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04-05-2002, 08:04 AM
Is it true that ill-fitting hand-me-downs from the guys is your number one beef when we try to get you started hunting? I talked my wife into tagging along on our son's first turkey hunt (that's the way I like to put it anyway, that's her baby and I don't think I could have kept her away if I wanted to!) and when we were done she didn't say anything but I could tell she wasn't very impressed with the digs I gave her to wear.

04-06-2002, 11:19 AM
Yes. ###I remember going bird hunting with my dad and wearing a pair of his long underware. ###He is 6'3" and I am 5'4" - needless to say they were a little too big. ###I also worked for the Forest Service for 5 summers doing stream work. ###We had great stockingfoot waders and felt soled boots - the problem was that the boots were sized for men. ###It is next to impossible to find mens size 5 1/2 or 6 wading boots. ###I think I ended up wearing a size 8. ###I never fell, but my feet were awfully sore. ###It was also hard to find leather work boots (like White's) for women that didn't cost a fortune. ###Again, I settled for a pair of men's size 6. ###The size length wise was fine, but the boot was made for a man with wider feet. ###I have always consulted the Cabela's catalog for women's outdoor clothing and for a long time they simply didn't have any. ###Now it is very easy to find women's outdoor/hunting clothing in Cabela's. ###I was also finally able to get a pair of women's wading boots in my size - for only $40. ###So yes, having to wear men's clothing for hunting/fishing/hiking is a real turn off because it just doesn't fit us.

04-06-2002, 01:20 PM

Wouldn't White's make you a pair to fit for the same price? I have a couple pairs of Packers and a pair of loggers, but I'm lucky they fit off the shelf. I have a friend that has the feet of a 13 year old girl, they always, to the best of my memory, fit the boots for him at no extra charge. He just had to wait a while to get them.


04-06-2002, 10:10 PM
Yes, and that was an option, but the cost was too much; I didn't want to spend more than $75. ###I knew that I would wear them a lot, but not enough to justify $200+. ###I ended up with a pair of Gorilla Boots. ###My problem with the outdoor clothing/gear industry is that they don't realize that a lot of women enjoy the outdoors as much as men, and a lot of women have careers that require the use of specialized clothing. ###Five years ago there wasn't hardly any women's clothing/gear - now I find that there is a whole lot more. ###Like I said, Cabela's carries a lot, and JcPenney has come out with a line of Carhartt, Dickies, and Ben Davis clothing for women. ###It is nice to be able to wear gear and clothing that is designed for women, yet as hardy as the same clothing made for men.

04-07-2002, 02:07 PM
You ladies are not alone. Some of us guys have the same sort of problems, only reversed. When we are 6'4" and the scales go around twice and register "TILT" it presents a problem that garment makers do not usually address.

Why is it that rain gear is advertized a "tall", then says "fits up to 6'3"? No extra talls. When we sit in a boat seat we are sure to be wet from the knees down. ###Sleeves on "tall"
shirts & ###jackets usually come well above the wrist unless we buy XXXX sizes that swallow the rest of our bodies. Why is it that boots are sized in half sizes until it gets to size 12?

We pay top dollar for some gear that we just have to make do with. We feel for you petite outdoors guys and gals on the other end of things. Seems like we are being discriminated against just because we don't conform to the "average" sized homosapien.
I know, it all comes down to profits and saleability on the part of manufacturers.

I'm through now.:soapbox: ###Still, I wouldn't trade an inch or a pound of what God gave me.

Play fair.

04-07-2002, 04:27 PM
Although, I have never had the problems addressed here I'm curious, have any of you ever written or corresponded in any manner to the people who make the boots, shirts, rain gear, etc.? And if you have what was the response. I can't see this as being a localized problem. Maybe if enough people conversed with them, they would see a market, which would make them fit you that are not as easy to size properly.

Another idea might be to get with upstart companies, Natgear comes to mind, and get them off the stick right in the begining. It may be worth a try.


04-07-2002, 07:35 PM
Rimrock, ###
I know just what you mean. ###My husband is 6'3", has a 19 1/2 inch neck, and 37 inch arms. ###It is next to impossible to find dress shirts that fit in the arms and the neck without being HUGE in the chest. ###Finding coats is another problem. ###A simple 2XL usually fits the chest okay, but the sleeves are about 2 inches too short. ###There are a lot of tall men now days and it is almost next to impossible to find a tall in the same coat. ###I keep hoping that the clothing manufacturers start paying attention to genetic trait trends and realize that the ratio of tall to short men has changed. ###I heard that the ratio of tall men to short men in the Civil war era was 1 in 1000. ###Now it is about 1 in 20.

We haven't corresponded with anyone regarding the clothing sizes officially. ###I always let the sales clerks or managers know when they are lacking in tall sizes, and complement them when they do have the tall sizes. ###Cabela's seems to be doing a good job carrying the tall clothing - that's where we get most of my husband's coats and hunting gear. ###I have also noticed that JcPenney's has started carrying talls in many of their stores (at least in the Pacific Northwest).

04-09-2002, 08:13 AM
With a full grown man in the house I sure didn't have to tell you about our problems.:smile-blue

The only manufacturer I have contacted was Columbia when I called them to try to get some extra material so that my wife could lengthen the sleeves on some camo shirts that had shrunk when washed. The person I talked to thought it was funny, altho they did send the material. I think it's pretty typical. A limited market with limited sales.

On top of that, retailers would not want to stock much of it either. I am reluctant to order clothes or boots that I am not sure will fit. Reputable sellers will let them be returned, but it is a hassle. Sometimes there is no other alternative though.

Play fair.

04-17-2002, 11:41 AM
I have had a hard time finding women's sizing in the type of hunting clothes I need. ###For a while I was buying mens sizes but still couldn't get a good fit. ###I get all my underware at ski shops, where they do make womens sizes, and then cover with whatever I camo I can find. ###For duck hunting I found some fly fishing waders that work out great for me. ###I have noticed with each catalog Cabelas is adding more selections in womens sizes. ###

Also, I finally had my shotgun cut down to fit me and OMIGOD what a difference that made. ###I don't get those annoying bruises on my arm anymore. ###

Linda Sharpshooter
04-26-2002, 08:08 AM
I don't really have a lot of hunting clothing. But what I do have I either purchased from Cabela's or made myself. ###Since we can purchase camo material goods and we're not really "stylin" when we go into the woods I can make a complete outfit in one weekend. ###Two years ago several of my friends and I made Ghillie (sp?)suits just for fun and mine turned out to be my favorite outfit. ###I wore mine this past Monday turkey hunting and it was just fine. ###A Ghillie suit is not too good in blackberry country though. ###And I don't know if I would want to wear it when it's above 80 degrees out either.

As far as shoes go, I've never found it to be a problem with all of the great outfitters handling ladies sizes nowadays.

Kat - I know exactly what you mean about getting your gun cut down to size. ###I've been a shooter for about 15 years and I know how important it is to have your gun the correct size. ###I have paid as much as $600 to have a match rifle fitted to my small body. ###Did I hear someone say "A fool and his money are soon parted"?

Now I'm going to try one of these thingies ### :bag-on-head: ### This is what I looked like Monday morning turkey hunting.