.), 660-646-9703 (FAX), & 1-888-353-8246 (Orders only). He makes custom arrows using fresh turkey wing primaries and some secondaries. Most fletching is natural, but he'll custom dye colors on large orders. He also buys wings, fans, and beards, so you might be able to work a trade.
Dink's Feather Shop .... They make custom arrows and sells supplies. Murraysville, WV. Ph # 304-273-3485.
Easton .... Fine arrows and other gear.
edersbow .... Online bowhunting magazine.
The Essentials Of Archery .... Original printing 1942 (This document has been liberally transcribed from the 1953 edition). "How to Use and Make Bows and Arrows" by L. E. Stemmler , Manorville, L.I., N.Y.
Game Tracker
.... String tracking system. 3476 Eastman Drive Flushing, MI 48433 Phone (800)241-4833 Fax (810)733-2077
Hidden Wolf Woolens .... Sorry folks, this company closed the middle of 2000.
High Mountain Archery Equipment Sales .... they carry Gold Tip, Bow Tech, Champion, PSE, Jennings, Hoyt, Golden Key, Sims, Archers Choice, and many other quality products.
How to strip turkey feathers .... If you want to make your own barred feather fletchings.
Hoyt USA Bows
.... Makers of fine bows and bowhunting equipment.
International Bowhunting Organization .... The IBO is a non profit organization founded in 1984. Their intent is to provide a means by which all persons, interested in the sport, can unite to ensure ours and our children's rights to the pursuit of bowhunting.
Jackson's Archery and Hunting Page .... Check out this San Diego California bowhunters website. Lots of good info and links here.
Magnus Broadheads .... I use these broadheads and they shoot well and are very tough.
Martin Archery .... Good bows.
The National Archery Association .... National governing body for U.S. Olympic archery.
Primitve Archer ..... Good forum and quarterly magazine.
Professional Bowhunters Society
PSE Archery .... Bows and other archery gear.
RibTek Broadheads .... Good tough broadheads.
Sky Archery .... This is the legendary Earl Hoyt's archery company that makes excellent longbows and recurve bows.
.... Your traditional archery connection.
Tammy Jo's Archery Supplies .... Custom flemish-twist bowstrings for recurves and longbows.
Trackmaster Arrow Tracking System .... Radio signal arrow recovery system.
Traditional Bowhunter Magazine .... 6 issues per year of good traditional bow info.


Mule Deer Hunting Camo and Clothing

10X Wear .... Camo
Advantage Camo ....

Aervoe-Pacific Co. .... Camouflage paint in all the military colors. Best supplier I've found for painting your equipment. P.O. Box 483, Gardnerville, NV., 89410, ph# 800-227-0196.
ASAT Camo .... Tel# 423-531-7110 or you can email them at ASATCAMO@BELLSOUTH.NET.
Beartooth Products .... 3 piece camo kit for shotguns.
Brigade Quartermasters .... Outdoor gear, military issue gear, GPS, everything you need.
Bug Out Outdoorwear .... Bug nets and suits.
Bushlan Camo .... Camo clothing.
Bush Rag Camouflage Systems .... Camo ghillies.
Camo Skin .... Removable camo overlays for shotguns.
Camovision Eyewear .... You can see out, game can't see in. UV protected, patented, durable frames. I tried a pair of these and I found they kept the sun out real good but it was like looking through a thick screen door. Too distracting for me.
Columbia Sportswear Co. ....
DK Flatwoods Camo .... 3D camo
DownWind 3D Camo ....
Hidden Wolf Woolens .... Quality, Service, Dedication- Unexcelled -For your camouflage clothing needs.
Image Country Camouflage .... Camo.
Lacrosse .... Excellent boots and waders.
LongBeard Industries L.L.C. .... Makers of the "The Backpack Recliner" .
C. C. Filson .... For 102 years, Filson has been supplying rugged clothing for extreme conditions out of doors.
Mossy Oak .... America's most effective concealment system.
Natural Gear Camo ....
Polar Wrap .... Great clothing to keep your face and head warm.
Predator Camo ....
Permanone .... Spray this on your clothes to kill ticks, chiggers and other bugs. Not a repellent like "Off" or "Repel", it actually kills the darn creepy crawlies. PERMETHRIN is the generic name of the active ingredient. It is a natural pesticide from pyretherum (African flower in the daisy family) and the active ingredient is permanone. It is used on cloths only because if applied to the skin, it mixes with oils and sweat and becomes useless. It is harmless but some people may be sensitive to it. It goes by several brand names, Permanone being the most common. Once applied properly, it binds to the fabrics and lasts a minimum of two weeks, even through several washings. Another brand is called Duranon and you can get it for $3.66 for a 6 oz. can at Wing Supply.
Ranger Joe's .... Military, Law enforcement and outdoor gear.
Rancho Safari .... Camo ghillies.
Raven Wear Canada Ltd. .... Extreme cold camo clothing.
Realtree .... Excellent camo.
Rightnour Manufacturing Co. Inc. (RMC) .... Archery and Muzzleloading supplies, turkey vests, unique Non-Typical shotgun sling.
Scent-Lok .... Camo clothing and scent control suits.
Schnee's Boot's .... These guys make the best cold weather elk boots I've ever owned. I like the 'air bob' soles.
Sleeping Indian Design .... Wool and cotton camo clothing
Stick N' Limbs Camo ....
Trebark Camo ....
Underbrush .... Portable blinds and 3-D Leafy Camo Wear.
Woolrich .... Fine wool clothing.


Mule Deer Hunting Gear

Bass Pro Shop .... One of the biggest hunting and fishing gear suppliers. Stop by one of their 'Outdoor World' stores, you'll be amazed. They have calls, decoys, shells, sights, blinds camo and tons more.
Brigade Quartermasters .... Outdoor gear, military issue gear, GPS, everything you need.
Cabela's .... One of the biggest retailers of outdoor and hunting gear. They have calls, decoys, shells, sights, blinds camo and tons more.
Gamesaver .... Better than pepper, fights bacteria growth in warm weather. Concentrated for taking into the field. Being a hunter and living in Southern California has its challenges. The biggest problem is knowing where you can legally discharge a firearm. Each county in California has its own firearms ordinance, so Netcomp creates its maps starting with the County Ordinance. There are also many other agencies involved such as Federal, State, County, City, BLM, Private, Fish and Game, OHV, Forestry, University, Indian and Preserves. The average hunter has no way of knowing which jurisdiction prevails. The collection of data we use tries to account for all these factors and agencies. With land ownership constantly changing, it requires us all to verify that one can discharge a firearm in that area before going hunting. JHO Sponsor.

Ranger Joe's .... Military, Law enforcement and outdoor gear.
REI ....The biggest outdoor store on the net.
Shomer-tec .... Law enforcement and military equipment. Box 28070, Bellingham, WA. 98228 ph# 360-733-6214. Call for free catalog.
U.S. Cavalry .... World's finest military and adventure equipment.


Mule Deer Hunting Guides/Outfitters

If you know of any other guides or outfitters please email us at Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors webmaster emailand we'll update the list. The listing is for informational purposes only and does not imply any endorsement from JHO. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!

Arizona Big Game Hunting .... Duwane Adams has a full service Arizona based guiding and outfitting business. They hunt Arizona statewide and Mexico for several different species. They have been in the guiding business for the past 20 years and have developed a high quality trophy hunting experience. They offer trophy quality elk, mule deer, and coues deer hunts that are second to none and at competitive prices!
Arizona Wildlife Outfitting .... Don Martin has hunts for bighorn sheep, buffalo, antelope, elk, mule deer, Coues deer, javelina, mountain lion, turkey and predators.
Blue Ridge Guide Service .... Call Bill Sweetser for quail, turkey, bear, bobcat, and deer in the southern Sierra Mountains of California. 2 hours north of Los Angeles. PH# 661-539-5102.
Butte Creek Outfitters .... Gridley Ca. They make and sell commercial quality packing equipment. I've been packing for many years, and their gear is top of the line. The folks that put on the clinic are professional packers, and they know their stuff. They put on two clinics every spring, so you have missed it for this year. I have been two different years, and will find someone new to take next year, that's my excuse to go back. I learn new things every time I'm there. The best part is that they are avid hunters and outdoors people. Give them a call at PH# 530-846-0947, and ask for a catalog, and to have your name put on their list for their next clinic. Thanks to doghouse for this info.
Devil's Canyon Guide Service .... 10945 Old Hernandez Road, Paicines, CA 95043. We guide for hogs, deer, quail, dove and turkey and have a high 90's % success rate. We are a private, fourth generation, 7000 acre cattle ranch, that offers various guided hunts at reasonable prices in South San Benito County, Central California. Mike or Heike Baumgartner. PH# 831-385-6155.
Jimmy Rizzo .... No longer guiding deer hunts.

Multiple Use Managers .... Blacktail deer hunts on the Eden Valley Ranch and Dye Creek Preserve, Mule deer hunts on Santa Rosa Island. P.O. Box 669, Los Molinos, CA 96055. PH# 530-527-3588.
San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters
.... Terry Anderson. Fully guided hunts on 7200 acres of private land in southern California. D14 PLM program. Desert bighorn, deer and bear. ph# (760) 363-6892.
JHO Sponsor.
Tejon Ranch Company .... 1 hour north of Los Angeles off I-5. Contact Don Geivet at PH# 661-248-6774 or Sandy at 661-248-6775.


Mule Deer Hunting Guns/Gun Supplies

Americase .... Gun cases since 1985.
Beretta .... Firearms.
Boyt Harness Co. .... Gun cases.
Ed Brown Products .... High performance bolt-action rifles and 1911 handguns for those who expect the best.
Brownells .... Great supplier of gun parts.
Browning .... Firearms.
B-Square .... has been manufacturing and marketing a full line of premium quality scopes mounts, accessories and gunsmithing tools for over 40 years..
CanjarTriggers. M. H. Canjar Co. 500 E. 45th Ave.,Denver, CO 80216, Voice: (303) 295-2638.
Doskocil .... Gun cases.
Galati .... Your number one source for shooting and gun accessories including Rifle Cases, Range Bags, Holsters, Shotgun Accessories, Knives, Soft Air Guns, Scopes, Night Vision, T-Shirts and Much More.
Gamaliel Shooting Supply .... Whatever you need - rifle scopes, reloading supplies or gun accessories we've got them all at Gamaliel Shooting Supply! We have all the types of rifle scopes, reloading supplies, and gun accessories you need for hunting and target shooting. .... Worlds largest sport shooting and hunting auction.
Gun Guard .... Good rifle, bow and pistol cases. Some case have wheels which are real handy in the airport.
Gun .... They have a no holds barred gun review website and magazine that is very objective. If it sucks, they say so and why. No 3 to 3 1/2 out of 4 stars for every gun they review like you see in NAHC or Guns and Ammo. They have no ads in their review so they are not worried about stepping on toes.
Impact Case Company .... Gun cases.
Knight Muzzleloaders .... Firearms.
Kolpin .... Gun cases.
Lazzeroni .... Great rifles.
Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels .... Great barrels and lots of info on long range shooting.
Marlin Firearms Co. .... Great firearms.
McMillan .... Makers of tough dependable rifle stocks.
Michael's .... Makers of Butler Creek and Uncle Mike's gun supplies.
Midsouth Shooters Supply Co. .... Your complete source for shooting accessories and supplies.
Midway USA .... The world's largest mail order shooting and reloading superstore.
MTM Case-Gard .... Ammo and accessory boxes, gun cleaning vises and target stands.
The Almost Complete List of Muzzle Loading and Buckskinning Links ....
Muzzleloader Magazine .... The publication for black powder shooters.
Northwest Security Products .... Cases, holsters, pouches and more from Alaska.
Plano ..... Gun cases.
Quake Industries .... For years I've searched for a rifle sling that wouldn't slide off my shoulder. I finally found the Holy Grail here at Quaker Industries, called the "Claw". They also make super rifle swivels that don't squeak, scope covers and recoil pads.
Remington .... Firearms.
Ruger .... Firearms.
Sako .... Firearms.
Shilen .... Makers of excellent rifle barrels.
Sinclair International .... We are a 16 year old, Indiana based company which specializes in high quality products designed for precision rifle shooters.
SKB .... Gun cases.
Sniper Country
.... A great site for long range shooting. They have reviews on scopes, rangefinders, moly bullet coating and tons of other info. Lots of military and law enforcement shooters hang out here.
Tactical Intervention Specialists ....  Precision rifle accessories. Mike has come up with a great new sling too. Stop by his website and see some of the goodies there.
Thompsom/Center Arms .... Whether a Traditional or a Modern In-Line... T/C has it all.
Timney Trigger .... Timney Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest trigger manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1946, Timney prides itself on the quality of precision machining and workmanship that goes into each and every Timney product.
Traditions Performance Muzzleloading Weatherby ....
Tuffpak .... Tuffpak is the only multi-gun case of its kind. Whether you're going for a weekend or a month, taking 1 rifle or 5 shotguns.
Vanguard .... Optics, shooting sticks, tripods, gun cases and  more.
Weatherby .... Fine rifles and shotguns.
Winchester .... Firearms.


Mule Deer Hunting Optics, Scopes, Binos, and Night Vision

Aimpoint .... As the choice of the U.S. Army and elite forces around the world, Aimpoint sights offer high performance, military-proven technology and rugged durability. Aimpoint's both-eyes-open, heads-up, rapid target acquisition and superior accuracy deliver unmatched precision for a variety of applications.
Backpack Hunter .... Sorry to say it, but Don "Backpack Hunter" has shut down his website after many years.
Bear Basin .... Good prices on binos, scopes and rangefinders.
B & H .... The Professional's source for tripods, photo gear, and video.
Brunton .... Makers of the 'Eterna' and 'Lite-Tech' line of binos. They also make compasses, wind meters, and survey gear.
Burris .... Fine American made scopes and binos.
Bushnell .... Scopes, binos, and Yardage Pro rangefinder.
Bogen .... Distributors for 'Gitzo' and 'Manfrotto' tripods.
Canon .... Makers of binos.
Celestron .... Makers of binos and scopes.
Crooked Horn Outfitters .... They make a bino harness that works real good for $19.99.
Custom Ophthalmics .... Manufactures custom lenses to correct astigmatism. These small lenses are made to your prescription and fitted into the eyecup of your binoculars to let you remove your glasses while viewing. For more information: 11603 Hampstead Drive, Fredericksburg, VA. 22407 . PH# 1-540-786-9276 voice/fax, e-mail:102171,
Deutsche Optik .... Retailers of 'Wild' and 'Barr & Stroud' rangefinders, Leitz Intel Analyst Magnifiers, Visulette Aspheric Magnifiers, Hensoldt binos, Optolyth scopes and binos, and WWII military optics.
Doctor-Optic Technologies Inc. .... Makers of great scopes and binos. Contact them at: 4685 Boulder Highway, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89121 USA, PH# 1-800-290-3634, 1-702-898-7161, (fax) 1-702-898-3737.
D & R Sports .... Good prices on binos, scopes and rangefinders.
Eagle Optics .... Online Retailer of name brand optics, also good info on scopes and binos specifications.
Fujinon .... Makers of fine scopes and binos. They also make the 'Staboscope', a bino that you can use at night and while moving.
Global Mart .... Online retailer for Tasco scopes and rangefinders, Bushnell, and ITT Night vision.
'Grippit' .... With this strap and mount, you can mount your binos on a tripod for more stability. $29.99.
HawkEyes International .... Online retailer of binos, scopes, laser sights, and night vision.
HI VIZ Fiber Optic Sights ....
Kahles .... Kahles Riflescope Manufacturing Company of Vienna, Austria is one of the premier rifle scope manufacturers in the world. With over 100 years of optical engineering behind every scope they make, Kahles has always been known by professional guides and hunters as "One of the very best and most rugged rifle scopes".
Kowa .... One of the better scope and bino makers.
Leica .... Fine German binos and scopes.
LensPen .... LensPen is a lens cleaning device that uses a carbon-based cleaning compound. Also has a little brush on the other end to aid in removing debris.
Leupold .... Fine American made optics.
Meade .... Makers of fine binos, scopes, CCD cameras, and microscopes.
Minolta .... Makers of binos.
Nikon .... Great binos and scopes.
OP/TECH USA .... Long been known for their comfortable binocular and camera straps. They have branched out into several other products of interest that are available via retailers: Fashion Strap: binocular and camera strap, E-Z Comfort Strap: binocular and camera strap, Soft Pouch: binocular and scope covers, Bino Caps: binocular, scope, and camera lens caps, Tripod Strap: tripod strap, Tripod Leg Wraps: Cordura covered foam leg wraps. For more information: PH# 1-800-251-7815 or 1-406-388-1377
Optolyth  .... Fine German optics. Contact: SCM Corporation, (distributor), PO Box 7518 San Diego, CA 92167 USA, PH# 1-800-225-9407, (fax) 1-619-692-8199.
Orion .... Online retailer of binos and scopes.
Pentax .... Makers of binos.
Redfield .... Scopes and mount.
Schmidt & Bender .... Fine German optics.
ScopLevel .... ScopLevel is a device that dramatically increases your shooting accuracy by dramatically reducing CANTING. Check out the effects of canting and what ScopLevel does to reduce it's effect at this website.
Segway-Industries home of the Reticule Leveler .... Segway Industries manufactures and sells the easiest-to-use scope alignment tool ever developed for gun owners and gunsmiths.
Shepherd Scopes Ltd. .... This scope gives you a one shot zero and accurate range-finding. Dual reticule system allows for better accuracy and reliability.
Simmons .... Good scopes and binos. Blount is the maker of this line of optics.
Springfield Armory .... For more than a decade, Springfield Armory™ has been providing high quality, proprietary counter-sniper sighting systems to the world's most demanding customers. Now with eight Government Models™ to choose from, Springfield provides outdoor, severe duty telescopic sights designed to meet the most extreme performance demands of serious law enforcement personnel and hunters world wide.
Steiner .... Pioneer Research is the maker and importer of Steiner optics. They also make dive cameras.
S.W.F.A. Inc. .... Great prices on scopes, binos and rangefinders.
Swarovski .... Fine Austrian optics
Swift Instruments Inc. .... Makers of excellent binos, scopes, magnifiers, opera glasses, and weather instruments.
Tasco .... Makers of binos, scopes, and rangefinders.
Tru_Glo .... Make fiber optic sights.
US Optics .... They design and build special purpose riflescopes for, Military and Law Enforcement, sniper and tactical use. Also, riflescopes for competition and Varmint shooting.
Vanguard .... Optics, shooting sticks, tripods, gun cases and  more.
V-Vax Products residual oil remover .... The best lens cleaning solution since alcohol. A lot of optics shops use it and it's available at retailers all over. Leica and Zeiss use it to clean all of the internal components prior to assembly of their binoculars. For more information: V-Vax Products, 1507 Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622. PH# 1-312-276-1747, (fax) 1-312-276-0909.
Weaver .... Fine scopes. Blount is the maker of this product.
Wholesale Hunter .... Good prices on binos, scopes and rangefinders.
Williams Optics .... Telescopes, mounts and camera adapters.
Zeiss .... Fine binos and scopes.


Mule Deer Hunting Organizations

Boone and Crockett Club .... Promoting wildlife conservation and 'fair chase hunting'.
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) .... Offers weekend skills clinics to women throughout North America. Explore our pages and discover  what's waiting in the great outdoors!
Deersearch Inc. .... Dedicated to tracking wounded big game with leashed dogs. Check this site out, to see if you can help.
Hunters for the Hungry .... A great nationwide effort for sportsmen to donate extra game meat to help those in need.
Hunt Of A Lifetime .... is a nonprofit organization that grants hunting and fishing adventures to children who have been diagnosed with terminal or life threatening illnesses. We are making a difference. We need your help.
International Hunter Education Association
.... Hunter Education classes explore a variety of topics, including wildlife identification, landowner relations, outdoor survival skills, wildlife management, field care of game, and more. Volunteers teach all types of hunter safety, including the use of various modern firearms, black powder, and bow and arrow.
Mule Deer Foundation .... If you love to hunt Mule deer, they could use your support.
North American Shed Hunters Club .... The largest web site in the world for serious hard core trophy hunters.
Pope and Young Club .... Dedicated To The Protection Of Our Bowhunting Heritage And North America's Wildlife.
National Rifle Association .... If you're a gun owner, you really need to join, to maintain your 2nd amendment right to bear arms.
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance .... The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance is a huge grassroots effort to give hunters and anglers a stronger collective voice. It's an alliance of individual sportsmen and women, plus national conservation groups, as well as local and regional clubs and organizations who care about the future of wildlife and outdoor activities on the 192 million acres of National Forests and grasslands.
Safari Club International .... Advocate for 45 million hunters and wildlife conservation worldwide.
Wildlife Legislative Fund of America .... The Wildlife Legislative Fund of America (WLFA) provides direct lobbying and grassroots coalition support to protect and advance the rights of hunters, fishermen, trappers and scientific wildlife management professionals. This is accomplished through coalition building, ballot issue campaigning and legislative and government relations.

Know of any other good mule deer organizations? If you do, drop us an email at Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors webmaster email


Mule Deer Hunting Publications/Books/Magazines/Videos

All these books are available at unless noted otherwise. You can get used books there that are well below the new book price.

"Blacktail Deer Hunting Adventures" .... by Wesley Murphey.
"Blacktail Trophy Tactics" .... by Boyd Iverson, Dwight Schuh.
"Blacktail Trophy Tactics II" .... by Boyd Iverson.
"Bowhunting for Whitetail and Mule Deer" .... by M.R. James.

California Sportsman .... Some of the staff from the old Fishing and Hunting News are here.
"Pocket Guide to Field Dressing Game" .... by Steve Gilbert. $12.95, plastic, spiral-bound, 3 5/8 x 4 1/2 x 1/4, 26 pages, fully illustrated, ISBN 1-886127-19-0, Item #P144.
"Deer Talk: Your Guide to Finding, Calling, and Hunting Mule Deer and Whitetails, With Rifle, Bow or Camera" Don Laubach, et al.
"Hunting High Country Mule Deer" .... by Mike Eastman. This a good book on hunting mule deer in the high country. Lots of pics Available at Eastman's.
"Hunting Monster Mule Deer" .... by Duwane Adams. Covers hunting the famous Kaibab and strip in northern Arizona.
His audio tapes are good also. Available at
"Hunting Open Country Mule Deer" .... by Dwight Schuh. Great book on how to glass for mule deer instead of running all over spooking them into the county.
"Hunting Superbucks: How to Find and Hunt Today's Trophy Mule and Whitetail Deer" .... by Kathy Etling.
"Majestic Mule Deer: The Ultimate Tribute to the Most Popular Game Animal of the West (Majestic Wildlife Library)" .... by Voyageur Press (Editor), the Editors of Voyageur Press (Editor).
"Mastering Mule Deer" .... by Wayne Van Zwoll.
"Mule and Black-Tailed Deer of North America" .... by Olof Wallmo (Editor).
"Mule Deer: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation" .... by Erwin A. Bauer, Peggy Bauer (Photographer)
"Mule Deer, Hunting Today's Trophies, Pursuing the Gray Ghost" .... by Jim Van Norman and Tom Carpenter. This is a good beginners book to mule deer hunting.
"Mule Deer Hunting (The Complete Hunter)" .... by Jim Zumbo.
"Mule Deer Quest" .... by Walter Prothero.
"Mule Deer Strategies: A Handbook of Hunting Techniques" ..... by Walter Prothero.
"Records of North American Elk & Mule Deer" .... by Susan C. Reneau (Editor), Jack Reneau (Editor).
"The Sallie Dahmes Whitetail/Mule Deer Taxidermy System" ..... by Sallie Dahmes, et al.
"The Science of Overabundance: Deer Ecology and Population Management" ..... by William J. McShea (Editor), et al.
Seasons of the Mule Deer 2002 Calendar ... Calendar.
"They Call Me Hunter" ..... by Jay "Hunter" Wells. Book is about hunting the Arizona Strip at its best. Also hunting other species in AZ.
"Trophy Mule Deer: Finding and Evaluating Your Trophy" .... by Lance Stapleton.
Utah's biggest bucks: record trophies of all nine Utah big game species .... by Robert L. Warren.
Western Outdoor News
.... Fine weekly newspaper with maps and tons of timely reports. $36.95 for 52 issues. Ph# 1-714-546-4370. Call the 'Hunter's Hotline' to give your story for publishing. Ph # 1-714-546-4370 ext. 48 or fax: 1-714-662-3486 or e-mail:
Wyoming's Finest Mule Deer .... by David Long, et al.

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Mule Deer Hunting Websites/Forums

Alberta Mike .... Mike's excellent website on hunting Alberta Canada's backcountry. Lots of good hunting pics here.
Blacktail Country .... Dan has a great site here for blacktail deer fans They offer everything from information on guided hunts for trophy Blacktail deer, to a complete line of Blacktail oriented products.
Blacktail Hunt'n ....Journal of the dedicated Blacktail deer hunter.
... The Lucke family - J.R., Ellen, Jennifer, Aaron, and Mike, from British Columbia Canada. Stop by here for some excellent pics and hunting info.
California Deer Association (CDA) Forum
California Game and Fish Magazine .... Your ticket to the hottest fishing and hunting in California.
Deerslayer 1's Webpage .... Dan has lots of deer, elk, caribou and bear pics from public land hunts.
Eastman's .... The Eastmans' Journal is the original bi-monthly magazine devoted to western trophy hunting.  Hunting journal, videos and books.
Field and Stream .... The popular magazine online. They have a great hunting and shooting forum too.
Fishing and Hunting News .... This is the fishing and hunting news magazine online version.
Hunt .... Marshall Talbott's great hunting website. He has forums for everything from Big Game hunting to Backpack gear. Check it out.
Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors (JHO) Mule Deer Hunting Forum .... Great place to view and ask questions.
Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors (JHO) Blacktail Deer Hunting Forum .... Great place to view and ask questions.
Monster .... "Online Mule Deer and Elk Hunting Magazine". It's our goal to entertain, educate, and be one of your valued hunting resources. We add new pictures, stories, tips, survey's, etc. every two weeks, so be sure and save us as a favorite and visit often.
Mule Deer ..... Desert USA website.
Muley .... Ryan Hatch's website. The only publication dedicated entirely to mule deer.
Ted Nugent's United Sportsmen of America ....
Trophy Hunter Magazine .... Offering real hunting stories about the biggest and best trophies taken in the west every year.
Outdoor Life .... The well known magazine online.
Rocky Mountain Game and Fish Magazine .... A sportsman's guide to the best hunting and fishing in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.
Washington-Oregon Game and Fish Magazine .... The one-stop information source for Northwest hunters and anglers.
Western Hunter .... Information about hunting in the west from the former editor of "California Hunter" magazine, Jerry Springer.
Jim Zumbo's webpage .... Lot's of hunting tips and cooking recipes.

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"We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have know ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes, something know only to her and to the mountain. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch. I thought that because fewer wolves meant more deer, that no wolves would mean hunters' paradise. But after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view."
- -Aldo Leopold


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