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04-23-2003, 03:33 PM

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April 21, 2003

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Big trout stocked this week for Saturday's fishing opener

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) fish hatchery crews are "sweetening the pot" with large trout this week in preparation for the state's fishing season opener Saturday (April 26).

Some 49,268 rainbow trout weighing 1-1/2 pounds or more are being stocked in 78 waters in 29 of Washington's 39 counties.

Raised at a private Troutlodge facility in Soap Lake, the trout were purchased by WDFW with funds specially allocated by the Legislature to provide additional opportunity for 300,000 fishing enthusiasts expected out this Saturday.

The trout are triploids, (so called because they have a third chromosome, compared to normal diploids). They are voracious feeders and have the potential to grow to trophy size if not harvested the first season and if sufficient forage is easily available. Most are going into lakes this week, although some were stocked last month and some are scheduled for later in May to extend fishing opportunity. Most lakes receiving the big trout open Saturday, but several are open year-round.

WDFW has stocked triploid trout for several years. This year's numbers are about 96 percent of what was stocked last year, due to increased costs for both fish and distribution. However, there are five more lakes in the stocking schedule than last year. Two lakes were dropped and seven added to improve distribution and mix of triploids with other trout plants.

The table below lists all state waters receiving triploids.

Region/ Lakes/ County/ March/April May

Eastern Diamond Pend Oreille 478
Loon Stevens 478
Waitts Stevens 478
Fishtrap Lincoln 1,848
Badger Spokane 1,915
N. Silver Spokane 478
West Medical Spokane 1,915
Williams Spokane 1,440
Bennington Walla Walla 575
North-central Deep Grant 945
Spectacle Okanogan 2,200
Fish Chelan 935
South-central Dog Yakima 1,608
Leech Yakima 1,070
Myron Yakima 325
Mud Yakima 115
Mattoon Kittitas 670
N. Fio Rito Kittitas 1,265
Railroad Franklin 270
Columbia Park Pond Benton 190
N. Puget Sound Angle King 500
Geneva King 250
Green King 1,090
Meridian King 500
Pine King 1,200
Rattlesnake King 700
Steel King 650
Wilderness King 750
Blackmans Snohomish 250
Bosworth Snohomish 700
Flowing Snohomish 300
Gissburg Ponds Snohomish 950
Martha AM Snohomish 950
Martha WB Snohomish 500
Silver (Everett) Snohomish 250
Storm Snohomish 600
Tye Snohomish 250
Lone Island 350
Campbell Skagit 500
Clear Skagit 1,100
Pass Skagit 200
Squalicum Whatcom 200
Terrell Whatcom 500 450
Southwest Klineline Clark 1,150
Horseshoe Cowlitz 891
Kress Cowlitz 700
N. Rowland Klickitat 2,850
Kidney Skamania 859
Wahkiakum Co. Ponds Wahkiakum 150
Fort Borst Pond Lewis 290
Mineral Lewis 560
Olympic Peninsula/
South Sound Benson Mason 480
Haven Mason 460
Phillips Mason 650
Wooten Mason 480
Kitsap Kitsap 750
Gibbs Jefferson 155
Horseshoe Jefferson 150
Clear Pierce 300
Harts Pierce 235
Ohop Pierce 500
Rapjohn Pierce 125
Silver Pierce 300
Spanaway Pierce 550
Tanwax Pierce 375
Wapato Pierce 125 175
Clear Thurston 375
Deep Thurston 150
Hicks Thurston 300
Long's Pond Thurston 75 100
McIntosh Thurston 235
Munn Thurston 110
Offut Thurston 500
St. Clair Thurston 500
Ward Thurston 150
Aberdeen Grays Harbor 145 60
Failor Grays Harbor 140 80
Sylvia Grays Harbor 140 60

TOTAL 78 lakes 29 counties 43,015 6,253