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  1. What this forum is about.
  2. Mentor Wanted Black Bear mentor needed in central CA
  3. Mentor Wanted for upland game..los angeles ca
  4. Mentor Wanted NorCal duck hunter
  5. Mentor Wanted Need Mentor/Hunting partner - L.A. and surrounding area.
  6. Mentor Wanted Georgia
  7. Mentor Wanted looking for a Mentor/Hunting partner in the SF Bay area
  8. Mentor Wanted Southern Cali dogs
  9. Mentor Wanted Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
  10. Mentor Wanted Partner needed for Nor Cal pigs
  11. Mentor Wanted S.F. Bay area coyote and pig
  12. Mentor Wanted Upland & duck dog training, Tulare CA
  13. Mentor Wanted Pig Hunting, Nocal Sacramento area
  14. Mentor Available Fur dressing. Central IL
  15. Mentor Wanted Deer season mentor wanted, also newbie hunting partner
  16. Mentor Wanted HOG hunting in norcal/ central cal :)
  17. Mentor Wanted nor cal hunting buddies
  18. Mentor Wanted deer/pig/bear/bird, LA County high desert area
  19. Mentor Available Hunting buddy/Mentor. Sacramento CA. D5 areas
  20. Mentor Wanted D-19
  21. Mentor Wanted Pigs, deer, upland game. San Francisco CA area
  22. Mentor Wanted Deer D8 and HOG Central CA
  23. Mentor Wanted In the Inland Empire looking for Turkey and Hogs
  24. Mentor Wanted Yote hunting within 3-4 of Orange Co CA
  25. Mentor Wanted San Diego area <100 miles
  26. Mentor Wanted Ventura County looking to get into hunting
  27. Mentor Wanted Trinity blacktails
  28. Mentor Available Your upland bird dog. My pheasant/quail secret spots. San Diego CA area
  29. Mentor Wanted pigs coyotes varmints nor cal
  30. Mentor Wanted Southern CA. Ventura County
  31. Mentor Wanted Inland empire Deer or varmint hunt
  32. Mentor Wanted So Cal A zone south, D8, D9, D10 Deer/Hog
  33. Mentor Wanted pig, deer, archery hunting. D8
  34. Mentor Wanted SoCal shooting range
  35. Mentor Wanted Monterey/ Los Padres area for deer, pig, or whatever.
  36. Mentor Wanted San Fernando Valley / Santa Clarita Valley area. deer/hog/anything
  37. Mentor Wanted Hogs In So Cal
  38. Hunting Buddy Wanted Black bear in A Zone and D14 in CA
  39. Mentor Wanted Rochester NY area for rifle hunting
  40. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for hunting/scouting buddies D-14/D-16 areas all types of hunts.
  41. Mentor Wanted Would like help hunting pig in California.
  42. Hunting Buddy Wanted Upland hunters In los angeles area?
  43. Hunting Buddy Wanted D16 Rifle Season On Palomar
  44. Hunting Buddy Wanted D11, 13 or 15
  45. Hunting Buddy Wanted fort hunter ligget round 2- sep2
  46. Mentor Available Mentor available for"'Wounded Warriors".
  47. Mentor Wanted Southern California
  48. Mentor Wanted Coyote hunting mentor needed.
  49. Mentor Wanted help needed
  50. Hunting Buddy Wanted for last weekend of d16
  51. Hunting Buddy Wanted Bear Hunting (26-27 Nov) Anyone interested???
  53. Hunting Buddy Wanted for San Jacinto this saturday 12/10
  54. Mentor Wanted Would like to shoot a .308 to feel recoil...
  55. Mentor Wanted to teach the art to two first-time hunters in March (SF Bay Area)
  56. Mentor Wanted Please Help!!!
  57. Hunting Buddy Wanted Wister this weekend 1/28/12
  58. Mentor Available D7, Fresno County partner wanted
  59. Mentor Wanted New Turkey hunter here.
  60. Mentor Wanted Hunting San Bernardino National Forest
  61. Mentor Wanted Close hunts to San Diego (guided or ranch)
  62. Mentor Available Books for someone new to hunting - Blacktail, WildBoar and Game Birds
  63. Mentor Wanted Turkey in Oakhurst this weekend??
  64. Mentor Wanted New Bow Hunter Looking for Mentor
  65. Mentor Wanted Hunter-Ligget turkey/pig
  66. Hunting Buddy Wanted Alaska Black Bear / Fishing Trip Opening in May
  67. Mentor Wanted New to the area
  68. Mentor Wanted Clovis CA big game
  71. Mentor Wanted How Do I Learn To Hunt? Books?
  72. Mentor Wanted Newbie in Tracy CA looking for some Knowledge and insight
  73. Hunting Buddy Wanted FHL hunts and surrounding areas
  74. Hunting Buddy Wanted D8
  75. Mentor Wanted OC and LA Cottontail in ANF and SBNF
  76. Hunting Buddy Wanted hunting buddy. lancaster area
  77. Mentor Wanted Looking for a bushcraft survival mentor. San bernadino county.
  78. Mentor Wanted New to Hunting from SoCal
  79. Mentor Wanted Archery Hunting Partner?? Bakersfield CA area
  80. Hunting Buddy Wanted D7 Rifle Hunt
  81. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy/ Mentor wanted. D3-5 deer season.
  82. Mentor Wanted San Diego newbie
  83. Mentor Wanted dove hunt buddy so cal
  84. Hunting Buddy Wanted Need a D11 hunting buddy
  85. Mentor Wanted group to hunt dove with
  86. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy or mentor wanted within 4hrs drive of SF Bay area
  87. Mentor Wanted USMC Combat Vet (Iraq) Seeks Hog Mentor
  88. Mentor Wanted C4 hunting buddy wanted
  89. Mentor Wanted Hog Hunting with Dogs!!!!!
  90. Mentor Wanted hey guys I'm looking for a near San Francisco air gun small game or target shooting place
  91. Mentor Wanted Got My First hunting Bow need help Hunting with it!
  92. Mentor Wanted Midwest Transplant looking for Hunting friends ( Palos Verdes )
  93. Mentor Wanted any hunters in LA
  94. Mentor Wanted Near Bay Area
  95. Mentor Wanted Upland Hunting near LA
  96. Mentor Wanted Just got out of active duty and need help with D-14
  97. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for hunting buddies in sierras
  98. Mentor Wanted mentor/hunting buddy wanted for this newbie in central coast california, for duck, pig, deer, squirl, ect.
  99. Mentor Wanted New to hunting looking for hunt buddy sun city area
  100. Mentor Wanted Turkey or dove? Sun City area
  101. Mentor Wanted Looking for a bird hunting bud in the San Diego area
  102. Mentor Wanted Hunting/Fishing Buddy Wanted
  103. Mentor Wanted Need a Mentor for Deer Zones D11 D14 and Upland Game Birds
  104. Mentor Wanted Another Fng here! Socal area
  105. Mentor Wanted Hog mentor in Southern California
  106. Hunting Buddy Wanted FHL - PIG HUNT (SD-OC)
  107. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for fellow WU hunting buddy SoCal based
  108. Hunting Buddy Wanted Nor Cal (Sacramento area) Deer and Hog- mainly public land DIY hike in.
  109. Mentor Wanted New to hunting would love to learn & meet new people, Fresno area. Duck, upland, deer
  110. Mentor Wanted OC Dad and 11 year old son looking for guidance
  111. Mentor Wanted Mentor wanted in SoCal. Rifle hunter
  112. Mentor Wanted Spring Turkey Hunting. San Luis Obispo & Los Padres National Forest area
  113. Mentor Wanted LA-Based Beginner Hunter Looking for Knowledge
  114. Mentor Wanted Newby to hog hunting
  115. Mentor Wanted Turkey hunting in palomar mountain
  116. Mentor Wanted Jack Rabbit! San Bernardino County
  117. Mentor Wanted IE hunter, will drive, pay gas and bring lunch in exchange for learnin' me how to hunt turkey.
  118. Mentor Wanted Need a buddy-I'm would be interested in hiring a guide who offers group discounts-n.ca/bay area/peninsula
  119. Mentor Wanted Looking for a hunting buddy in Los Angeles area.
  120. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy/Mentor BOW/SHOTGUN/RIFLE. Live in San Clemente and not to familiar with areas to hunt.
  121. Mentor Wanted Looking for hunting buddy for D16 and A22
  122. Hunting Buddy Wanted northern D11
  123. Mentor Wanted D17
  124. Mentor Wanted Don't mind backpacking in X10 deer. CA
  125. Mentor Wanted first time hunting x10 don't mind don't mind backpacking in
  126. Mentor Wanted Still searching, Rancho Cucamonga area.
  127. Mentor Wanted Looking for a mentor in the Sacramento area. Pigs/rabbits/upland birds.
  128. Hunting Buddy Wanted Quail season's around the corner. Have 4x4, no dog, SoCal
  129. Mentor Wanted Mentor or hunting buddy. D14 deer and bobcat. SoCal
  130. Mentor Wanted Learning to hunt
  131. Mentor Wanted New hunter, looking for somone to teach me what they know. Located in Bay Area.
  132. Mentor Wanted New Hunter, Rancho Cucamonga Area, willing to go anywhere LA area and surrounding.
  133. Hunting Buddy Wanted Colorado Elk, GMU 12
  134. Mentor Wanted Bishop X9b hunting buddy
  135. Mentor Wanted 2013-14 Lake Sonoma Pig Huntin Partner/Mentor
  136. Mentor Wanted Hunting Buddy and/or Mentor in SB/Ventura/SLO County Area
  137. Mentor Wanted Mentor wanted in Los Angeles Co. Willing to travel.
  138. Mentor Wanted New to hunting from the IE
  139. Mentor Wanted Low Desert, Longtime Shooter, for Small Game, maybe Quail
  140. Mentor Wanted Sacramento duck hunting
  141. Mentor Wanted Yucca Valley area dove hunting
  142. Mentor Wanted Humboldt Hunting
  143. Hunting Buddy Wanted SLO, Southern Monterrey, Northern Santa Barbara Counties: Big Game, Upland, Predators, Etc.
  144. Mentor Wanted New to the East Bay
  145. Hunting Buddy Wanted anyone hunting rifle season with bow in d 3-5 need a partner
  146. Mentor Wanted Looking for a hunting buddy/mentor Zone A
  147. Mentor Wanted Looking for mentors for D6
  148. Mentor Wanted Mentor/Hunting buddy wanted San Luis Obispo County
  149. Mentor Wanted Looking for b or c zone hunting buddy
  150. Mentor Wanted Looking for mentor/hunting buddy in SoCal- LA area but willing to drive
  151. Mentor Wanted Seeking Real Woodsman(men) for 7-15 Day BP Trip Early June 2014
  152. Mentor Wanted Hunting Mentor in exchange for day sailing in Marina del Rey. Or Hunting buddy?
  153. Mentor Wanted Hunting Buddy/ies Wanted-San Diego area- Willing to travel
  154. Mentor Wanted santa cruz monterey area
  155. Mentor Wanted Traditional bow hunter in Nor Co. San Diego
  156. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy wanted Inland Empire
  157. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for someone who wants to go bear hunting in so cal
  158. Mentor Wanted Need a hunting mentor for either Reno, NV or Sacramento, CA area
  159. Mentor Wanted san diego county trying to learn all types of hunting
  160. Mentor Wanted looking to learn to hunt anything in central CA
  161. Mentor Wanted Inland Empire area, willing to travel a little out of area
  162. Mentor Wanted Kid hunting mentor wanted
  163. Mentor Wanted Deleted
  164. Mentor Wanted New hunter Bay Area
  165. Hunting Buddy Wanted Pig, duck and FHL exploration
  166. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy/mentor
  167. Mentor Wanted Mentor maybe refresher on all of it. Mostly hunting buddy
  168. Mentor Wanted Waterfowl in So Cal
  169. Hunting Buddy Wanted new to Idaho
  170. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for Lake Sonoma Boat-in Buddy
  171. Mentor Wanted New Hunter looking for mentor/buddy in OC/LA/IE area.
  172. Mentor Wanted General Hunting Partners
  173. Hunting Buddy Wanted Public lad search
  174. Mentor Wanted Willing to trade hard work for knowledge and experience
  175. Mentor Wanted Looking for a mentor in northern ca area or sacramento area
  176. Hunting Buddy Wanted Any bow hunters in the Redding area? I'm looking for a mentor. Thanks
  177. Mentor Wanted Hunter looking for hunting buddy in IE area.
  178. Mentor Wanted Looking for a Mentor in the San Diego Area
  179. Mentor Wanted New hunter Sac area
  180. Mentor Wanted Looking for some good hunting in and around Perris, moreno valley, riverside area.
  181. Mentor Wanted Hunting buddy San diego area
  182. Hunting Buddy Wanted Outdoorsman buddy
  183. Mentor Wanted San Jose area
  184. Mentor Wanted SoCal shooter looking to start hunting
  185. Mentor Wanted Looking for hunting mentor around Palmdale/Lancaster area!
  186. Mentor Wanted Turkey season
  187. Mentor Wanted Looking for a hunting buddy/mentor in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica area.
  188. Hunting Buddy Wanted For Tejon next month
  189. Mentor Wanted hunting buddies/mentors near San Jose
  190. Mentor Wanted New hunter in the San Diego area
  191. Mentor Wanted 1st time hunter in Pasadena searching for mentor
  192. Hunting Buddy Wanted the bush this weekend
  193. Mentor Wanted Looking for a mentor in the IE
  194. Mentor Wanted X7A
  195. Mentor Wanted Bay Area Newbie
  196. Mentor Wanted Looking for a hunting buddy
  197. Mentor Wanted Looking for hunting mentor in Pasadena area
  198. Hunting Buddy Wanted d7 archery opening weekend
  199. Hunting Buddy Wanted figueroa mountain area
  200. Mentor Wanted New hunter in SLO County
  201. Hunting Buddy Wanted A zone this weekend?
  202. Hunting Buddy Wanted Upland Game Hunting Buddy in Los Angeles Area (happy to mentor new hunters)
  203. Mentor Wanted New Hunter
  204. Mentor Wanted 805 Hunter
  205. Mentor Wanted My daughters need to go dove hunting in the Blythe ~ Palo Verde area
  206. Mentor Wanted OC Small Game Hunters
  207. Hunting Buddy Wanted Azone this weekend
  208. Mentor Wanted SoCal hunter seeking mentor/outdoors buddy
  209. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for a huntin' buddy or two for D3-5 rifle season (Sacramento/Auburn area).
  210. Mentor Wanted new to area really need a hunt buddy
  211. Mentor Wanted Hunting D3 Jackson Meadows Tuesday-Wed
  212. Mentor Wanted New Hunter
  213. Mentor Wanted New to huting
  214. Mentor Wanted Mentor Needed, or hunting buddy
  215. Mentor Wanted San Diego area for upland game and predators
  216. Mentor Wanted Hunting Buddy and Mentor for D5/D6
  217. Hunting Buddy Wanted 29 palms
  218. Hunting Buddy Wanted duck/geese hunting
  219. Mentor Wanted Hunting Buddy Wanted/Needed - Santa Cruz county
  220. Mentor Wanted Upland buddy wanted out of Sacramento area
  221. Hunting Buddy Wanted Duck hunting near salton sea
  222. Hunting Buddy Wanted Northern California Birds
  223. Mentor Wanted Looking to Learn
  224. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for Hunting Buddies in Fresno/Visalia area (Public land Deer, Turkey, and Pig)
  225. Mentor Wanted Wannabe hunter ; SoCal
  226. Mentor Wanted Western Hunting Mentor
  227. Mentor Wanted I found my New Year's resolution: learn to hunt
  228. Mentor Wanted Seeking Coyote Hunter Willing To Share Some Of Their Knowledge
  229. Mentor Available Duck & Goose hunting partner wanted...
  230. Mentor Wanted Chukar hunting
  231. Mentor Wanted Edibles.... Pigs and Deer
  232. Mentor Wanted New Hunter looking for mentor/buddy in (or around) LA area
  233. Mentor Wanted New Hunter looking for mentor/buddy in San Diego (though willing to travel quite a bit in state)
  234. Mentor Wanted San Francisco hunting novice interest in learning all facets bear and big cat hunting.
  235. Hunting Buddy Wanted Looking for Spring Turkey Hunting buddy (Fresno area)
  236. Hunting Buddy Wanted Cache Creek/Indian Valley WA's ---Anyone from Lake County
  237. Mentor Wanted D11 or D14 Mentor Wanted
  238. Mentor Available Hunting buddy wanted
  239. Hunting Buddy Wanted Coyote hunting 29 Palms
  240. Hunting Buddy Wanted So. Nevada and So. California - Quail - Chukar - Coyotes
  241. Mentor Wanted Hunting/Mentor Buddy Wated For New Hunter Yucaipa/San Bernardino
  242. Mentor Wanted hunting buddy/mentor wanted norcal
  243. Mentor Wanted Central Valey or sonora BOW hunting buddy/Mentor NEEDED badly for this season.
  244. Mentor Wanted Buddy/mentor for D6
  245. Hunting Buddy Wanted FHL 2015-2016
  246. Mentor Wanted Dove hunting near Victorville
  247. Mentor Wanted Looking for Deer or Bear Hunting Partner in X10 or D8 for 2015 (could be a newbe)
  248. Hunting Buddy Wanted Colorado Elk Archery Trip in Sept.
  249. Mentor Wanted Rabbit Hunting near LA
  250. Mentor Wanted NEW BOW HUNTER