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04-09-2003, 10:48 AM
Apr. 07, 2003

Hunting deer with dogs target of bill

Associated Press

ATLANTA - New rules for hunting alligators and restrictions for using dogs in deer hunts were approved by the Georgia House on Monday.

Lawmakers decided to require hunting clubs to get state permits if they want to use hounds or other dogs to help hunt deer. So-called "dog hunting" is allowed in only 41 counties now, but opponents have pushed for a statewide ban because the dogs often stray onto others' property.

A supporter of dog hunting, Democratic Rep. Bob Lane of Statesboro, said tighter rules would help preserve dog hunting because rule-breakers would be punished.

"Hunting deer with dogs is a time-honored tradition in Georgia, and those folks who do it are just passionate about it," Lane said.

The bill also sets up rules for hunting alligators, which will be allowed for the first time this year. Alligator hunters will be allowed to hunt at night with a light and shoot from boats, two practices currently illegal but necessary to snare gators.

A third provision would change hunting licenses to make them valid for a full year. Currently, the licenses expire on March 31 regardless of when they were bought.

The bill passed 118-54, although the House may reconsider the matter later.

Jim Thompson
04-09-2003, 12:47 PM
Thanks Jesse, We are currently working on the legislators to make sure this thing comes out on the right side.

Seems hunting with dogs is being hit hard in a lot of states.