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Jim Thompson
02-05-2003, 10:08 AM
Please take a few moments to read over this horrendus bill that has been proposed in the Georgia State Assembly.

Here is the link.


I hope the below will help to better explain what is going on. We need to fight this thing tooth and toe nail.

This is a complex nightmare.

1) It establishes a commercial deer preserve license with minimum acreage of 500 and an annual cost of .50 per acre. (This is a step toward privatizing your wildlife. This establishes a precedence for marketing canned hunts).

2) It extends the open deer season on such licensed preserves from Sept 8 - February 16. (I am sure the small game hunters will love this. Fawns will be orphaned and bucks killed without antlers. If you do not want to pay another fee or can not or can not afford to hunt leased or private land then you do not get this privilege - effectively provides another division among deer hunters and further accentuates the issues between small game hunters and deer hunters). It opens deer season in remainder of state on Sept 8 and closes it Jan. 15. ( Same issues as above). This will also have an impact on DNR's ability to gather harvest statistics in time to evaluate the condition of the herd and make necessary adjustments within regulatory frameworks before the season starts again. This effectively throws a monkey wrench into DNR's ability to administratively manage your deer herd. It may not break the system but the wheel will definitely lose some teeth. Our deer herd is in the best shape ever, DNR's management program is working like a well-oiled machine, and it is not broke.

3) On such licensed preserves, you can hunt over bait provided that the feed is evenly distributed over an opening planted in agricultural crops or other grain that is at least 10,000 square feet.

4) numerous other fertilizer in the form of mickey mouse requirements.

If there was any doubt of who these guys are working for in the past, it ought to be evident now. A hunter would be out of his mind to want this type of regulation. This type of regulation is prohibitory to the masses, not to mention all the other biological and social issues it brings up again.

Call, mail, and fax your representatives, carbon copy Bob Lane (Chairman of the House Game, Fish and Parks committee) and the Governor.

If this gets a committee hearing, who will be able to attend? We will need you to go and be present at hearings.

Ask them to let DNR handle these issues. They are the trained experts in this area. The sponsors of this bill have basically told DNR to stay out of this. Last I knew that is what we had DNR for was for our Wildlife and its betterment. If this group of sponsors had thought they were making things better and doing things right they would have welcomed DNR's input.


Jim Thompson
02-07-2003, 08:14 AM
Here is my latest update on this...

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