View Full Version : Short notice cancellation hunt

04-23-2004, 07:10 AM
Just when you think the season is filled and the hard part of the work is done! I had cancellations for this ten day hunt and rebooked all the openings, Now I have two more who cannot go due to illness on another 10 day opening. Seems like people don't go to Africa until they are older and we are more likely to become ill as we get older. It's a paradox I am seeing more frequently each year I'm in this business. Anyway!

I have just had a cancellation on a hunt due to the hunters illness and now have two openings May 25 through June 5. I will work the details out with you if your interested. This is the peak of the rut for several species and about the best possible hunting in the NP. Email me ASAP if you can make this hunt. I just want the dates filled so my PH's and staff are working. In other words, I'll work with you on the price just to fill the space! There is still plenty of time to do this If you have a good passport, I can arrange everything and help you before I leave. It's easy and you can get a great hunt for a cheap price!

I can offer a daily fee only and you pay for game shot or I can offer you the cancelled package deal your choice.