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10-06-2014, 10:15 PM
Hi All,

Not new to hunting deer but new to D6, and I am getting my butt kicked in the national forest. I hunt hard. Backpack in pretty deep, usually 7K to 9K elevation since most things lower are private. I am used to hunting in high desert in So Cal, where a good pair of binos and some patience can spot you a deer. Plus all local deer with no real migration. However, the terrain here is different. The forest is pretty dense, which makes glassing difficult. I hike deer trails, move quietly (for a human), and keep coming up short. From what I can tell everything has moved nocturnal. Last weekend saw two deer as I was leaving after two days of nothing in the back country. This was at 7 at night so no shooting, but they moved so fast I couldn't tell if they were bucks. I saw lots of bear scat and one pile was a few hours old almost warm from a hand hovering over it and very wet, but didn't see the animal. No prints to follow.

I can shoot consistently out to ~ 500 yards, I know my prints and scat identification. I can age scan and prints (roughly). I understand weather effects on deer movement, etc. But feels like I am missing something crucial and I can't afford the hunting schools at a ranch. My biggest (known) problem is I am not able to put much scouting time in. This is a big issue I agree, but if feels like it is not my biggest issue.

Does someone want to go out with me sometime? I am willing to be a non-hunter on another's trip to observe or provide another set of eyes. Will also help pack-out meat.

Thanks in advance

10-07-2014, 06:31 PM
D6 has a lot of bears in it, especially around the fringes of Yosemite. So if you are camping out at night, make sure you are in a sturdy tent.

If you are car camping, then a canvas tent is your best bet. These are too heavy to backpack hunt with however.

Kennedy Meadows is the most popular hunting spot in D6 and therefore very crowded.

Other than Kennedy, I won't give away any other honey spots sorry.

10-11-2014, 11:23 AM

Thanks for the reply. I hunted Kennedy all last year. I found some really good terrain out there and found it all by foot. No bucks though. I do bring in a tent sometimes, but often bring in just a sleeping bag and sleep on the ground. I'm not asking for a giveaway of honey holes. I appreciate holding onto hard learned spots. I am looking more for suggestions on technique. I would also like to find someone who is like minded and has trained for the season to hunt with. Not the easiest kind of person to find near SF.