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E A Hunt
09-17-2001, 05:56 PM
Put me in a marsh and i think I can hang with anybody.

Put me in the wood's hunting deer and I'm lost.

I'm hunting C 3 above Whitmore. I can find water holes and trails that look well used but i can't find a shooter.
Saw a few nice bucks killed this weekend and I saw one running across a ridge.

I sat in one place for about 5 hours and one doe walked by. This was in a fairly open area near water.
on Sunday I tried some more heavely wooded areas. Lot's of pine's and ceders.
Not too many places to walk except logging roads. The wood's are thick.
I came across a section where there was a definate trial going up through a ravine.

Question....... Should i sit on this trail ?

Saturday I sat for hours on such a trail and nothing happened.

Any info on Blacktail hunting would help.
My daughter gave me a knife inscribed " May the deer come to you"

I've tried to slow way down and I'm seeing more deer but just not "the deer"

Gimmi some hint's here. If I was hard up for one I could shoot ###one of the many bucks that my wife feeds in the back yard.

I feel like I'm gettin close. Maybe a few hint's from you Guru's might push me over the edge.

I saw a huge 4x4 in the back of a truck this weekend. I don't think i could have gotten my fingres to touch if I had grabbed his antlers at the base. Guy musta weighed 180 to 190. He was BIG.

Richard Webb
09-17-2001, 10:44 PM
E A Hunt - If you feel good about that trail it's probably is your best bet. There are places where I just don't have the right feeling, so I don't hunt there. But of course, if the weather changes the deer will become more active giving you a better chance on the mathematical side of the equation.

09-18-2001, 08:20 AM

Hang tight. ###If you're consistently seeing does, you'll probably eventually see bucks, especially later toward the rut. ###You probably already know this, but don't set up right on the trail. ###Instead, cover the trail from a reasonable distance (25-50 yards). ###If it's really thick, there's nothing like a tree stand for setting up an ambush. ###

Where's that trail leading? ###Water? ###Food? ###Beds?

I'd stay out of bedding areas, but try to find them. ###Hunt nearby, but don't stalk right in unless it's your last day in the area. ###If you bust a good buck out of his bed, odds are good he won't be back. ###On the other hand, younger bucks and does will often be back the same night. ###

Patience pays. ###And remember, hunter success is extremely low in most of this state. ###It's possible you could be doing everything exactly right and still end up empty handed at the end of the season.

09-18-2001, 09:15 AM
Spend a lot of time glassing. ###And when I say glassing, I don't mean scanning. ###Really study the terrain. ###They may be in there but you're not seeing them. ###


09-18-2001, 11:26 AM
Dozens of times I have sat on one side of a canyon while glassing the other side. On the first scan, you might not see anything. But, if you keep it up and sloooooooooooowly look at each little hiding hole and shady spot, most of the time, you can spot someone bedded down. Of course, it depends on the sun's relation to the canyon.

E A Hunt
09-18-2001, 05:00 PM
Thanks boy's

Sounds like I'm on the right track. Just wanted to hear it from somebody in the know.
Got your E mail Big Doggie. Good info.

A package of sausage for all of you if I connect.

Another question........ Mr. moon. How does he affect deer movement. It sure was dark out this weekend. I noticed the boy's in the backyard were a bit more active during the day light. The does were wandering through the yard ALL day.

Thanks again and feel free to post any more tidbits should your short memory's jare anything else out that might help my sorry deer hunting butt.

Is it duck season yet ?

09-18-2001, 05:14 PM
Hey EA,

I believe there's a post way down there in the pile about the moon phases and deer hunting.

I was always taught that deer move most at night when there is a full or nearly full moon, then hardly move at all during the day so the hunting is poor. ###Alternately, they don't feed much at night on the new moon (like this weekend) so the hunting is better during the day. ###

My experience hasn't supported this especially well, since it seems that a lot of other factors come into play...especially weather. ###I've seen deer walking around at 9:00 am after a full moon night, and I've bumped deer out of meadows in the middle of the night on moonless evenings. ###Exceptions prove the rule? ###Hmmm...

Things to ponder...

Deer need some light to eat and look out for predators, but too much light makes them more susceptible to predators. ###Full moons are perfect. ###Otherwise, that's why they're most active around sunrise and sunset. ###Mid-day, you may see them, but the big boys are likely to be holed up somewhere.

They also need to be able to hear predators. ###That's why they tend to bed on windy days, or stick to cover. ###

Deer can smell predators better during periods of moderate humidity, when scent stays closer to the ground (look at chimney smoke during a low pressure system...it levels off, rather than drifting into the stratosphere). ###Out here, that's seldom a problem...since humidity is nearly non-existent in most parts of this state.

If you bump a deer, freeze. ###Most of the time they will run 25 yards or so, then stop to see what scared them. ###A common mistake is to try to shoot the deer when it first breaks cover. ###Think of it like shooting quail. ###Don't try to shoot while your heart is still in your mouth. ###Take a breath first.

Don't try to spot whole deer. ###Look for flickering ears and tails...or the movement of feet. ###Scan the brush, rather than staring. ###Side to side patterns. ###Not too different from watching for incoming ducks.

There's lots more, but you gotta learn some on your own.

09-18-2001, 08:31 PM
My main method is to find a good food source, and if you've hunted Ca enough, thats a rare commodity for wildlife. Combine it with a whole liot of luck and time and it might come out in your direction. I wish you tons of the luck stuff, but I just consider myself successful for getting outa the house. Have a most enjoyable hunt and when your not even expecting it BAM, your buck will probably be right there. Hard work eventually pays off.

09-28-2001, 11:17 PM
This may sound trite....gro/go to where the deer are..."and the rest will be revealed"

09-29-2001, 08:02 PM
ea.. advice i would give is would be the following...

spend time in the field... lots of hunters go out in the am.. go back to camp for lunch screw around then hunt a few hours in the evening... pack a lunch and spend the whole day in the field.. i do try to take a little nap in the middle of the day in a spot i like overlooking a good area... you most likely wont get your buck in camp.. you need to be out there..

get to your top spot before light in the morning... let the area calm down and then glass glass glass... remember if you got good optics you can see more with them than your eyes at first ###light..

get high and look down... the easy way normally is not the best way... if you can get high spend a ton of time glassing.. you will be amazed how often a deer will materialize in an area that you thought you picked apart.. the reason you picked it apart is because you thought it was a good spot...
a good spot is an small opening not a huge meadow.. lots of escape routes... cover, saddle, chapparel nearby, black timber.

when you are not glassing move slow... take 3, 5, 10 steps then stop... use your optics, glass, dont move around alot.. use cover.. when you stop make sure your outline is broken up by a bush, rock or overhand.. avoid crossing open areas, dont silluette yourself.. try to stay confident... this is huge.. if you think you will see somthing then you have the right mind set.. if you think you are in the wrong spot, or you should be over the next hill or you are antsi to leave you will not be as alert as you need to be..

be aware of the wind... typically in the morning it is fairly still or the wind will blow down hill ###in the afternoon it tends to go uphill... this is more important when you spot somthing and you are trying to stalk it..

if you make noise when you are moving stop for awhile.. game makes a certain amount of noise but typically does not keep making it unless they are moving out..

good luck, let us know how it goes..