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  1. African Hunt Advice
  2. Pic for forum and some moderators
  3. What fear or concern do you have about hunting Afrcia
  4. Green hunting or "catch and release"
  5. Great White Hunter Bunny Allen, dead at 95
  6. McElroy, founder of Safari Club, dies at 88.
  7. Helpful Africa Hunting Links
  8. mixed feelings on success
  9. Cancellation hunt & great price for June 2002
  10. Tony Dacosta Safari's
  11. New Africa rifle
  12. African Big bore sight in
  13. The New stock is finished
  14. Leaving on a jet plane
  15. Just Returned From Hunt With JJHack
  16. Good first half the season at Landelani Lodge
  17. Product test gets passing marks
  18. Hunting Photography
  19. New Hunting Lottery Offers $310,000 In Safaris, More
  20. A Warning About That Zimbabwe Gun Ban
  21. Any interest in Africa for 2003?
  22. Not Africa, but Australian Buff
  23. Photos From Our African Safari
  24. Zimbabwe Gun Ban To Be Lifted
  25. Huge Number Of Lost Hunting Rifles Found In South Africa
  26. Huge Number of Lost Hunting Rifles Found In South Africa
  27. Update On Those Lost Hunting Rifles
  28. Photo Of Big Elephant Posted
  29. What would be your most important African trophy
  30. How To Post Your Pics in The Forum Here
  31. Ozonduno Safaris - Namibia
  32. RSA July 2002
  33. Cheap RSA hunts
  34. JJhack where in Ellisras do you stay ?
  35. Dream Buff Taken out of Selous in Tanzania
  36. Elephant pic. Is it real or fake?
  37. Kudu or Sable?
  38. What are your favorite safari memories?
  39. New Guy
  40. Minister of Justice Chinamasa’s wife grabs prime
  41. Zimbabwe -- Mugabe snubs Commonwealth talks
  42. Zimbabwe -- Farm Invasions Report
  43. Peter Capstick's Rifle
  44. Lion Safari Arkansas Style
  45. Gulf hunters set sights on SA game
  46. Hunting Tales Webpage
  47. Reports of African lion in rural Tennessee
  48. going to africa
  49. Bring along a non-hunter
  50. Very bad news
  51. Affordable Hunts for 2003
  52. CITES aminals
  53. Wyoming Doc Hires Army to Stop Poachers
  54. Africa Photo Link
  55. Buffalo raffle Klaserie RSA 2003
  56. New Risk Seen for Africa's Elephant Herds
  57. Game Traders Call On Government to Avoid Trade Ban
  58. Hunting in South Africa will spoil you
  59. Oryx anatomy question.
  60. JJHack where is your property located in Ellisras
  61. Recovered bullets
  62. has anyone heard about drought conditions in RSA
  64. Big lion!
  65. know about quagga rock safari's?
  66. Africa electricity
  67. Buffalo hunt in zimbabwe
  68. Congo Basin Forest Partners Hold Initial Meeting
  69. Safari Club reaches out to everyday hunters
  70. Going to lagos Nigeria
  71. Huge Mtn Lion
  72. Reno 2003 SCI Show Numbers And Info
  73. Botched shots and missed opportunities
  74. Namibia
  76. Cheap very effective practice
  77. Many will soon leave for Africa
  78. Injured big-game hunter files suit naming
  79. Whats the first cartridge that you think of....
  80. Hunting tuition
  81. Lil help with ID on this animal
  82. Gone to work
  83. Michaela Denis, 88; Blazed Trail in Wildlife Films
  84. The .375 H and H Magnum on Elephant
  85. Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt In Africa?
  86. Any references??
  87. Looking for a good Outfitter?
  88. Early season photos from this year
  89. PH Jaco DuPlessis Plane Missing at Mfue in Zambia
  90. Packable torch or flashlight
  91. N!xauin the bushman from the film "The Gods Must
  92. Back to Africa
  93. Saeed's Forum
  94. Back with great educational adventures
  95. Big Kudu bull
  96. Why I pack around the 458 Lott
  97. Tale of two cats
  98. What's the best time for a SA safari?
  99. Shoulder shots
  100. "Death in the Long Grass"
  101. African Hunts on video?
  102. S. African police shoot cake-thieving baboon
  103. Do I have enough gun?
  104. Lion Charge on Video
  105. Want an African hunt?
  106. King's Desert Shadow camo clothing in the JHO
  107. Accuracy and bullet choices
  108. 8 bore double rifle
  109. Trophies stuck in S.A.
  110. African Dangerous Game caliber requirements
  111. Best month to hunt South Africa?
  112. SCI in Reno. Who's going and who's got a booth?
  114. SCI Reno reports
  115. SCI Hunters’ Convention Sets New Records
  116. Any Recommendations - South African Taxidermist
  117. SCI Board Hires New Executive Director
  118. jjhack
  119. Give Away For Complete Set Of King's Desert
  120. Africas game parks and wildlife
  121. Only two spots remain!
  122. Safari Photos
  123. New member photo gallery to upload your pics
  124. L.A. SCI Fundraiser, Auction & Wild Game Feast
  125. Shooting with dart guns would revolutionize
  126. south african airlines
  127. Non-African game Bullet results
  128. My addiction to warthogs
  129. All these Africa hunters and no pics or videos in
  130. New Classifieds software on JHO
  131. Short notice cancellation hunt
  132. Hunting the various provinces of RSA
  133. Opportunity for cheap vermin safari in SA?
  134. Off to work in RSA again
  135. New gear & outfitters review section on JHO
  136. 3 late season elephant hunts in Botswana
  137. Hunting in Uganda
  138. Burkina Faso Savannah Hunting
  139. Cameroon Rain Forest hunting
  140. Cameroon Savannah hunting
  141. Namibia Specials
  142. Another adventure filled season in RSA
  143. Zimbabwe outlaws private ownership of land
  144. loads for 470 nitro
  145. Africa
  146. Additional photos from 2004
  147. Anyone bowhunt africa?
  148. Well-known Canadian guide killed by buffalo in Afr
  149. pictures
  150. Best place for Buff?
  151. New camp added for 2005
  152. Man-eating lion meets his maker in Mozambique
  153. How far can a buffalo go with a heart shot?
  154. Gun control shafts hunting industry
  155. SCI Foundation Challenges Hunters. Nov 14-20
  156. JHO 2004 Best African Pic Contest
  157. Two women killed by giraffe in head-on collision
  159. Gettin down to the wire
  160. Airline tickets
  161. Croc and lechwe photo
  162. Wildlife artist killed by buffalo
  163. Vote for best Africa Hunting Picture
  164. bushpig hunting
  165. Helful photography hints
  166. Wild lion hunt video
  167. Flying With Firearms
  168. New Webshots Page, lots of pics.
  169. Who's going?
  170. Big Game Hunting South Africa
  171. African Hunters Test
  172. Pro Staff/Field test opportunity
  173. Blister solutions
  174. SAPS 520 Question
  175. Advanced Hunters Test
  176. Buffalo Charge
  177. Elephant Hunt Footage
  178. Leopard Video
  179. Video of some really crazy people
  180. Back from RSA
  181. WARTHOGS!
  182. Odd safari species
  183. Hunting in Zambia
  184. White Rhino Dangerous?
  185. Esteemed African Hunting Veterans-
  186. Calling warthogs
  187. RSA
  188. My 1st buck
  189. The Dip and Pack Process
  190. Plains Game Safari
  191. Great Bowhunting Trip to South Africa
  192. Anticipation planning and poor decisions
  193. Senate debates curbing tax breaks on donated
  194. Tanzania prices out bow hunters
  195. False Teeth and hunting trophies
  196. Bullet failure on big game
  197. Kenya may lift 3-decade ban on sport hunting
  198. my Giraffe hunt pic
  199. Attn: JJHACK
  200. Out of State Hunting Tips
  201. My bull Nyala finally on the wall!
  202. Kudu Curls
  203. Why no camo in Africa?
  204. How much for dip, pack, ship
  205. website for plains game pictures?
  206. pictures of your gemsbck mounts
  207. South Africa hunting clothes
  208. Side trips in South Africa
  209. SCI-Orange Co. Fundraiser. March 12, 2005
  210. need help for hunt
  211. Pop's Safari
  212. africa trip 2005
  213. South Africa's Eastern Cape
  214. More Analysis on the Newly Issued Regulations for South Africa
  215. African safari had breathtaking moments for Bakersfield High grad
  216. Meat?
  217. shooting crocs?
  218. James Swan on Issues Concerning Civilian Firearms Ownership
  219. Hunting the East Cape!!
  220. No Impact on Hunting from Foot and Mouth Outbreak in Botswana
  221. Hows the weather?
  222. 30/06 bullets in Africa
  223. Follow up info on the TSX bore size exits
  224. African Game camera photo's
  225. Hunting Africa
  226. Hunting For Middle Ground
  227. Hunting The Way To Save Wildlife?
  228. Headed to South Africa in 2007
  229. Dad's trip
  230. 325 WSM in Africa
  231. New Safari Rifle
  232. Flights to AFrica
  233. Headed to Africa
  234. Trip to Zimbabwe
  235. I've Been to the Mountaintop
  236. New Raw trophy import regulations
  237. lion hunt
  238. All right Chopper where's the photos and stories?
  239. Tanzania Hunting?
  240. Back from Africa
  241. Ammunition availability in Africa
  242. PH in Ellisras
  243. Zimbabwe 1988
  244. Safari priorities
  245. X-Mas pics!
  246. Going back to Africa
  247. Pride of lions kills 200 Ethiopians in past 2 years
  248. My Africa Pics
  249. South Africa Provides a Peek at the New Hunting Regulations
  250. Interesting take on Hunting Africa