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08-21-2005, 01:30 PM
I suppose I should set this up so that you will better understand the system.

First the idea came to me by watching North Amreican Hunters perform a technique called Rattling. I found the idea of tempting Deer to come and investigate a fight amusing. There is a little known fact that female warthogs fighting in a mud hole tend to attract male warthogs.

Hmmmm I felt that maybe pretending to be a female warthog would bring in the dominant males in the area. But how to pretend? Well using female warthog tusks seemed to be the most logical assumption. Obviously you cannot use the long thick male warthog tusks because the tonal quality of thick heavy ivory would be incorrect. You know how good the hearing of a warthog is!

There is something unusally attractive to the male of the species when they think two females are fighing or wrestling in the mud. Oddly enough I have heard this is also the case in some cultures where human males are concerned.

The first few attempts where not productive, I finally found some young female warthog tusks from a leopard kill. This female in the prime of her life had beautiful full rounded tusks. They were the perfect tone for the clicking that it seems all the big healthy males must come to investigate.

As a related part of this video. There can be great danger in this technique. Warthogs coming to the call fully expect to see females and are mentally wired for this when they approach. My Hunter, Roger used a 375HH and made 3 hits on this big male. I have not had but a handful of hunters in my career that could have made the second shot much less that third shot. The big boar was so fired up with anticipation of his female warthog show that his adrenilin was flowing in high quantity. Even shot through the chest with a 270 grain swift A frame at 70 yards was not enough to stop him. The second shot at 130 yards was enough to roll him off balance into a mushroom cloud of dust. Then the third shot at 170 yards, which was also a hit still did not fold him up for good. He managed to travel still further requiring some follow up tracking.

Imagine the difficulty killing one of these fired up focused and dedicated warthogs with a lesser caliber! Be prepared for excitement and danger when attempting this method of taking trophy warthog.

http://www.huntingfootage.com/data/523/199...ng_warthogs.WMV (http://www.huntingfootage.com/data/523/1992Calling_warthogs.WMV)