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05-15-2003, 10:00 PM
Just doing what comes naturally

Outdoorsman finds success in media pursuits

Thom Gabrukiewicz, Redding Record Searchlight

May 11, 2003

Do what you love, and the money will follow.
Ever had your parents or some self-help guru say this? They're all right of course, but finding what you love and getting paid for it is one of those Holy Grail pursuits.

Meet O'Neill Williams, host and producer of the television program "O'Neill Outside" and host of "O'Neill Outside" radio.

Oh, and "O'Neill Outdoors" on the World Wide Web at http://www.oneilloutside.com.

"Ever since I can remember I have been doing something in the outdoors," he writes. "Whether its fishing, hunting, no matter what it is, if it's related to the outdoors I'll be there!

"I've been fortunate these many years to share my outdoor experiences with you via TV and radio. Remember, 'If you're to busy to go fishing, you're just to busy!' "

Sage advice for a guy who reaches 5.7 million people a week with his outdoor media juggernaut all run from his home in Atlanta.

The Web site is full of good stuff about hunting and fishing, including forums, recipes, adventure locator, guide locator, photos, solar/lunar tables and a fantastic online gun refresher course.

"Our commitment to you is to provide you with more of the outdoor information you need and want," he writes. "Be sure to visit our outdoor forum where you can communicate with fellow outdoorsmen and women from around the world."

Williams has the 3-6 a.m. Saturday slot on AM 750 WSB in Atlanta. The show is Webcast at wbsradio.com.

"Be sure to contact us regularly via email and also through our call-in radio show every Saturday morning," he writes.

Even if you don't listen in, be sure to check out Williams' online offerings, starting with the forums.

"It has been redesigned and expanded with more of the topics you want to talk about," he writes. "We are constantly looking for moderators for our various forums online. could it be you? E-mail us at info@oneilloutside.com if you have an interest. We need to know something about you and your experience in the outdoors. Be sure to include a phone number so we can contact you personally to discuss with you the responsibilities and other details."

Currently, there are forums for fishing, hunting, shooting sports, camping and outdoor classifieds. The Great Outdoor Forums are easy to navigate and there's always an interesting thread to follow.

"We suggest that you register in the forum so you can receive email notifications when people post to your topics and receive notifications from time to time from O'Neill himself," the site reads.

Another great area is the Ingles Game and Fish Dish, the recipe area that has everything from wild boar chili and venison lasagna to seared tune in horseradish cream and easy rabbit dumplings.

"We have been busy collecting all of our favorite recipes to share with you for our Ingles Game and Fish Dishes for 2003," the site reads. "These are just a few of our favorites. Be sure and click into one of our archives for some of the best wild game eats you've ever had."

And be sure to check out a guy that's found the secret to life and is good about communicating it, too.

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