View Full Version : Cottontail, jackrabbits, and ducks.

Ricky Ortiz
09-29-2013, 09:32 PM
Ok just wanting to see if anyone bout a hour drive any direction from stockton area can comment on populations of bunnies and jacks. My two most productive jack spots have been pretty much cleaned out. Not sure if it's drought or coyotes. My cottontail spots still seen pretty productive. Now If (and I know it's a big IF) anyone knows of small ponds that holds ducks that are not in close proximity to fencing and willing to share that would be great via PM. I plan on flying a prairie falcon this season and besides not loosing it I hope to score a few ducks if possibles I do have 2 ponds that I've scouted out my self but would like to add one or two more to my arsenal. It'll be my first long wing (falcon) this season so hopefully I do ok with her. Thanks for any comments.