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Mo Hunter
01-19-2002, 10:13 PM
I used to lurk on and off on this site when I was thinkin about building the camera project, but for some reason it never did perk my intrest like it should have...to be quite honest I was wanting to go digital that way I wouldn't have to have the film developed , I could just change cards and at home transfer it to the puter for a look-see, but from what I had seen they were battery hogs.
Anyhow I built me one of those radio shack e-callers that is the buzz lately, only I paired my amp up with a digital voice recorder, It really works great but I am wanting to go wireless with pocket change ###hehehehe
Im wondering about giving a cordless phone a " Labotomy" and using the transmitter and reciever out of it ?
What do you think fellers I know there are some of you out there with your wheels a turning as you read this ...so lets ###hear some oppinions .

01-21-2002, 05:43 AM
Hi Mo Hunter,
I too am building a wireless E-caller.
I haven't purchased the MP3 player yet cause I know there are some that don't work as well as others as far as sound goes. I'm currently using a sony walkman but any type of player should work.
As for wireless, I ordered a xmitter/receiver last week and it should be here today or tomorrow. Total cost with S&H for the remote was $69 and it "SHOULD" work out to 500' but probably more like 250 to 300 feet will be the norm. Pleny far enough for calling. Once I find out if it will work for sure I'll let you know the model and store I bought it at. Just don't want to post info that may not be "good" yet.
Without the player(you could use CD, tape, MP3, etc) cost for the entire setup should be:
Speaker/cords/miscl - $30
Small 12V battery (powersonic 1212) - $12
Remote xmitter/receiver - $70
You can add a sony walkman for about $25 or a CD player for about $45 or an MP3 player with 32mb for around $100 (this is the way i'll eventually go).
If you have a bunch of tapes you can "play" them to your PC and convert to MP3. Not sure what software to use to do this but there's something available.

01-21-2002, 01:45 PM
I've used MusicMatch Jukebox to convert old rock-n-roll tapes to MP3's. I think it is a cheap download (it was on one of my computers when I bought it)