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03-10-2004, 01:04 PM
The following is taken from their website off the Weekender Report:

The winter blackmouth fishery has been predictably unpredictable this year, with anglers finding fish one day, then little or no action for days afterward. There have been reports of big fish hitting the landing nets in places like Thatcher Pass, between Blakely and Decatur islands in the San Juans, and along the Kitsap shoreline of Puget Sound. "Fishing in the San Juan Islands and the northern portions of the region definitely seems better than points south," said WDFW blackmouth manager Chuck Johnson. "And those anglers who fish with spoons or other hardware behind a dodger off a downrigger seem to be consistently outperforming the moochers who are fishing either gear or bait off the bottom." Johnson said inexperienced anglers would be better off trolling than mooching. "It's harder to get the hang of mooching and you can spend a lot of time dealing with hook-ups on dogfish and other species. You usually don't have those problems when you're trolling, and you can cover much more water." Marine areas 7 and 8-1 remain open to blackmouth fishing through March 31. Marine areas 8-2 and 11 are open through April 10, and Marine Area 9 is open through April 15.