View Full Version : URGENT!!! Rockbridge County Residents

02-11-2007, 05:21 AM
I just recieved an Urgent noticed from VCDL ( http://www.vcdl.org ) which is a Virginia grassroots gun rights group.....

Urgent: If you live, shoot, or hunt in Rockbridge County, the
Planning Commission is considering some strong restrictions on
shooting and hunting.

The Planning Commission meets Wednesday, February 14th, at 7 PM in
the Court Room and they have citizen comments early in the meeting.
The County's main government building is at 150 South Main St,
Lexington, VA 24450. The phone is (540) 463-4361.

Based on some documents that have been sent to me, here is some of
what they are looking to do (what have they put in your drinking
water out there?):

* You will be restricted to having no more than six (6) rounds in a
magazine on a shooting range(!)

* You cannot fire a fully automatic firearm at a shooting range

* A shooting range must have at least 250 acres of land (!)

* If you have guests on your own property shooting, you will be
restricted to having such a shoot 4 times per year and then you can
only have 5 other people on your land shooting and you, or a family
member living there, MUST be present (!)

* No Sunday operations except for a total of 4 single day activities.
These single day activities shall begin after 12 noon and end one
hour before sunset.

The list is extensive.

Unfortunately, I am tied up with the General Assembly and we don't
have any Executive members that can help out there.

If you can attend the hearing and speak against all of these
unnecessary restrictions, let me know. Also let me know if you want
to take the lead on this. In either case, I can email you the
proposed regulations.

Thanks to John Hall for first alerting me to this situation.

If you can't make Wednesday's meeting, send an email or call the
Commission members, asking them not to adopt these bad and
unnecessary restrictions.

Here is their contact information:

http://www.co.rockbridge.va.us/departments/planning/pc_%20list.htm ://http://www.co.rockbridge.va.us/depa...pc_%20list.htm (http://www.co.rockbridge.va.us/departments/planning/pc_%20list.htm%20)

Rockbridge members - you must move swiftly to head this off at the
pass! Be sure to notify friends, family, and coworkers in Rockbridge
about this.