View Full Version : 1000s Turn Out To Oppose Deer Hunting Restrictions

10-15-2003, 11:20 PM
Thousands Turn Out To Oppose Deer Hunting Restrictions

October 13, 2003


A crowd estimated to be as large as 4,000 hunters and members of their families from across southeast Georgia gathered Saturday in Blackshear to voice opposition to new regulations on the use of dogs in deer hunting.

The state Legislature passed the a bill earlier this year that bans deer hunting with dogs on property of less than 1,000 contiguous acres. The restriction affects most designated hunting land in southeast Georgia.

At one point, trucks were lined up along Georgia Highway 121 all the way back to U.S. Highway 84 waiting to get into the Big Z Warehouse parking lot, where the meeting was held.

Area legislators said they were taken as much by surprise by the bill as area residents were. Most blamed state Rep. Bob Lane for facilitating a deal between the state Division of Natural Resources and a small group of dog hunters in north Georgia, which led to the bill.