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05-09-2008, 09:07 AM
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Sorry, for the overly dramatic subject line, but that is the situation that we face here. I want to get your attention to ask for a minute or two of your time to help defeat the people who are trying to stop duck hunting in Dyke Marsh here in Virginia.

The situation is this. Dyke Marsh is near DC and one of the few places that people from Virginia that don’t own land on the Potomac river can hunt (most of this land is multi million dollar property now).

A law was passed requiring the National Park Service to restore the marsh. The law says they have to get the public’s opinion before coming up with a plan.

The few people who live in the multi-million dollar houses near the marsh are opposed to any kind of hunting and are trying to use the restoration of Dyke Marsh to further their anti-hunting agenda. They are submitting comments requesting hunting be banned. They have had some success in getting the local press on their side too. See this article…

http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/articl...=69&cat=104 (http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/article.asp?article=312117&paper=69&cat=104)

Fortunately they are few in number, so if we get a whole bunch of hunters to take just a minute to leave comments on the National Park Service website we can outnumber them and hopefully the anti-hunting bias of the NPS will be overcome as well.

If you value our hunting tradition, I’d encourage you to please consider helping. It really only takes a minute and it means so much.

What I’d like you to please consider doing is going to the website linked below and submit comments stating:
1. Any restoration plan for Dyke Marsh should take into consideration the legitimate needs of waterfowl hunters; and
2. Waterfowling organizations (like Ducks Unlimited) are by far the nations leaders in wetlands restoration, represent a potential source of expertise, funding, and manpower. As such these types of organizations should be used as a resource for restoring Dyke Marsh.

Even if you just cut and paste these two bullets, it will help.

Thanks very much

http://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cf...ocumentId=22704 (http://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cfm?parkID=186&projectID=20293&documentId=22704)[/b]