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06-19-2004, 07:02 AM
Here are a few more photos of the area we hunt. just some general info stuff and some amusing pictures.

Baby crock in a pond there were at least 50 in here a month ago but the big guys ate most of them!


A giraffe family group, the baby is just out of the photo

Ostrich head, she was about 20 feet away and not at all happy with us being there.

is an ostrich dangerous game? When they do this and you are within kicking distance you better believe they are!

I found a dead rhino and we picked up the bones to use for decorations and such near the lodge. I also have a few nice sections of bone for some knife handles!

The Kudu are clearly in the peak of the rut! My wife said this is like watching kudu porn.

One of our skinners sorting out a Blue wildebeast


Docile looking just now but this was seconds before the charge. I was just hoping everyone in the truck was hanging one when I hit the accelerator. That big cow was in no mood for photos!

This is a common hornbill. Anyone who has hunted in RSA will probably have this birds call burnind into thir memory for years after they return home!

Zebra and kudus visiting a "water hole" one evening

06-24-2004, 12:46 AM
Just a comment on ostriches.I did a hunt about a month ago where we had a "problem ostrich". It was a male, that woke up one morning feeling a bit grumpy. Over the next month it chased people around vehicles, attacking and kicking the vehicle on 2 occasions. There was a hunting price and a self defence price on his head by the time we arrived. He found us one morning while we were looking for wildebeest and came running straight at us from at least a 100 m away.
A .308 took the fight out of him at about 8 metres. I was tempted to use the Lott.*L*

They can inflict a lot of damage with those toenails.

James Vee
07-06-2004, 12:59 PM
Dang JJ, those are some cool looking pics. Pretty similar to a lot of the sights I have been seeing since I got here in SA. I'm working with an outfitter here in Vaalwater. Not too far from you I don't think.