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12-22-2004, 03:24 PM
We (myself, hubby & daughter) just got drawed for the up coming Ossabaw Island hog hunt the middle of Jan.
We are VERY excited about going, but..... we have no idea how to hunt the area, where to put up stands, or should we stay on the ground, what number we should get. or stay away from, etc......
Any tips or help would be GREATLY appreciated. We really want to make this a HAWG hunt to remember for all of us.


12-23-2004, 07:19 AM
Ossabaw Island is BEAUTIFUL; you&#39;re gonna love it!

The canopy of trees is very, very high in most areas. Personally, I would take a climbing stand. You can see for 200 yards in some areas. The trees are BIG, too, so take a stand that adjusts for large trees. There are areas where you will be take to hunt on trailers, or there is a walk in area.

The camping area is very nice, and large. You can get sufficiently far away from the coolers not to have to listen to them run all night long. There are cotton trailers available for you to haul all your stuff from the dock to your campsite, but you&#39;ll need several people to push one. If you&#39;re just going with two other people, you might consider taking a game cart, or wheel barrow just to move your stuff from the dock to the campsite. Don&#39;t plan on bathing unless you have a water heater, though. The showers are "straight from the ground", and they&#39;re COLD!

I have only hunted there once, but it was a good hunt. 4 men returned with 5 pieces of meat in three days. Hog hunting is very good there. I&#39;ve attached a layout of the island so you can kind of see where you&#39;d like to go. After you study it, think of 3-4 places that you&#39;d like to go, and keep them in mind. You have to get there early, because the map fills up quick. Just as soon as you get there, go straight to sign in, and select your area. You can only choose from the areas that aren&#39;t already taken, so make the sign-up a priority just as soon as you get there. Otherwise, you&#39;ll have to rethink where you&#39;d like to hunt.


Have a good trip, and come back to tell us how it was; we want to hear all about it!

BTW, you can visit the DNR site on Ossabaw Island here (http://georgiawildlife.dnr.state.ga.us/content/displaynavigation.asp?TopCategory=113)

08-01-2005, 09:59 PM
I don&#39;t have the as much info as above but I hear that place is wrapped up with deer and hogs. Congrats on the draw and good luck to all of ya&#39;ll

09-05-2005, 08:14 PM
A climbing stand would definately improve your odds in the thick stuff.If your gonna hunt on open area I would creep around the edges.