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07-20-2003, 01:03 AM
I am currently stationed in San Diego, although right now I am on the very last leg of a deployment, but hail from Americus, Georgia, and will be heading to call Fayette County home for what will be the best of my days, and until the end of my days. My family moved to Fayette County right before I left for Boot Camp a little over six years ago, and I never got to spend any time in the woods in that area.

My question is where are most folks in that area hunting, WMA's, private leases, family land, what is the best county for the old man and I to get a lease in?

We hunted the same lease in Sumter County for about ten years, then a few years before the family moved a few hours north the owner of the lease decided his grandson should hunt the 2000 acres alone, which was a real bummer since we had been hunting only eight points with an inside spread outside their ears for about four years by then, anyway, I have not spent any time in the woods up there, but will live in them when I get back, Dad has been too busy building their house, and getting settled to get a lease by himself, so what do any of you good ol boys reccomend?

We Have spent a few weekends in one or two WMA's around Thomaston and a little further north, but only when I was on leave so nothing substantial. Thanks for any and all help.....

Jim Thompson
07-22-2003, 06:50 PM
Hey Bearclaw,

Fayette is so well located that you will be fine for finding a lease within 1 - 2 hours.

If I lived there I would be looking down toward Dooly or over west to Heard or east to Hancock. Hancock came on very strong for the last couple of years and Dooly has been string since county wide regs went into effect. I hunt Heard now and it is great.

I do not hunt the WMA's down that direction, so cannot help much. But you can get WMA maps from my site here. I try to keep them updated as much as possible, but let me know if one is down.


Good luck and welcome back,