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  1. Who taught you to shoot?
  2. Spotting scope
  3. How accurate do we need to be?
  4. Helpful Links About Marksmanship
  5. Welcome to Our New Marksmanship Forum
  6. Tip of the week...6/14/02
  7. The Fever
  8. Owning a firearm requires great responsibility
  9. Interest in sport shoots up
  11. Down Hill Shots
  12. Eye Dominance and Marksmanship
  13. The Proper Way to Shoot
  14. Making it fun for the kids
  15. B.R.A.S.S. Method of shooting
  16. how does it work?
  17. Anticipating Recoil
  18. How To Post Your Pics in The Forum Here
  19. Measuring MOA?
  20. So Cal Rifle Ranges
  21. Fun Shoot @ Rahuagues
  22. Why don't we list Ca Ranges here?
  23. scope ajd. for long range
  24. Any Int'l Trap Shooters Out There?
  25. Hunter Education Not Just About Handling a Rifle
  26. Hunter Ed is geared toward everyone in Montana
  27. Redding Gun club to offer youth shotgun safety
  28. This proves a point
  29. Have You Been Through A State or Government
  30. Hunter safety adherence can avoid tragedy
  31. Neglected Shooting Sticks
  32. What would be your best Gun Safety Tip?
  33. 1st Hunting Fatality in AZ in last 4 years
  34. Essay Contest To Reward Young Conservationist
  35. "How to Own a Gun & Stay Out of Jail," by attorney
  36. Safari Club Donates Youth Sized Firearms For
  37. MT antelope hunter's arm rebuilt after shooting
  38. Dog triggered gun that wounded hunter
  39. Relying on sound can lead to a hunting tragedy
  40. LR Shooting Simulation Demo
  41. What sight picture do you use?
  42. Trigger pull
  43. Here's a method for a teaching youngsters to shoot
  44. Dad dies teaching son about guns in CO
  45. Excellent post about marksmanship
  46. found this site a while back
  47. Shooting up or down
  48. Hunter Ed Instructors all volunteers?
  49. Target stand
  50. Anderson CA youth gets shooting award
  51. Only Two Firearm Hunting Accidents In 2002 in WY
  52. Help
  53. Sighting scope
  54. Gun Safe moving
  55. Clinic teaches women about guns (CA)
  56. Online shooting games
  57. CMP site is on target for shooters. Program aims
  58. Junior trap league teaches respect for shotguns
  59. Hunter Safety Class For Inland Empire CA
  60. Hunter Safety Class
  61. Grants available for hunting programs from NSSF
  62. Sporting Clays Intstructors?
  63. Sighting in at 200yrds with 300WSM
  64. Pitching a few good ear devices for shooters
  65. Gun Safe Humidifier
  66. How to measure group size
  67. Hunters can learn from painful history or repeat
  68. Hunters defend man charged with killing neighbor
  69. E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Earplugs in the JHO online store
  70. School policy prohibits guns in firearms safety
  71. Dog Shoots Man
  72. Hunter Safety Class
  73. Gun Lock
  74. Man wounds brother in argument over how to stalk
  75. Deer hunter wounded by companion after bear
  76. Negligent muzzleloader hunter--lucky motorist
  77. Help - Why did I miss?
  78. Shooting sticks or bipod?
  79. March Hunter Safety Class Dates
  80. Barrel Temperature Effecting Group Size
  81. Pistol question
  82. Looking for a good pistol marksmenship book
  83. New Member Photo Gallery to Upload Your Pics Free!
  84. bullet drop
  85. Using Bipods
  86. DEA agent shoots self during safety presentation
  87. New Steyr Prohunter Stock Now Available
  88. Estimating Wind Speed
  89. Hunter Safety Web Site
  90. What gun safety rule did this guy violate?
  91. Holster recall
  92. Hunting Safety Classes
  93. Grandmother shoots self instead of pesky squirrel
  94. Online Hunter Education Course to Pay Dividends
  95. Rifle Safes
  96. double rifle case and range safety
  97. What do you say?
  98. sims slip on recoil pad
  99. What do you consider the most important?
  100. Make your own shooting sticks
  101. New Gun Lock
  102. right handed shooter
  103. ISE Sportsman's Show dates on the Calendar
  104. Accidental Firearm-related Fatalities Drop to
  105. creeping aim
  106. Practical Shooting
  107. Predator Shooting Rest
  108. sighting in problems
  109. bad grouping
  110. Gun Safes
  111. NE has record low number of hunting accidents
  112. Firearm-Related Fatalities Remain at Record Lows
  113. Loaded or unloaded
  114. Hunter safety instructor accidentally discharges shotgun in class
  115. smth
  116. Alaska school puts gun saftey in 6th grade curriculum
  117. Woman accidentally shoots foot after hot casing falls down shirt
  118. Which gun safe?
  119. 1000 yard gun question
  120. Gun safes in NorCal?
  121. "Knucklehead" takes shot at snapper, shoots own foot
  122. MyOutdoorTV.com Announces USAMU Pro Tips Shooting Lessons
  123. Mini Show Series Showcases "Benelli Top Guns". Appearing On
  124. Ruger M77 trigger recall?
  125. Ballistics & shooting manual
  126. Ladies "Novice" Handgun Camp. Brownells Big Springs Range
  127. Why you stand BEHIND the firing line
  128. Project Appleseed. Rifle marksmanship
  129. Project Appleseed. Rifle marksmanship
  130. Long Range Caliber
  131. Appleseed Rifle clinics @ Raahaughes
  132. Project AppleSeed, Rifle Marksmanship
  133. Ricochets. Why you don't want to shoot hard flat objects
  134. Father Shoots Son
  135. DAN CARLISLE SHOOTING LESSONS. July 17 & July 20, SoCal
  136. NRA Basic Pistol Course Now Available
  137. have a question for y'all, Sighting in a rifle
  138. NSSF Video Emphasizes Safety at Indoor Ranges. Great info for new and inexperienced shooters.
  139. A Local Tragedy
  140. Long range hunting 3006
  141. Hapless in Seattle
  142. Better Shooting
  143. Looking for an expert marksman in So. Cal.
  144. Zero Distance- Demonstration of POI
  145. My stunning lesson in hunting vs tactical rifle scopes today
  146. Sighting in for hunting
  147. It will kill a pig, deer bear.
  148. 44 Mag Safety Trainer Negligent Discharge WTF