Barbara Worth Resort in Imperial Valley a welcome spot for hunters, fishermen. Dove opener specials

Good to see the Barbara Worth Resort back open. We stayed there a few years back and it was a good place to clean up and crash.

Kim Rhode will be at the Redlands Shooting Park Saturday Aug 25 2012

Kim Rhode will be at the Redlands Shooting Park this Saturday Aug 25 2012 at 10am for a local celebration of her Olympic medals. Bring the camera for some pics.

Cibola Sportsman's Club is full for the 1st weekend of dove, $150 per gun after that.

The Cibola Sportsman's Club is full for the 1st weekend, after that it's $150 per gun per day. Includes bunk in bunkhouse. Pretty easy to limit here and the whitewings are almost the same in numbers as the mourning doves if that's what you like to shoot.

To Book Your  Hunt Call

Tejon Ranch fall access permits available now

For more info please contact 

Gun-buying enthusiasts crash firearms 'turn-in' event at Memorial Coliseum in Portland OR.

Hmm, they just did a turn in here, might have to get some cash next time and see what's being turned in.

Acclaimed Filmmakers Helio Collective Show Hunting as “Elegant” in “Searching for West”. Elk hunt in MT

Revealing the beauty of a discipline that’s been relegated to three-digit cable channels meant using the latest cutting-edge equipment, like gyroscopic camera stabilizers mounted to helicopters and a camera that shoots more than 2,500 frames per second.  It meant inventing graceful new ways to show the flight of arrows and bullets.

Stanford researchers & their game cams on Jasper Ridge CA

 Great predator video. Check out the bobcat playing catch with his prey.

Giant Bass Eats Stocked Trout Live at Lake Jennings in CA

I saw this happen at Lake Perris one day. The trout truck backed up and dumped the trout by the rip rap jetty. The bass moved in and pinned them in against the bank and just slaughtered the trout. Wolfpacks of big bass cruised for about an hour around in circles there. I broke out the AC plug and had a 10 pounder follow it back in but no takers that day. Everyone was tossing the big swim baits.


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