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03-14-2002, 01:34 PM
So, with the talk about watching out for inexpensive hunting in South Africa because it may be less than kosher, I am curious about the Tony Dacosta South African packages. Does anybody know anything about these?

03-15-2002, 10:29 AM
Yes I do, I have had several clients who told me they dd not care for the style of hunting and several who where quite pleased. some of the hunts are superb and some are on small properties with species specific operations. You may hunt several different properties which range in size from very small to very large depending upon the species your after. These are true discount safari's which some people like and others will hate. Almost all the South African operations will be on smaller fenced and stocked properties. It's the only possibe way to maintain the amount of game taken each year. You still must go and find the game and it was wild in it's natural habit before being released on the hunting land much of the time.

I do know people raise and sell all the various species of big game in a farm like setting and then sell them to hunting "preserves" this type of operation is common unfortunately. Many hunters don't seem to care about the situation, because they can tell any story they wish when they get home and that is what the Game preserve operation is banking on, American Pride!

Many of the species live wild on the properties and will even move between fenced properties every day. Steenbok, duiker, warthog, bushpig, Even larger game can jump fences from time to time. However the "stocked game" is what bothers me. If your going to spend the money to go all the way to Africa for goodness sakes hunt wild game that is born and raised in the wild and lives free. Or save your time and money and hunt Kudu, eland, and buffalo in Texas where the basic operation is the same.

The basic question in your research: Is all game born on the property I will hunt, or is it stocked? If it's all born there, then is it all indidgenous to the area? There is likely Places to hunt Fallow deer in the cape and they were all born there but are not indidginous, nor is the Nyala but they may be born on the properety. Black Wildebeest will be born in the transvaal but are certainly no more indidgenous then the springbok in that area.

On the other hand if you want a cheap way to collect trophies and don't care about the animal farming situation offered by many booking agencies then these discount hunts may be the affordable way to go!