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06-27-2002, 03:19 PM
I had reading many topics and learning a lot of new things in this Forum. I really interested in the hog hunting but I never go before. Last week, I went to stock dale at
wesminter(orange county) to ###bought a winchester sport LT left hand(30-06) ###$729 ( i am lefty) and leupold vari XIII 3.5-10X50mm $559. Now, I think that I need to practice to shoot at least 3 months before I get into the hunt(probably guide hunt). Do you think ###it is necessary?..:-).. However, I really need help from any pro to tell me how to zero the scope and what distance should I zero the scope for this rifle. I am really appreciated for any respond. I am living in San diego

06-27-2002, 04:44 PM
first thing is , congrats thats nice equipt. for a first rifle.
ok follow along ,Im going to assume that , the rings and the scope is already properly mounted , the screws are loc-tited, and that the scope is placed in those rings such that youve got the proper eye relief so that your getting a full round picture with no dark blurry edges and the cross hairs are mounted so that the vertical cross hair is ###directly perpendicular to the bore and you have one adjustment turret on top and one on the right hand side of the scope, if not get to that point or have a gunsmith get you to that point.
ok buy 3-5 boxes of 30-06 ammo for your rifle all three-five ###boxs either 150 or 165 or 180 grain spitzer or spire point bullets (NOT ROUND NOSE)and from the same manufacturer all the same weight and shape of bullet,(I WOULD SUGGEST 180 grain, and , it works reasonably well on everything from hogs to ###deer to elk and from a well known manufacturer so you can get more in the future) now also get a good cleaning rod, patches and a 30 caliber brass not stainless bore brush and a patch jag , ear muffs and solvent. go home and carefully run a few solvent soaked patches through the bore from the back to the muzzle after removeing the bolt from the rifle (BOLT REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE BOX THE RIFLE CAME IN) to make sure the bores clean,(take the cleaning equipt to the range when you go) bring several 1 foot long 2 x 4 wood blocks and several towels to wrap them in to make a make shift rifle rest, to rest the forearm on while sighting in the rifle and one towel to put under the back of the rifle and between the stock and your shoulder to absorb recoil, (yes I know theres very little but you don,t want to develope a flinch and I have no idea of your recoil tolerance)WEAR YOU EAR MUFFS AT ALL TIMES AT THE RANGE
when you get to the range ask the hopefully knowledgeable range guys for assistance but heres what youll need to do, first place a target at no more than 25 yards, have someone show you how to hold and rest the rifle over the rest, place the towels so they cushion the rifles forearm and your shoulder, (don,t load the rifle yet) take your time and get used to lineing up the cross hairs on that 25 yard target and working the bolt and squezzing of the trigger slowly so that the cross hairs DON,T MOVE as the triggers pulled but stay on the point of aim. after about 15 minutes of unloaded practice put one and only one round in the gun, line up the sights and slowly squezze off the shot. repeat two more times someware on the target there should be 3 holes close together. now take off only the top turret cap , under the cap youll find a screw that says one click =1/4 minute (for your purpose that means each click moves the bullet about 1/16" up or down, look at the bullet holes, the center of the hopefully small group is above or below the bulls eye, move the adjustment screw about 3 clicks and fire a round, the round should have moved in the direction up or down that the clicks say it should, keep adjusting untill the bullets strike at the bulls eye level, now replace the top turret cap and remove the right hand cap, do the same adjustments left or right untill the bullets are all on the bulls eye. once they all strike the center of the bulls eye move the target to 50 yards clean the bore and ###repeat the process ###(the bullet holes will most likely be high at 50 yards so adjust them to 1/2-3/4" above the bulls eye ( dead center) move the target to 100 yards clean the bore ###and repeat the process but this time try to adjust so all the bullets strike 2.5" just above the bulls-eye,( you might need to go back at each change in target range and fine tune the vertical and horizontal adjustments several times to get it just right) once this is accomplished your gun will hit any hog out to about 240 yards with a center of chest hold and to 300 yards with the horizontal cross hair held on the hogs back line, if you can shoot that well by just lineing the cross hairs on the target and slowly squezzing the trigger


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06-27-2002, 04:50 PM
First of all congrats on a very fine weapon. ###Take care of it and it will last forever. ###What you want to do is get out to the Project 2000 range near El Cajon. ###Hopefully your scope is boresighted. ###If the shop installed it on the rifle it should be. ###Set up on the 25 yd target and get it exactly zeroed in on the bullseye. You should be able to cut the X out of the target. ###Then take it to the 100yd range and get it to shoot 2" high at 100 yds. ###Remember you will need to break in your barrell as you are doing this. ###What I do is clean the bore after every shot for the first 5 shots. ###Then clean every other shot for the next 10 shots. ###Then clean every three shots for the next to 15 shots. ###Then clean every 5 shots for the next 15 to 20 shots. ###Then clean as normal. ###Use the cheaper bullets to do this. ###On another day go back to the range and take the three or four different brands of bullets you bought (you did this right? ###If not, its a good idea to do so to see what your rifle likes best) and shoot three shot groups with each at 100 yds. ###Whichever load shoots the tightest group is the one you probably want to use. ###Set up a new target and get that load to shoot 2" high at 100 yds. ###Now get off the bench and into the hills and practice some real shooting sitting, standing, kneeling, and prone. ###This is unscientific and there may be a better way but it has worked for all my rifles. ###Good luck.

06-27-2002, 05:06 PM
First, I would say thanks a lot to 340 Mag and SDHNTR replys. I will go following your guys advices. Yes, the shop was installed the scope for me.

Sorry my naive question. Are you live in south CA. If you are,
do you know any place(Hill) ###near San diego where ###I can go for real practice shooting?

06-27-2002, 05:32 PM
Welcome to Jesseís page and congratulations on the new rifle.
If you come out on Sunday MPMI and myself will be out at the range sometime that day more then likely in the morning. Also the range does not let centerfire rifle on the 25yard range anymore too much range damage it what I was told. I just normally barrel sight in my rifles. I take the bolt out look down the barrel at the target then adjust the scope it line up with what I see down the barrel. If you are asking for a place to shoot longer then 100 yards that you donít have to pay at good luck. The only place I know of in up north in the Ramona area and out in Imperial Valley most of the outdoor shooting areas are closed because of slobs and fire danger. If you what to shoot out doors and pay you can go to Southbay rod and gun club it has a 300 yard range from what I understand. WBH

06-28-2002, 05:53 AM
Did they close the Delzura range? It also has(had?) a 300 yd range.

06-28-2002, 07:05 AM
That is the range wildbird hunter is talking about. ###It is just east of Dulzura off Marron Valley road. ###Pigeater, I sent you a PM.

06-28-2002, 07:33 AM

From what I'm gathering the Project 2000 range is the DFG range off of Jamicha (I forget the name of the street that runs past the golf course) He's the other post going about it: http://www.jesseshuntingpage.com/cgi-bin/i...=69&topic=8 (http://www.jesseshuntingpage.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=69&topic=8)

Maybe I'm confused? :confused-yellow:

06-28-2002, 07:58 AM
The Delzura range is still open if itís the one out side of Ramona. Most of the other out door ranges have been closed. The DFG range is off Willow Glen road behind the Hanson plant. JDC maybe we can do some shooting a the Delzura range one day I need to shoot my 223 out past 100yards on paper to see what my drop it and how it groups. Maybe do a JHP day at the range for the SD guys.

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06-28-2002, 08:00 AM
<font face="Tahoma">Welcome pigeater,
### ### All of the above is great advise. ###I would add that you not only shoot, but practice shooting like you'll hunt. ###Sit on your rear & get used to resting the rifle on your knees or a set of shooting sticks. ###Shoot offhand, laying down, kneeling etc. ###See how quickly you can acquire good vision in your scope. ###Your first pig probably won't let you break out the shooting table. ###My first pig required me to lay on my belly and lean over a cliff. ###I shot almost straight down 80 yards. ###Be prepared & enjoy. ###</font>

06-28-2002, 08:23 AM

The Delzura range is off of 94. I believe it is off of Marron Valley Rd. Pg. 1294 of my '00 Thomas Bros. map.

I never knew there was a range in Ramona. It goes out to 300 yds also? That would be closer for me, but either will work. MPMI is interested in the 300 yd'er for one of his rifles, and I need to try some of my handloads for my 06 and 6mm to see what and where they are flying. I guess MPMI is going to be dispatched again soon, so we'll all figure out if it is better before or after he does his thing.

06-28-2002, 09:08 AM
Looks like its time for a little clarification. ###There are two actual ranges where you pay to shoot at measured distances. ###Project 2000 is off Willow Glen road south of El Cajon, they have a range out to 100 yds. ###The "Dulzura" range is the South Bay Rod and Gun Club range ###and it has 100 and 300 yd ranges. ###It is on Marron Valley road which is a right turn off Hwy 94, 1 mile east of the Dulzura Cafe. ###The Ramona area is near Pamo Valley West of Ramona and is just an open area that is sanctioned for shooting. ###There is no formal range there so it is free to shoot. ###It is also a zoo on weekends. ###Hope this makes things a litlle easier. ###As far as I know all three are open.

06-28-2002, 09:53 AM

Thank You Sir!

06-28-2002, 09:56 AM
Thanks SDHNTR I have only been to the DFG range and not any or the others in SD the one out in the Valley is also open but it back in the hills and is best to have a 4x4 at this time of year.

06-28-2002, 02:57 PM
Thanks for every body comments. They are all very good and news to me.
Once again, I will try to buy a manufacturing ammo since I have no idea about reload(
may be in future, I will do). Which brand ammo should I get for 180/165/150 grain?
any advices?. ###Due to ###I got ###winchester 70, ###should ###I get winchester ammo instead of
other brand?..

06-28-2002, 03:54 PM
Once you get your rifle sighted in and on paper with the cheep stuff then go out a pick up a box of ammo of every type and brand you can get your hands on and see what shoots the best in your rifle. You will find that one brand and ammo type will shoot well in your rifle but the same brand and different ammo type of grain round will not shoot at all. Once you find the round that your rifle like the best them sight in with that ammo and buy more.

06-28-2002, 04:02 PM
<font face="Tahoma">Well, you gave three options on that last loaded question, so you should get about twenty different answers! ###My cousin in Wisconsin would say to buy the cheapest stuff on the shelf - but his average shot is 30 yards. ###Don't worry about sticking with Winchester. ###I shoot Federal Premium's in my .280 REM (very close to your .30-06). ###They have 140 grain Nosler Partition bullets. ### I've seen hogs taken with a .243, but I'd personally go with a heavy, quality bullet and feel confident in anchoring Mr. Piggy. ###Good luck.</font>

06-30-2002, 02:31 PM
once you have the rifle sighted in with a good brand of ammo, thats the time to buy several other brands of simular sharp point 180 grn ammo and see if one brand groups better than the rest, most of my rifles like federal or winchester ammo so Id try those first and you might want to get into hand loading, you will in most cases be able to get the best matching ammo that way and that way alone. but theres nothing wrong with most of the BETTER QUALITY FACTORY AMMO , just dont expect millitary surplus ammo to give the best possiable groups, the millitary stuff sometimes wont shoot into a 2" circle off the bench and much of it is over 25 years old (THERE ARE a FEW exceptions) but keep in mind that a good quality 180 grn bullet will allow you to hunt almost any north american game while lighter bullets may not work well the 180s work reasonably well on everything that walks on 4 hooves or paws in north america
and ###most of the rest of the world also. ### ### if I had to only have one rifle it would be my 340 mag and most likely the 250 grn bullets but I sure would not starve to death if limited to a 30-06 and 180 grn bullets ### ###

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07-02-2002, 04:18 PM
Once again thanks to every body. I just picked up my 627 s&w(.357 caliber 8 shoots) performance center at Discount gun match(San diego). So, I am happy for my hunting set weapon now( a rifle & a revolver for back up)...:-). However, I need practice I am not
good at shooting, 3" or 4" at 10 and 15 yards..:-(. I will go to zero my scope at ###midle of this month..too busy..:-(.
I hope to see wildbirdhunter ###at range sometime ###and It will be pleasure to meet a vet.
Have nice holidays to every body(happy July fourth)

07-02-2002, 05:37 PM
Wildbirdhunter. I think it a good idea to set JHP day range in SD.
Let set a day so every body can get in to know each other.:-).

07-19-2002, 04:10 PM
I went to the south bay rod & gun club yesterday to zero my scope. After 6 hrs of breaking barrel and shooting, I got 1" above left at 50 yards and 1.2" left at 100 yards
to the bull eyes. (used the 165 gr Federal pre). Is it a good for zero?. Do I need to make it more closer. ###However, I still can ###not keep steady to aim my cross hair to the bull eye even my rifle was on the sand bag, after 3 or 4 second the cross ###hair is ###started moving. Some body at the range adviced me to take a deep breath in and breath out half then pull the trigger. Any Pro can share to me the experience how to keep the cross hair more steady to the target.