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  1. Hunters may have transported CWD from SW Wisconsin
  2. Hunters in NE CO must have deer, elk heads tested for CWD
  3. Helpful CWD Links
  4. How To Post Your Pics Here
  5. CWD Facts
  6. Thoughts on CWD
  7. Man who hunted in CWD area dies of brain disease
  8. Interview with Biologist about CWD
  9. Link to article about feed game animals
  10. CO State approves study of live elk with CWD
  11. Iowa Deer Test Negative For CWD
  12. Wisconsin mulls deer disposal dilemma
  13. CWD could cost state hunting industry $96 million
  14. Source of Wisconsin CWD narrowed to 3 possibilities
  15. Did regional trophy deer management lead to CWD epidemic?
  16. Emotion, stakes are high in Wisconsin CWD battle
  17. Who is to blame for CWD? Hysteria in rural Wisconsin
  18. Are three Wisconsin brain disorder deaths linked to CWD?
  19. Senate subcommittee approves $15.9 million for CWD testing
  20. Wisconsin game farm regulations under scrutiny
  21. Wisconsin DNR's funding request turned down by county
  22. Wisconsin DNR announces CWD surveillance plan for remainder
  23. Minnesota deer hunters discuss CWD precautions
  24. USDA test results for CWD could take 6 months
  25. What would you do?
  26. Is it just a matter of time?
  27. What does your processor do with bones?
  28. Congress, Washing DC, and CWD
  29. PA bans importation of cervids
  30. IL bans deer/elk importation and deer feeding
  31. Pennsylvania imposes ban on deer, elk imports
  32. Wisconsin DNR scrambles for CWD money
  33. Colorado elk ranchers threaten state with lawsuit
  34. New Carcass Regs In CO to Prevent Spread of CWD
  35. Wisconsin county considering deer incinerator
  36. VT considers banning hunter-killed game from CWD-endemic
  37. CWD symposium in Denver this week
  38. Interesting study on prion inactivation
  39. CWD developments come thick and fast
  40. Microbiolgist: Hunters getting mixed CWD signals
  41. Wisconsin meat processors divided over CWD
  42. Symposium speakers urge solidarity in CWD fight
  43. Researcher says Wisconsin deer herd could take 18 years to
  44. Wyoming rethinking CWD strategy
  45. CO butchers want proof that game is CWD-free
  46. Experts: CWD in humans unlikely
  47. Neurologists may examine CO hunters for CWD-related ailments
  48. Oregon bans import of live deer, elk
  49. Third Wisconsin summer CWD hunt begins
  50. Map of CWD in Wisconsin
  51. Oregon ban includes deer, elk carcass import
  52. Meat processors face deer season with caution
  53. Deer, elk import ban gets mixed reviews in PA
  54. Missouri allowing deer imports in spite of CWD ban
  55. CWD is growing political subject in Wisconsin
  56. Landowners refuse to kill deer in Wisconsin
  57. USDA: Private labs not authorized to test for CWD
  58. Disinfectant shown to kill CWD prion
  59. CWD in MN
  60. How To Post Your Pics in The Forum Here
  61. Results of July hunt show 2% of herd infected
  62. Minnesota records first CWD case
  63. The Nuge speaks out on CWD & other stuff
  64. WI governor to feds: 'Get off the dime' on CWD
  65. Some Iowa meat lockers will discontinue deer
  66. Manitoba Reg. Changes
  67. New CA regs
  68. Some WI landowners won't comply with deer kill
  69. Doctors studying brain tissue of CJD victim, elk
  70. CJD death of MT fishing guides raises questions
  71. Wisconsin governor: venison is safe to eat
  72. USDA will allow some experimental CWD test kits in
  73. Colorado anticipates delays in CWD testing
  74. Advancement of CWD confuses, frightens hunters
  75. Georgia Outdoor News offers $1,000 reward to halt
  76. No CWD in Nevada. NDOW Steps Up Efforts to keep it
  77. NDOW Steps up Sampling and Education on CWD
  78. Nebraska deer hunters asked to assist with CWD
  79. S.D. Plans More Chronic Wasting Tests
  80. Q&A with CWD expert
  81. Test negative for chronic wasting disease in Wis.
  82. Interesting facts from Wisconsin
  83. NM hunters asked to have deer, elk heads tested
  84. DGIF: Hunters needn't panic,
  85. Update: Bow-Killed Colorado Deer Tests Positive Fo
  86. CWD confirmed in deer on central WI game farm
  87. Personal CWD test kits head to market
  88. New CWD test uses saliva, tonsils of live deer,
  89. Idaho CWD Information Available
  90. Kansas CWD Info
  91. Montana CWD Info Available
  92. Utah ban on deer, elk taken from other states
  93. First wild, Western Slope elk tests CWD positive
  94. IN hunters asked to turn in deer heads
  95. WI congressional delegation presses USDA on tests
  96. CO hunters can get CWD test info from DOW website
  97. WI Hunters still hunting over bait
  98. DOW Testing going unused
  99. Doctors seek rules for Butchers
  100. Few Southern Wisconsin processors
  101. Store here to sell CWD tset kit to Hunters
  102. What is this CWD?
  103. Westen CO. slope Mule deer Test CWD Positive
  104. Senate bill would expand CWD testing
  105. Update: Another Western Slope Deer Tests Positive
  106. Fourth Wisconsin deer farm quarantined for CWD
  107. CO CWD testers bracing for rush
  108. Emergency rule relating to CWD amended, no evidenc
  109. ID Commission Adopts CWD Action Plan
  110. Road killed Deer Tests Positive For CWD in Hayden
  111. Dawn of a Nightmare
  112. Import restrictions protect deer and elk in ND
  113. New N.D. law affects deer, elk transport
  114. CWD Could Infect Humans
  115. Missouri, Kansas aware of chronic wasting disease
  116. Ohio EHD threat subsides, attention turns to CWD
  117. WI DNR reveals deer escaped from quarantined farm
  118. MN vets will collect deer brain stem samples for
  119. New automated test developed to identify CWD
  120. Update: Additional Minnesota Deer And Elk Test Neg
  121. This forum is appreciated
  122. As long as there's people like this
  123. WI hunters donate 3,000 deer heads for testing
  124. Update: Two Hunter-Killed Colorado Elk Test Positi
  125. CWD-positive deer killed by hunter in Saskatchewan
  126. MO to monitor deer for chronic wasting disease
  127. NC Biologists waste no time to target wasting
  128. Hunt for infected deer begins in LA
  129. Confirmed in Illinois
  130. CDW found in IL
  131. Sixth Wisconsin deer farm quarantined
  132. CWD confirmed in Alberta deer
  133. Update: Edmonton Game Farm Deer Tests Positive For
  134. New WI DNR CWD Web site
  135. Update: CWD Found In New Area Of Colorado
  136. Nine more deer and an elk test CWD positive
  137. CWD found west of divide in Wyoming for first time
  138. NV CWD samples negative
  139. Diseased deer from CO discovered at Arkansas
  140. Lab Findings Released On Fatal Cases Of Neurolgic
  141. Question on CWD
  142. Feds approve rapid CWD test; WI state unimpressed
  143. 1st wild WI deer outside of zone tests CWD positiv
  144. Deer killed by car in Rapid City, SD had CWD
  145. More Wisconsin deer test CWD positive, total now
  146. Article at MSNBC...
  147. CWD Found In 3 More Elk Outside Established Areas
  148. Defiant Colorado elk ranchers promise CWD showdown
  149. 3 More Cases of CWD Found in IL
  150. Reindeer grounded by disease fear
  151. Tonsillectomies performed on sedated deer to test
  152. CWD Cases Stand at Seven in Illinois
  153. WI DNR proposes baiting in CWD eradication zone
  154. Researchers point to genetics as key in CWD
  155. CWD found in more area's in Colorado
  156. Wisconsin DNR OKs deer baiting in CWD hot zone
  157. 5 More Outside Zone
  158. Two more Nebraska mule deer test CWD positive
  159. How is it transmitted
  160. CWD tests prove negative on Indiana deer herd
  161. Four More Wyoming Deer Test Positive For CWD
  162. Another Minnesota elk CWD
  163. No new CWD cases in 2,000 Wisconsin deer tested
  164. Three More Deer Test Positive for CWD In WI
  165. CWD in 3 deer; White Sands NM
  166. Rush is on to kill thousands more deer in WI
  167. USDA Steps Up Mad Cow Surveillance
  168. NM won't take 'herd eradication approach' to CWD
  169. Wildlife disease specialist concerned CWD might be
  170. MS lawmakers introduce bills to test deer, ban
  171. CWD verified in two more New Mexico deer
  172. CWD Found in UTAH Buck.
  173. Report: no link in three deaths tied to Wisconsin
  174. Support for Wisconsins $12M CWD plan not unanimous
  175. 500 hunter-killed PA deer test CWD negative
  176. Four new CWD cases confirmed in Wisconsin
  177. 4,000 Illinois whitetail test negative for CWD
  178. First CWD case in Sauk County, Wisconsin
  179. CWD tests reveal illness expanding in CO
  180. WI tests suggest CWD remains confined to "zone"
  181. Helpful Links
  182. Vermonts test results back
  183. 16 more Wisconsin deer test CWD positive
  184. Panel to assess Wisconsin's CWD-fighting
  185. WI DNR report: Hundreds of game farm deer have
  186. Politicians smarter than DNR??
  187. Confirmed cases of CWD up in Wyoming
  188. 2002 CWD Surveillance Completed in WY
  189. Bounty considered for deer culled in Wisconsin
  190. Elk reintroduction
  191. Wisconsin officials say CWD appears confined
  192. Tests show Montana still clean of CWD
  193. First round of tests finds no CWD in Missouri
  194. Deer That Died Near Moab UT Had Wasting Disease,
  195. Mad Cow Misperceptions - The bovine disease will
  196. FDA wants to limit amounts of deer and elk meat in
  197. Mad Cow Disease in Canada May Affect Hunting Trips
  198. KY CWD results
  199. National Update CWD
  200. New law requires hunters to leave heads, spines of
  201. Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Forms Task Force
  202. Arkansas deer herd gets clean bill of health
  203. Congress plans legislation on coordinating CWD
  204. Stop CWD at the border of SC
  205. New deer hunting bill OKd that creates special
  206. Canada Import Restrictions
  207. WI DNR backs new deer eradication zone
  208. Watch or kill? Deer disease stumps NM state
  209. Missouri gets clean bill of Health
  210. Chronic wasting disease found in two SD deer
  211. Colorado Reports 1st West Nile Virus Death
  212. USDA Surprise Announcement: Partial Lifting of
  213. CWD-infected deer found 2 miles outside WI "Hot
  214. CA DFG Commission adopts plan against CWD
  215. Deaths of 4 Denver Zoo animals attributed to West
  216. West Nile linked to sage grouse deaths
  217. Study: CWD easily spreads deer to deer
  219. CO adopts new CWD handling procedures
  220. UT DWR to test harvested deer for CWD
  221. More CWD turns up in Utah deer
  222. Hunters Can Earn Bucks for Deer with CWD in WI
  223. Hemorrhagic disease suspected in deer in KY
  224. WI to use faster CWD testing method this year
  225. CWD found in deer in central Utah
  226. N. Illinois bowhunters offered free CWD testing
  227. EHD hits deer herd in SE Tennessee
  228. cwd question
  229. MO officials hope second year of CWD tests will
  230. AZ believed to have first locally contracted West
  231. Colorado reports 29 positive CWD tests since July
  232. Deer disease cost put at nearly $15 million in WI
  233. Ag economics expert outlines potential impact of
  234. No CWD found in IN..........yet
  235. Five new cases of CWD reported in WI
  236. CWD found in new areas of southern Wyoming
  237. New game meat import regulations effective in IN
  238. West Nile
  239. Colorado may lift chronic wasting disease reg
  240. CWD case confirmed in new Wisconsin region
  241. Will Wolves,
  242. Contaminated meat found in Michigan
  243. Bushmeat Sparks Fears of New AIDS-Type Virus
  244. Geaaring up for West Nile.
  245. Study finds more ways for CWD to spread
  246. Chronic Wasting Disease
  247. West Nile
  248. New Mosquito Virus Threat To U.S.
  249. West Nile
  250. West Nile Virus