View Full Version : Trophies stuck in S.A.

01-07-2004, 06:38 AM
My wife and I did two South African hunts in 2001 with two different outfitters, one was great the other not so great. Here comes the problem, the P.H. that was "not so great" still has not given the taxidermist the paper work needed so I can get the mounts imported. Everything is all crated up and sitting and with out the paper work it goes no where, got any ideas???? Thank for any help you might be able to give!!

01-07-2004, 07:35 AM
SCI has a way of making things happen at times when all is lost. I have seen them make a few phone calls and shake up PHASA and get the operation moving.

If you were dealing strictly with a PH and not an outfitter then you may be screwed. There are hundreds OF "part time" PH's who move from real job to real job and all is lost as they dissapear. I doubt that your things are crated and ready to go. I Know for certain they have not been dipped. The PH log book has the paperwork the Vet needs to approve the trophies for shipment. They will not even look at trophies which do not have the paperwork complete. I go through this every year with the strict policy of the veternary and Nature Conservation regulations.

Contact the outfitter to loacte the PH and have SCI( are you a member?) contact the outfitter and let them know they will be on the SCI SH$T list for future references. It's tough to hunt in a place for a bargain when there are so many fly by night safari outfitters. I wish you well and hope they can recover the trophies and get them to you. The company called "Dip Pack" in Pretoria has loads of trophies sitting there waiting on proper paperwork Nothing is moving until that is finished. I just hope they don't start charging you for storage until it ships. That will be the next thing coming up!