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10-16-2002, 11:11 AM
I've read a manual on how the bolt comes off of an 1100. Tried it and didn't work. Any suggestions? Gun Docc? Anyone?

I bought two 1100s (real cheap) and haven't fiddled with them much.

Gun Docc
10-16-2002, 09:27 PM

if your speaking of removing the breech action bolt ? then here goes

to remove the bolt from a Remington 1100 is fairly easy to do and is a good way to get into the action for better cleaning

let's see if i can remember this from the top of my head.....hehehe

start by making sure the gun is unloaded completely.

you can remove the bolt without removing the trigger assembly but it may be best to first remove the trigger group by removing the two trigger plate pins and simply pulling it out from the bottom of the receiver(by removing the trigger group it opens up the bottom of the action and makes it easier to remove the bolt assembly) but after you learn the sequence you may opt to just remove the bolt if desired

next remove the forearm cap to let you remove the forearm and barrel assembly to where you can get to the gas piston rings and seal, remove these taking notes to their proper order and place aside, next remove the bolt handle from the bolt by pulling it out , do so by pulling the handle straight out from the bolt at a 90 degree angle from the bolt(sometimes the bolt handle is fairly hard to remove from it's ball detent and may require some force)

after removing the bolt handle you can now remove the bolt from the action out through the front of the receiver

there is a trick to it though , it is probably best to hold the gun upright and pointing forward(reason being if the gun is held upside down then the bolt locking block has a tendency to hang or if it comes out easily it is prone for the bolt to drop away from the action bar assembly and falling to the floor)

next you will have to press inward on the feed latch that holds the shells into the magazine(this will be on the inside of the frame just under the port opening)while pressing this in(pinch it into the slot upon which it is in)by doing this you are holding in the catch that allows the removal of the assembly, now you can move the bolt and action bar assembly forward as one unit, it will slide out easily if you have the feed latch pressed in properly and the whole action bar assembly and bolt will come out the front of the action sliding up the magazine tube until it clears the action

now the bolt is ready to be removed from the action bar assembly ,(if it didn't separate itself by falling free) this is simply done by pulling straight up at a 90 degree angle from the assembly(the bolt will actually slide a bit back and forth while together with the action bar as this is normal)

after you get it all disassembled you can put it back together in the reverse order(you will have to hold the feed latch in to replace the action bar assembly and bolt in one unit

this is simple to me but i have been doing this type of stuff for 20 plus years so if i lost you somewhere in all this just holler and i'll try to help

Good Luck !